Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 27: Saint Spiritual Stove (I)

Chapter 27: Saint Spiritual Stove (I)

Despite the fact they were going to leave each other soon, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but become fascinated by the sight of this little white-colored cauldron.

“Father, what is that?”

Long Xing Yu answered: “This is a Saint Spiritual Stove. Father has prepared it as a gift to you. There are a lot of different kinds of spiritual stoves and each one has specific properties as well as a specific classification, but the more formidable the spiritual stove is, the bigger the price to pay to use it will be. This Saint Spiritual Stove is the 68th spiritual stove among the 74 types, but in terms of rarity, it belongs to the top ten.”

“The utility of the Saint Spiritual Stove is detailed in the book I gave you. Simply said, the Saint Spiritual Stove has neither offensive nor defensive abilities, but is able to help the cultivation of your Spiritual Energy. It is ranked among the top 20 spiritual stoves and can evolve at least three times.. And for knights, it has an enormous utility. When using the Saint Spiritual Stove, you can attract the enemy’s aggression so that enemies will only attack you instead of your companions.Unless you die or you choose to deactivate your Saint Spiritual Stove, the enemy will only be able to target you.

Perhaps you are unable to comprehend this mysterious effect at this moment, but you will, in the future, come to understand how amazing it is. At the same time, the biggest benefit of the Saint Spiritual Stove lies in the fact that it doesn’t put a burden on your body when you are using it and, at the same time, its consumption of spiritual energy is really low. In addition, it won’t influence your absorption of other spiritual stoves in the future. Therefore, father chose it as your first spiritual stove; I hope you will like this gift. As for the other abilities it will acquire after evolving, father doesn’t know either; I can only tell you to try to find out by yourself.

Also, you have to keep this firmly in mind that Spiritual Stoves are not omnipotent at all. The most formidable one is absolutely not always the most suited one. The ones in the top ten ranks all require their user to pay a big price. Some of these costs are really hard to bear. In regard to spiritual stoves, it really isn’t the more you have, the better: you have to absolutely carefully think before deciding if you should fuse with a new spiritual stove.”

Long Xing Yu’s tone was really severe, each of his words came from the sum of his own experience.

“Then, Father, how many spiritual stove can someone fuse with?” Long Hao Chen asked.

Long Xing Yu shook his head: “I don’t know. In theory, there is no restriction of quantity, but spiritual stoves easily conflict among themselves. If that happens, you will risk death in regard to the fusion. The record until now was five spiritual stoves being fused. I personally fused with three, but it isn’t necessarily better to fuse with more of them. And you have to continuously make great efforts if you want your spiritual stove to evolve. After a spiritual stove evolves a few times, its power will surpass the power of several spiritual stoves put together that have not evolved. Alright, I explained you the most important basics. Hao Chen, don’t forget what your mother told you: whatever the circumstances are, you have to give priority to your own security.”

As he said these words, Long Xing Yu’s left hand rose and was placed on Long Hao Chen’s chest and, at this moment, his body became enveloped by a misty gold-colored brilliance, preventing him from moving.

Long Xing Yu’s left hand scintillated and on Long Hao Chen’s chest, four lights appeared. Long Hao Chen felt as if his body was being penetrated and his internal spiritual energy was ignited, circling around his father.

Pulling Long Hao Chen with his right hand, he carefully cut a bit of the skin of his fingertip, squeezing out a drop of blood from it. The fresh blood floated in Long Xing Yu’s spiritual energy before precisely falling onto the Saint Spiritual Stove.

At this moment, the little cauldron released a soft white brilliance, shining brilliantly . A white light was then released by it, reaching Long Hao Chen’s chest.

A warm feeling stimulated all the pores on Long Hao Chen’s whole body. His circling inner spiritual energy spread out and scattered, as if it was an invader in his body.

With a white radiance, the little white cauldron shining with a white glow slowly flew to the level of Long Hao Chen’s chest, entering his body little by little.

The originally warm feeling became scorching hot just as if an iron skewer had entered his body. Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but let out a miserable shout. It frightened Bai Yue who suddenly ran to him from the log cabin.

Fortunately, the burning feeling didn’t continue for long: after a few breaths, the white colored little spiritual stove had disappeared.

A thin white radiance was emitted from Long Hao Chen’s body, making his skin’s surface gradually appear a smooth jade-colored luster.

Part 2:

Long Hao Chen felt the capabilities of the incredibly hot energy diffused in his chest. It was spread to each corner of his body, including even his cerebrum. This hot energy included countless mysterious energies that entered his mind.

All of his senses were stimulated and Long Hao Chen was stiff like the summit of a mountain, his body shining with a white-colored radiance. His chest shone especially, a little mark of spiritual stove appearing on it.

This Saint Spiritual Stove was fusing together with Long Hao Chen, using the essence of heavens and earth, with his fresh blood and his spiritual energy as an intermediary to form a magical spiritual, the stove fused with his body, becoming a part of it. When looking to fuse with a spiritual stove, the most basic requirement was the starting point of the third step of the vocation: 200th spiritual energy. Long Hao Chen had surpassed it a long time ago.

Long XIng Yu stood there, quietly looking at his son, his eyes gradually revealing a few signs of disappointment.

Bai Yue silently went to Long Xing Yu’s side, and as she was holding his hand, her tears couldn’t help but drip, “Do we really have to leave Chen Chen? I, I am not at ease. From childhood to now, he never left my side.”

Long Xing Yu held her in his embrace, “Rest assured, I arranged the safest plan possible for him. If he doesn’t leave our side, he will forever be unable to become a real man. The confrontation between us and the demon race is going to become harder and harder as time passes. With such an outstanding inborn talent, our son will inevitably become the central pillar of the Temple Alliance in the future. If you really love him, let him spread out his wings and freely soar in the sky.”

“This agreement, do you have to fulfill it?” Bai Yue let her tears fall. She clearly knew that this was the first reason why her husband had to leave their son.

Long Xing Yu’s eyes revealed a determined spark, “The warrior Anan and I cannot avoid this. I have already waited too long for this. If we can get rid of him 1, this will be a blessing for mankind. Be at ease. For the sake of both of you, I will try my hardest to come back alive.”

Everything was as plain as before, but there wasn’t a single other silhouette. Long Hao Chen was confused and lost in his thoughts for a long moment, his heart completely in discord.

With a puff splitting sound, he fell on his knees, his tears flowing dramatically. Even though they had just parted, he seemed, at this moment, as if he was alone in the world.

1. Chinese accurate expression means “let him fall from sky”

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