She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1502 - 1502 First Round of the Preliminary Competition

Chapter 1502 - 1502 First Round of the Preliminary Competition

1502 First Round of the Preliminary Competition

The 100 supervising referees were all big shots voted on by the members of the Divination Association. Most of them were from various large divination families, and they were all respected big shots with profound divination skills.

Apart from these 100 supervisory judges, there were nearly a thousand parents sitting in the audience seats in the hall to see their children’s performance with their own eyes.

As the chief honorary supervisor of this Divination Conference, Professor Song sat alone in an armchair at the front of the 100 supervisory referees. Old Madam Jing and the other five elders sat in a row behind Professor Song.

The organizers were seated in the aisle of the competition venue and were in charge of patrolling and supervising.

There were 50 participants in each group. These 50 people sat around a long and wide mahogany table. There were 20 people on both sides of the table, and five people on both the north and south sides. Yu Huang’s seat was arranged in the middle of the south end. Beside her, there were two white-haired old men.


From the looks of it, these two old men were Beast Tamers who had encountered a bottleneck in their cultivation and were about to die. Because they realized that they would never be able to break through in their lives, they could only come to participate in the Divination Conference with their low cultivation level.

Yu Huang didn’t feel any discomfort when sitting with such a group of ‘noobs’.

She would never underestimate anyone who worked hard to achieve their goals.

Not everyone was a genius. In the huge cultivation world, there were only a few people who could be called geniuses. Many of them were ordinary people who were mediocre but persistent. Geniuses had no right to look down on ordinary people. They just had a genetic advantage.

Almost everyone at the table was older than Yu Huang.

“Hello, seniors.” Yu Huang was indeed a novice in terms of divination.

Yu Huang was a Grand Master big shot and the disciple of Prime Emperor Divine Miracle. Not only didn’t she look down on them, but she even greeted them humbly as a junior. This shocked all the participants in the same group.

The participants stood up one after another and bowed to Yu Huang at the same time as they greeted her, “Hello, Grand Master Yu Huang.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang smiled.

She pulled out a chair and sat down. The others did the same.

Professor Song watched this scene from afar with a smile.

At that moment, the parents and families of many participants were watching every move from afar. When they noticed the changes in Team 100, they found it novel.

After Yu Huang sat down, she heard a solemn bell ring in the hall.




The bell rang 30 times.

When the last bell stopped, the President suddenly flew up and floated beside Professor Song. Then, his voice was spread throughout the entire hall through spiritual energy. “Good morning, participants.”

“Please sit.”

Everyone sat down.

After the President snapped his fingers, Yu Huang saw a dent in the table in front of her. Then, rows of trinkets covered by black cloth rose from the indentation.

Upon seeing this scene, a few words flashed across Yu Huang’s mind—

Mahjong table.

She turned her head and glanced at the participants on the left. Seeing that all the participants were sitting around the table, she immediately felt as if everyone was like gamblers who had entered a betting shop and the table in front of her was the betting table.

She was embarrassed by her own thoughts and hurriedly adjusted her mentality. She heard the President say, “What appeared in front of you guys are small demon beasts of similar size and appearance, but of different breeds. They were imprisoned by the isolation bottle. You can’t distinguish their breed by touching them, nor can you distinguish their identities by their demonic aura. Participants, your goal is to identify these demon beasts as soon as possible without directly touching them.”

“There are a total of three rounds of the preliminaries today. Participants who fail to complete the mission within the specified time will be eliminated.”

“Now, all participants, please be prepared!”

There was another round of ringing from the timer in the hall.

After the timer rang ten times, a countdown hourglass appeared in the middle of each team’s table.

The countdown began.

All the participants immediately removed the black cloth on the little demon beast’s body, revealing the isolation bottle under the black cloth. The isolation bottle could isolate the little demon beast’s demonic aura and appearance, so no one could see the contents of the isolation bottle. They stared at the colorful isolation bottle.

However, the clairvoyants who came to participate in the competition were all capable.

Some people pressed their fingers on the isolation bottle gently and poured the power of divination into it through their fingers. Then, they used the power of divination to analyze the identity of the demon beast in the isolation bottle and its origin.

Unlike most clairvoyants, Jing Jiaren didn’t reach out to touch the isolation bottle. She only stared at the bottle without moving, and a faint golden light appeared in her eyes. This was the Heavenly Eye that only a level-eight prophet could possess.

A prophet who had activated the Heavenly Eye could foresee the past through an invisible ‘gaze’.

Two to three minutes after the hourglass fell, Jing Jiaren picked up her pen and wrote the demon beast’s name on the answer card in front of her before pressing the green button.

The staff took Jing Jiaren’s card and handed it to the supervisory referee. Soon, ten points appeared behind Jing Jiaren’s name on the participant list.

Seeing that Jing Jiaren had passed the first round of the preliminary competition so quickly, the successors of the other families felt pressured.

On the other hand, the atmosphere in group 100 was more casual and lively.

The participants who were assigned to the 100th group were all weaklings. They all knew that they wouldn’t be able to win. Therefore, when they participated in the competition, most of them had the thought of ‘accompaniment’. When Yu Huang sensed the indifference of the other participants, she pursed her lips and gently pressed her fingers on the isolation bottle.

Professor Song suddenly looked at Yu Huang.

The family members and supervisory referees who had been observing Professor Song’s every move also looked in the direction of his gaze.

They saw that after Yu Huang placed her hand on the isolation bottle, she didn’t use the power of divination to explore the situation in the isolation bottle like the other participants. She did an unexpected action—

She closed her eyes.

“Huh?” What was she doing?

Shouldn’t one use the power of divination to divine all the information about an item?

Could it be that Yu Huang had other trump cards?


Yu Huang suddenly opened her eyes.

Outsiders couldn’t see the change in those eyes, but only Yu Huang could clearly feel that everything she could see had changed. The isolation bottle that could block everyone had lost its effect on her and became like a transparent glass bottle.

Yu Huang could clearly see the little demon beast’s appearance. She even saw a faint golden line on the little demon beast’s head.

That was the little demon beast’s lifeline. Its past was engraved on it.

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