Shin High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 0

Devils, Fallen Angels, and even Dragons —they're all my comrades. It's wonderful, isn't it.

And I — [Oppai Dragon], am both a Devil and a Dragon.

I'll defeat everyone who dares to put the children in danger!

Welsh Dragon & Crescent Circle Dragon.

—It happened during the match between team [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth] and team [Rias Gremory].

The Legendary [Welsh Dragon], Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig, was up against his equal, the Legendary Evil Dragon Crom Cruach. They moved to a place quite distant from the Kuoh Academy replica where both the [Kings], Rias Gremory and Hyoudou Issei, were supposed to be at the moment. Both of them spread their wings and flew through the sky as they glared at each other. In contrast with Ddraig whose body was that of a gigantic Dragon, Crom Cruach stayed in his human form. Ddraig flashed back and thought, 'In the distant past, Crom Cruach would have faced me in his magnificent Dragon form'. However, he must've learned that his current form was the best as he had been watching over the human world for a long time. Crom Cruach then said as if realising the same thing,

"Would it make it easier for you if I return to my original form?"

Ddraig was surprised by his words as he put up a smile on his big mouth.

[You sure do say wonderful things, Legendary Evil Dragon.]

Both of them continued to glare at each other while staying in the sky. They'd finished saying their names, which meant the only thing left to do was—. Both of them charged at the same time and collided with each other in the sky of the Kuoh town replica. Ddraig and Crom Cruach — headbutted each other!


The shockwave was so strong that it even reverberated through the skies and even reached the houses below them. The roofs and the window panes of the buildings were blown off and destroyed as they head-butted each other.

[Here I go, Evil Dragon!]

"Sure, come, Heavenly Dragon!"

Their bout developed from headbutt into a vigorous exchange of fists without losing any momentum. Even though Ddraig punched him with his fist which was as big as Crom Cruach's human body — the Legendary Evil Dragon was unscathed. He didn't falter, retreat or even get blown away as he fought on, completely fine. Crom Cruach didn't even shudder upon taking the punch of the strongest Heavenly Dragon. He was simply enjoying it as he smiled in thrill horrifyingly and punched back. Following the punch of the humanoid Evil Dragon that got onto the giant Dragon Ddraig's face, a pleasant sound along with a powerful shock took place.

Right cheeks, left cheeks, nose, mouth, eyes, forehead, jaws, both of them threw out terrifying punches to those parts of each other's faces! [Boost]—The ability of the Longinus [Boosted Gear]. Ddraig, who was the origin of that ability, used that every time he threw out a punch. The Heavenly Dragon was really moved by the sight of Crom Cruach, who was unshaken and just punched back even after taking his punch endowed with that ability. Considering his broken left arm due to his previous fight against Fafnir, the punches he threw out were as if he was unscathed. The multiple violent shockwaves created by the rush of plain punches thrown by the two Legendary Dragons made the sky tremble and destroyed the buildings on the ground.


Ddraig laughed in the middle of their bout.

"Heh, you're enjoying it! But of course, this is fun after all!"

Crom Cruach also felt happy as he quivered in response to the straight punch that he took head-on. Both of them started to gush out blood from their nose and mouth. Ddraig then grinned upon flashing back to his golden time before being sealed into a Sacred Gear. At that time, in that distant past, it was true that the Evil Dragon before him was a strong one, but he was still weaker than him. However, during the time Ddraig was sealed, Crom Cruach blended into the human world as he observed them and changed, strengthened, and developed himself. As a result—. Ddraig grabbed Crom Cruach's body with his giant hand and planned to throw him down—.


Crom Cruach put up his strength in an instant and pried open Ddraig's fist. Even Ddraig was astonished by his ridiculous strength . This Legendary Evil Dragon had obtained the strength that enabled him to surpass himself! Ddraig then tried to do a headbutt once again! However, Crom Cruach evaded Ddraig's headbutt and kicked Ddraig's gut.

Boom, Whack!

The kick of the Evil Dragon pierced deeply into Ddraig's gut. Ddraig's face showed that he was in agony as he curved his body due to the impact. Crom Cruach followed by flying up and headbutted Ddraig in his jaw. Following that, Ddraig's head moved upwards as he almost lost his consciousness.

