She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1760 Side Story 3: Sheng Shi’an, Help Me (1)

Chapter 1760 Side Story 3: Sheng Shi'an, Help Me (1)

Children who were born at the top were less scheming. This was because at their level, few people could compare to them.

Therefore, when Sheng Shi'an returned home with the rich young master as a bodyguard, he was shocked.

Every dish that Young Master ate had to be tested a few times. After confirming that there was no problem, they would be carried to the villa where Young Master lived alone by the female attendant. This wasn't the end. Before Young Master ate, he had to let Sheng Shi'an test it. Young Master would only eat after hearing Sheng Shi'an say that it wasn't poisonous.

On the 30th day since Sheng Shi'an came to work beside the Young Master, the Young Master said to him, "Sheng Shi'an, you passed the probation period."

Upon hearing this, Sheng Shi'an realized that this month was only a probationary period. If he made even the slightest mistake, he would have been fired by the Young Master. At that time, not to mention a million yuan annual salary, he would have lost money.

However, Sheng Shi'an's reaction was also very calm. He only said, "I understand."

On the day he applied for a job, in order to convince Young Master to hire him, Sheng Shi'an had briefly displayed his sharpness and wisdom in front of Young Master. After that, Sheng Shi'an had always been respectful and dedicated. He showcased all the qualities a bodyguard should have.

He knew very well what to say, what not to say, what to ask, and what not to ask.

He also remembered his position.

He was Young Master's bodyguard.

During times of danger, even if he risked his life, he had to block the knives and swords for his young master.

Other than that, he should not worry about the other things.

Seeing that Sheng Shi'an was so unflappable, the young master couldn't help but think highly of him. He suddenly asked a non-work-related question, "Are you really only 15 years old this year?"

Sheng Shi'an said, "I can show you my Beast Tamer ID card."

The young master reached out to him.

Sheng Shi'an handed his Beast Tamer identity card to the young master.

His identity card had been fabricated. Other than his name and cultivation level, all his personal information was fake.

"Sheng Shi'an." The young master read Sheng Shi'an's name and handed his identity card to him.

Sheng Shi'an reached out and grabbed the identity card. He pulled it, but realized that the young master was still holding the identity card and hadn't let go. "Young Master?" Sheng Shi'an stared at the young master in confusion.

As the young master held the identity card tightly, he stared at Sheng Shi'an's ordinary freckled face for a moment. Then, he suddenly said, "You're from the Sheng clan?"

Sheng Shi'an admitted, "Yes, I'm from the Sheng clan."

Most of the cultivators with the surname Sheng in Jingdu came from the Sheng clan, so it wasn't surprising that the other party could guess his background.

Upon hearing this, the young master let go of the identity card and returned it to Sheng Shi'an. Then, she suddenly said, "The Sheng Clan and the Yin Clan are major families that every cultivator on the Holy Spirit Continent wants to join. You have no idea how many independent cultivators covet what you have. When your work here is over, you can return to the Sheng Clan and focus on cultivation."

Every commoner and cultivator on the Holy Spirit Continent knew what kind of status the Sheng Clan and the Yin Clan had in the cultivation world. However, Sheng Shi'an felt that there was a hidden meaning in the other party's words. He could tell that the Young Master yearned to join the Sheng Clan and the Yin Clan.

After hesitating for a moment, Sheng Shi'an said, "You're still young, so you might still have a chance to become a Beast Tamer."

He knew that Young Master was only 17 years old this year.

In the cultivation world, there were Beast Tamers who only awakened their beast forms at the age of twenty.

Sheng Shi'an wasn't just comforting Young Master.

When he heard this, the young master's cold eyes instantly dimmed.

He suddenly said, "Tonight, you'll sleep in my room."

nodding in agreement.

Although Young Master had said that Sheng Shi'an had to be with him 24 hours a day, Sheng Shi'an was still in his trial period. Therefore, Young Master didn't ask him to sleep with him. Sheng Shi'an thought that Young Master had changed his mind.

When he suddenly heard Young Master say that he wanted to sleep with him, Sheng Shi'an was only surprised for a moment before nodding in agreement.

He knew that there were two beds in Young Master's room.

At 11 PM, Sheng Shi'an finished showering and went to the door of Young Master's study to wait. It was only at 1: 30 PM that he heard Young Master's voice. "Come in."

Sheng Shi'an walked into the room and stood behind the door to look at the young master, who was working behind the desk. The young master was wearing loose black silk pajamas. His face was only the size of Sheng Shi'an's palm, but his facial features were very handsome and he was wearing a pair of narrow silver-framed glasses.

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