Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 28: Saint Spiritual Stove (II)

Note: Now Li Xin will call Hao Chen “Lil’ Bro”(for 弟弟) (it suits her carefree character better than younger brother) and Hao Chen will call her “Big Sister”(for 姐姐) (Elder Sister seemed a bit too submissive from my pov).

Chapter 28: Saint Spiritual Stove (II) [Part 2 here]

“Father, even if you took me by your side, I wouldn’t have stopped putting in efforts!” Choking back the sobs, Long Hao Chen painfully curled up, ruthlessly digging into the ground with his hands, feeling the pain of being alone for the first time in a long time.

Meal time had already passed and Long Hao Chen started crawling on the ground. He was actually a resolute kid, but his mood just took control of his whole heart. Without notice, Dad and Mom suddenly left, this fact was too hard to accept in his heart.

As he stood up, Long Hao Chen looked around, at a complete loss. From his gaze, scenes of all sorts of events that happened in the past 2 years appeared unceasingly in his mind: his father’s seriousness, his mother’s gentleness.

“Why are days of joy and happiness so brief?” His tears fell once more, and at the same time , Long Hao Chen noticed two letters on the nearest table.

After taking two or three steps, he grabbed the letters.

On the envelopes containing the two letters, it was written that they were respectively designated to Hao Chen and Nalan Shu. Obviously, one of the letters was for him and the other one had to be given to Nalan Shu Hall Master of Hao Yue Hall.

Long Hao Chen calmed down and slowly took apart the envelope that contained the letter that was written to him.


Hao Chen, when you will have noticed this letter, I would have already left with your mother. We didn’t want to bear the pain of separation. It is only a temporary farewell: you are already a grown up, and now that you are a man, you have to stand strong because the only thing you will be able to rely on in the future will be your own power.

After reading this letter, you should go directly to Hao Yue City. In Hao Yue Hall, there is a place where you can study all kinds of Guardian Knight skills, and there is an Instructor that is particularly outstanding. Keep in mind that, unless it is absolutely necessary, you mustn’t easily expose your situation as being both a Retribution Knight and a Guardian Knight. I will also warn Nalan Shu about this fact. Nalan Shu is someone worth trusting, you can ask for his guidance. Also, you must learn all of the skills used by Guardian Knights from the first to the fourth step and be able to use them proficiently before you leave for the Sacred Mountain to get your mount.

Regarding the Spiritual Communication in the Sacred Mountain, if you cannot resist the aura emanated by strong beasts, you will be unable to get a suitable mount as a companion. Meanwhile, studying the abilities used by Guardian Knights should also help you to grow even more tremendously. Remember, remember.

You should unceasingly train with spiritual stoves. After owning a spiritual stove, it will turn into an intermediary for the practice of your internal spiritual energy and thus raise your training potential. Now that you have already fused with a Saint Spiritual Stove, your internal spiritual energy will most likely drop due to the fusion. However, there is no need to worry, this is a process between your internal spiritual energy and your spiritual stove. In half a month, or at most one month, it will be back to normal. Saint Spiritual Stoves are especially suited to be used by Guardian Knights and you should be able to learn this fact through personal experience in the future.

Hao Chen, Father and Mother also hate the fact that we have to part with you, but Father hopes that the next time we meet with each other, you will show us your outstanding ability. If Mother and I don’t come to look for you, then it will mean that we are busy with very important matters. Only when you are able to reach the seventh step as a Knight of the Temple, pass through the examination, and are able to get a Silver Foundation Warrior Armor; only at this moment can you look for us.


Arriving at the end of the letter, Long Hao Chen gave a agonizing look. His heart, filled with motivation, already aimed to reach the highest heights.

Suddenly, he turned around, fleeing from the entrance of the log cabin and shouting at the top of his lungs: “FA– — THER — –, MO– — THER — –!”

Long Hao Chen did not immediately leave Odin Mountain. He stayed there for 3 more days until the log cabin did not have the fragrance of his parents left. He then put in order his depressed feelings due to the separation and descended from the mountain with his luggage.