This is bad—. If I lose my consciousness now, it's going to go like Crom Cruach intended!

Ddraig, whose body was trembling as a result of the concussion, clenched his teeth and to regain his consciousness. Ddraig then clenched his fist one more time and punched Crom Cruach. The Evil Dragon made a cross out of his arms and tried to guard against it—However, upon the moment of impact, the shockwave didn't harm his hands, but the very core of his body instead.


Crom Cruach spouted blood and breathed heavily because of the brutal attack.Upon the moment of impact, Ddraig had used the [Penetrate] ability. It was one of the special techniques of the Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig. He transferred the shock from the opponent's hands so the damage went to the very core of his body instead. This technique would inflict a fatal injury to most of his opponents within the first attack. However, Ddraig had to keep his guard up as his opponent at the moment was a supernatural being which suffered only a little amount of damage despite the fact that it hit.

I will release it at the best timing—when the enemy shows a slight opening as he's about to attack!

Crom Cruach hadn't forgotten about [Penetrate]. Rather, he attacked Ddraig and even felt a response (from his attack). And that’s exactly why [Penetrate] got in contrary to Crom’s expectations. In a fight, feeling a response makes opponent drop his guard a bit. [Penetrate] was effective precisely because it came unexpected to the opponent. That’s what Ddraig learned from his countless battles. Following his attack, Ddraig inflated his stomach and charged the fire throughout his whole body. Ddraig then breathed out the flame towards Crom Cruach all at once! But of course, the Evil Dragon didn't just stand and let it happen. Crom Cruach quickly composed himself from the damage due to [Penetrate] and changed his right hand into that of a Dragon's whilst enshrouding it in a big amount of aura.

"I won't let you!"

He lively swept his arm which was enshrouded in aura sideways. The powerful flame that Ddraig breathed out was mowed down by Crom Cruach's gigantic arm. This time, it was Crom Cruach who inflated his stomach and tried to breathe flame. On the other hand, Ddraig also responded by trying to breathe fire one more time!


The hellfire-like flames that the [Red Dragon], one of the two Heavenly Dragons, and the Legendary Evil Dragon Crom Cruach breathed out were so powerful that they set the whole area ablaze. Their flames' power was equal—. No, Crom Cruach's was indeed more powerful as it slowly forced Ddraig's flame back!

A fighting style that only uses one's own stamina, aura, and fire. With just those things, he is able to stand against me, the one who was called the Heavenly Dragon. Not only that, the strength of his fire is superior, and I even already used my [Boost] ability. The only thing I can say is, I am surprised.

Both Sacred Gear users, Hyoudou Issei and Vali Lucifer, had once fought against Crom Cruach in the past. He had fought against the Heavenly Dragons for several times. It's only natural that he had gotten stronger. Ddraig then thought, 'If that's the case' and then used his [Penetrate] ability and heightened its penetrating power, resulting in Ddraig's flames getting closer to Crom Cruach's body whilst going through Crom Cruach's flames. However, it seemed like Crom Cruach had predicted this, for he quickly stopped his fire breath and tried to evade it. On the other hand, Ddraig continued to breathe out flames and chased the Evil Dragon with it. The flames that Crom Cruach evaded rained on the buildings on the ground and set them ablaze. The flames of the Heavenly Dragon melted the buildings and even the ground was greatly gouged—.

While Crom Cruach kept evading by flying over the sky with high-speed, he was in fact also looking for an opening as he had already prepared a mass of aura which he threw upon finding an opening. Ddraig evaded the concentrated mass of aura while still breathing out his flame, but as he did that, the aura bullet that he evaded went straight to the ground and made a big explosion. If that thing were to be fired to the ground several times, even this solid game field would be damaged greatly. The mass of aura that fell onto the ground created a giant crater. What was worse was thatit wasn't only just one, as the numbers of the craters created kept on increasing after that. What would come out first, either one of them getting defeated, the game field getting destroyed, or…the match between Rias Gremory and Hyoudou Issei being settled?

Ddraig closed his mouth and stopped breathing fire upon seeing that his attacks made little progress and only destroyed the game field. He rammed Crom from the front while using [Penetrate] and sent him to the ground. Ddraig chased after him soon after and tried to trample down Crom Cruach who was sent onto scorching ground vigorously. Crom Cruach got up by jumping to his feet and took a distance from Ddraig's feet. The sky-cutting diving kick of Ddraig. Without any delay, Crom Cruach then leaped off and landed a kick with a dense aura to Ddraig’s right arm. Ddraig responded by taking a guarding stance, but—.


