She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1759 Side Story 3: How Can You Tell If I’m a Male or Female? (3)

Chapter 1759 Side Story 3: How Can You Tell If I’m a Male or Female? (3)

1759 Side Story 3: How Can You Tell If I'm a Male or Female? (3)

His father was really vicious. Not only did he snatch his cultivation and wealth, but he also took away the handsome face he was proud of.

Sheng Shi'an washed his face before returning.

Sheng Shi'an continued to promote himself to the other party. "I see that the salary you're paying the bodyguard is 500,000 yuan a year. I'm indeed… a little ugly, but why don't you just pay me 480,000 yuan?"

For the sake of his livelihood and saving up to buy what he needed for cultivation, Sheng Shi'an could only endure the humiliation.

The young man stared at him thoughtfully for a while before saying, "You're not the only Beast Tamer here who wants to find a job. There are Beast Tamers who are prettier than you, have higher cultivation levels and more experience than you. Since I can afford a salary of 500,000 yuan a year, why would I care about 20,000 yuan?"

"You can leave."

Sheng Shi'an turned around and looked at his sister, who was standing under the tree and fanning herself. Then, he suddenly pressed his hand on the armrest of the wheelchair and bent down. After he moved closer to the rich young master's face, he stared into his eyes and lowered his voice as he said, "You've been poisoned by ice poison. Only a Beast Tamer's true fire can help you dispel the pain when the extreme ice poison flares up. As for me, my beast form happens to have both ice and fire attributes. When your illness flares up, I can help you relieve your pain. This is my advantage as a bodyguard."

"Young Master, what you want to choose is not a bodyguard, but an antidote, so you can only choose me."

Sheng Shi'an could tell that this young master was very sick. The reason his leg was disabled was because his leg bones were poisoned, so he could no longer stand up anymore.

Only then did this rich young master's opinion of Sheng Shi'an change.

The other party took a deep look at Sheng Shi'an before saying, "I'll give you a million yuan annual salary."

Sheng Shi'an raised his eyebrows and asked calmly, "What's the condition?" He didn't believe in such a good offer.

The young master said, "Be my personal bodyguard and stay by my side. Be on call 24 hours a day."

Sheng Shi'an frowned and said, "Then for sleep…"

"You can sleep in my room."

After Sheng Shi'an thought about it, he agreed.

They were all boys, so there was nothing inconvenient about it.

Besides, working with a rich young master for a year and earning a million yuan would be enough for the siblings to live on for a few years and prepare to enter the Divine Realm Academy.


Sheng Shi'an took the opportunity to recommend his sister to him. "My sister is also a Beast Tamer. She's very kind and righteous. Young Master, can you introduce a job to my sister too?"

The rich young master glanced at Sheng Shining, who was under the tree, and said without much interest, "My grandmother is old and needs someone to accompany and take care of her. If she's willing, she can be my grandmother's nanny."

Sheng Shi'an imagined Sheng Shining as a nanny, but he couldn't imagine Sheng Shining washing her hands and serving an old woman.

However, having a job was better than wandering the streets.

Just like that, Sheng Shi'an and Sheng Shining, who used to do whatever they wanted in the cultivation world, became a bodyguard and a nanny.

The siblings didn't know that Ye Qingyang had seen their every move in the recruitment market.

When Ye Qingyang told Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang about it, they were surprised. Yu Huang asked Ye Qingyang, "Have you checked the young master's family background?"

Ye Qingyang said in amusement, "Mother, you have the Eternal Eye. Do you still need me to investigate?"

Yu Huang nodded and said, "I'm here to take a look."

Yu Huang opened the Eternal Eye and saw the rich young master's past and future. After looking at it, her expression was mixed.

Sheng Xiao's curiosity was piqued when he saw Yu Huang's expression. "Jiujiu, what's going on?"

Yu Huang smiled mysteriously and replied, "When two rabbits run side by side, who can tell the buck from the doe? This matter is quite interesting."

Upon hearing this, Sheng Xiao was stunned.

Ye Qingyang's mouth widened slightly. Then, he exclaimed, "You're saying that the rich young master is a… young lady?"

Yu Huang smiled, but remained silent.

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