On the road to Odin Town, he saw that, in the town, the rebuilding job was in progress and that at least 2,000 private troops of the Temple Alliance were stationed in the area.

Part 2:

It was already high noon when he arrived at Hao Yue City, and it looked like there wasn’t much change. The instant he crossed the threshold of the city, Long Hao Chen secretly pledged that he would absolutely make the greatest of effort so that he could become a seventh step knight as soon as possible.

Hao Yue City looked like it was not in disorder because of the surprise attack of the demon race. From what he could remember about its location, Long Hao Chen went back to the Knight Hall, Hao Yue Hall.

“Please, I want want to see Hall Master Nalan Shu.” said Long Hao Chen as he handed his badge of a Standard Knight.

The two people who guarded the entrance changed and although they didn’t know him, they could clearly see that he was a ten-something-year-old youth who unexpectedly already owned a Standard Knight insignia. They didn’t dare treat him brashly and hurriedly reported his arrival.

After a little while, accompanied by a thin fragrance, a silhouette arrived from the inside of Hao Yue Hall’s.

“Lil’ Bro Hao Chen, you finally came.”

The one who came out from the Hall was Li Xin. She was dressed the same as last time with light armor, a pony tail, and looking quite heroic. A year and a half didn’t leave any significant change on her body except her expression which looked even more imposing than in the past. It was obviously due to training; like him, she made great progress since the last time they had met.

“Big Sister Xin’er.” Looking at her, Long Hao Chen immediately had an a feeling of intimacy; his depressed feelings from the last few days almost faded 1. Under the stupefied look of the two guards, he threw himself directly into Li Xin’s bosom.

Li Xin gave him a big hug and, affected by Long Hao Chen’s sentimental behaviour, she hurried to ask: “Hao Chen, what happened? Anything bad?”

Long Hao Chen choked with sobs: “Father and Mother left. They left me alone.”

Li Xing was astounded, “Are you saying that during the demon race’s surprise attack…?”

Long Hao Chen suddenly heard her misunderstanding and hurried to clear it: “No, Father and Mother went to another place and left me to join Hao Yue Hall to continue my practice.”

Li Xin lowered her tall and erect posture; she looked relieved, “I was really scared. You jumped at me so suddenly! What’s the problem? I personally have no problem with the fact that I’m separated with my parents. In the future, Hao Yue Hall will be your home. Whoever dares bully you will hear from me. Come, let’s go in and then talk in more detail.”

As she spoke, Li Xin pulled Long Hao Chen’s hand and took big steps towards the center of Hao Yue Hall.

The two guards at the entrance exchanged a glance, revealing to each other their shocked expressions.

“Who is this youth? How can he be so affectionate with our Hell Rose Knight?”

“Be quiet, you dare inquire about the private life of Miss Li Xin? Even if you can turn into someone handsome and as talented as her, it is not set in stone that she will possibly view you in a new, favorable light.”

Li Xin pulled Long Hao Chen inside of Hao Yue Hall. This place looked the same as before except that the six Divine Thrones in the center of the Hall shone in a different light in the eyes of Long Hao Chen: the feeling he had upon looking at them was completely different.

With a proud and, at the same time, somewhat sad feeling, he found with a glance, the second throne from the left symbolizing the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter. This is Father’s glory!

There will inevitably be a day when he will, for sure, possess one of these six Divine Thrones. Long Hao Chen’s eyes had a certain kind of fire in them.

The steps he took with Li Xin felt like they were becoming slower before their pace had both halted: “Lil’ Bro, in the lapse of a whole year, you grew up so much! Two years from now , I’m afraid that you will have already surpassed this Big Sister. Em, you will even be better looking. It’s a tragedy. After you have grown up, I wonder how many girls would get confused and disoriented.”

Li Xin’s figure straightened. Despite the fact that Long Hao Chen grew up a lot, she was, nevertheless, still one head taller than him. However, when she looked at Long Hao Chen, her heart couldn’t help but admire him, going as far as showing signs of an increase in her heartbeat.

1. It’s your chance Li Xin! Attack, take the heart, or at least the body of your ideal future husband!!!

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