Ddraig could feel a displeasing sound. Just now, his right arm must've been broken. However, he had no time to care about his arm! Ddraig also released a crimson aura bullet from his hand similar to the Dragon Shot that his partner Hyoudou Issei used. That being said, using aura bullets were normal to Ddraig during his lifetime. Crom Cruach deflected it with his right arm. As he did that, the deflected shot went up to the sky. Ddraig didn't mind that as he kept releasing aura bullets over and over, and while Crom Cruach tried to deflect all of them with both of his arms…as expected, due to the injury on his left arm, there were times when he lagged a little bit, resulting in the aura hitting his body. However, the Evil Dragon didn't flinch from being hit by the aura. In fact, Crom Cruach closed his distance with Ddraig whilst deflecting the aura bullets. Ddraig's deflected aura bullets flew all over the place, creating big explosions everywhere and changing the shape of the ground. For Ddraig they were mere aura bullets, but for the ground they were the embodiment of destruction. They were powerful enough to blow a bunch of High-class Devils away. Plus, Ddraig sometimes used the [Penetrate] ability on some of his bullets while continuously releasing the normal ones. He did it naturally so the enemy didn't know. And with that—. Boom—a bursting sound could be heard.


The Evil Dragon breathed heavily in response to the powerful attack. The aura bullet endowed with [Penetrate] successfully reached Crom Cruach. Mixing the ability to one of the aura bullets when he fired a bunch of normal aura bullets proved effective. However, the experienced ones would be able to tell the difference from the air, power and the opponent's bodily movement. That was how good of an observing ability the strong ones had. That's why Ddraig did it naturally as if he was throwing out his usual aura bullets. If one was an amateur, he would be seen through by a skilled opponent due to exerting his strength, eye movement, shining of his pupils or a flow of an aura from his body when using the ability. His partner, Hyoudou Issei, had yet to master all of these, because he exerted his strength and leaked his aura quite a lot when mixing [Penetrate] in his aura barrage. Although small fries wouldn't be able to tell, it's a different story when it came to Crom Cruach and other supernatural beings. Mixing the [Penetrate] ability in one of the aura bullets released naturally, making it look like a normal aura bullet. However, for Ddraig it was a given. Crom Cruach had a hard time with the aura bullets that were mixed with [Penetrate], but…he was finally able to dodge one of them. That was not by coincidence, as he kept dodging another one, and another one of the aura bullets that were mixed with [Penetrate], despite the fact that there was no change in Ddraig's hand movements and aura. —Crom Cruach was able to dodge Ddraig's [Penetrate]-infused aura bullets. And finally, the number of dodged bullets were greater than the number of hits!


Ddraig couldn't help being shocked. He was moved by Crom Cruach's ability to adapt and respond. There was a possibility of him knowing Ddraig's attack through instinct and adjusting his movements with it. But even if he asked Crom Cruach, it's not something that could be explained, as he would probably reply with 'my body just acted on its own'.

—The sense he had since birth.

I see, so he went up to the Heavenly Dragon level.

That's what Ddraig felt. In this case, even the genius Vali Lucifer wouldn't be able to defeat him, as this guy would keep improving his senses while fighting—. The Evil Dragon whose face was covered in blood then screamed happily.

"You've warmed up, Ddraig! How is it? I am fine even if you use your [Blazing Inferno of Scorching Flames]!"

That was Ddraig's forbidden blaze capable of burning everything. Once it rained on one's body, the flame wouldn't be able to be extinguished as it would burn them into ashes. Ddraig himself also never used it unless it was really necessary since it would greatly damage other things that had nothing to do with him or his fights. The Heavenly Dragon then smiled and said,

[I don't mind using it on a dumb fool that I hate! But that isn't something to be used in a fair-and-square battle!]

Crom Cruach laughed upon hearing that.

"Hah! So you don't hate me! I guess I'll take it as a compliment!"

[Yeah, you are just a dumb fool!]

Crom Cruach then laughed from the bottom of his heart.

"Hahahahaha! I can't deny that one!"

Crom Cruach laughed like a child. The Evil Dragon who usually didn't show his emotions laughed like a child in a battlefield. Whilst doing that, Crom Cruach then instantly closed his distance and punched Ddraig's face despite being rained by aura bullets! Several fangs that Ddraig took pride on were broken and he spit them out along with blood. Ddraig responded by moving his arm upwards and smashed it down on Crom Cruach's head. Although the Evil Dragon was stuck on the ground, he stood firm and didn't fall over. But it looked like Crom Cruach had also lost his fangs as he spat them along with blood to the ground. —Despite that, he was calm and even quivered in happiness. Crom Cruach then threw his black coat aside and said,

"Though I don't want to destroy the field, we still need power in order to fight."

If they didn't care about their surroundings at all, they would be able to fight more freely. Plus, if they were truly serious in fighting someone and were to do it in the human world or the Underworld, there would be able to easily destroy the city. An enormous amount of aura being released from either of their hands or mouths would instantly turn a large area into ashes. However, it didn't mean that both of them cannot fight without destroy the field, as the two of them were doing it right now.

[Well, we just have to enjoy this while trying not to destroy the field.]

As Ddraig breathed his flames out, Crom Cruach responded by charging through the flame and attempted to tackle Ddraig. —Dragon, the strongest living being on earth. The two of these great monsters, who even amongst Dragons were near the top, found an equal enemy and continued their fierce fight—. From that point on, Ddraig and Crom Cruach continued their fight consisting of tackles, flames and auras—



It was when the two of them were about to punch each other.

<<The retirement of team [Rias Gremory]'s one Bishop and [King] has been confirmed! As such, this match—is won by team [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]!>>

The announcer's voice echoed throughout the field. It happened right before Crom Cruach and Ddraig's arms hit each other's face. The two of them then silently pulled their arms back. The report just now was to announce his partner, Hyoudou Issei's victory. Crom Cruach said.

"…We lost, huh?"

Crom Cruach took a deep breath.

"Regardless of whose team wins or loses, the fight against a Heavenly Dragon has to stop here, huh?"

He said so, while also referring to the battle against the team of White Dragon Emperor Vali Lucifer. The fact he's registered to a team and participated in the tournament meant that it didn't matter if he's still unharmed, as the match was completely concluded by the loss of one's [King]. Still, both Crom Cruach and Ddraig were severely injured. Even if they can still fight, they suffered quite the damage. Both of them had cracked and broken bones, as well as holes in their wings. It had also been a while since Ddraig had run out of breath. Although his overall body was in fierce pain, his heart was beaming. Crom Cruach's strength was not a joke. He was also one of the strongest among all participants in terms of raw power. After seeing the fight between the greatest Dragons, would the Gods and other lower beings participate in the next tournament? Crom Cruach then picked up his coat and asked.

"That is not mature yet, is it?"

The Evil Dragon looked towards the place where the fight between his partner—Hyoudou Issei and Rias Gremory took place. That was referring to Hyoudou Issei. Crom Cruach continued.

"That kid is a miracle caused by the combination between Ophis's and Great Red's power, a miraculous creature. However, it seems like only Ophis's power has manifested."

[And do you still want to fight against that miraculous creature?]

The Evil Dragon smiled boldly in response to Ddraig's question.

"Yes, I want to fight him. — However, I also have a feeling of wanting to watch over him, which must be an effect from you guys."

Ddraig swayed his head.

[No, other strong people are also consciously or unconsciously aroused by partner.]

Starting from Azazel, Ajuka Beelzebub, First-generation Sun Wukong and even Sakra—. Those strong people wanted to watch over Hyoudou Issei's being and growth with great interest. Upon hearing that, Crom Cruach said,

"If I were to take him on, I'd do it after he awakens the thing that is still hidden within him. Help him awaken Great Red's power."

As he said that, Crom Cruach left that place.

Ddraig asked.

[What are you going to do after this?]

Crom Cruach then said without looking back.

"I am indebted to Tannin, the Princess of Gremory, and Fafnir's master. I'll show up if there's anything."

Upon hearing that, Ddraig thought carefully.

Partner's women look like they have something that attract other strong people like himself. Plus, Ddraig also thought pleasantly, for the strongest Evil Dragon to be indebted to several people.

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