Shin High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 0.1

"Ise-kun, ish it owkay if you spoil me a bit before we go to Kyoto…?"

On a certain night before our trip to Kyoto's other side and before the premiere of the [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon] show in Kyoto's Youkai World I was lying on my giant bed and—what a thing happened! Rossweisse-san with her clothes in disarray suddenly got close to me! Her unbuttoned shirt showed her big breasts as they swayed before my eyes! While I would usually gulp and become aroused, Rossweisse-san on the other hand was…

"Isheee-kuuunn! I’ll beeeee loonely shif we getsh separatedddd!!"

She was really drunk as she latched onto me! Despite her boobs' extra soft sensation all over my face, I could also smell the liquor coming from her…! It seemed like during one of her Devils' Jobs, she received a brandy cake as a reward…and after she finished her job and got home, she took a bite, and had no memory of what happened after that. Rossweisse-san then smiled widely and said,

"It was a vheeery good cake!"

Judging from her drunken state…I think she continued to drink alcohol even after eating the brandy cake… The 'get separated' thing, Rossweisse-san was talking about was that, unlike last year, this time I was going to Kyoto for an event, while Rossweisse-san would be the guide for the current second-year students like Koneko-chan and the others. I said to Rossweisse-san.

"But we've discussed that we'll meet at Kyoto, right? Rossweisse-san, you are my servant, and I've also said that we'll be able to meet outside the field trip tour."

"But it's going to be lonely!"

She was laughing and crying while being drunk. She was one troublesome onee-san… Well, she's cute, so I don't mind. As I sighed, Rossweisse-san responded by kissing me! I was totally unprepared for it, and she completely went down with it as a result! I was happy, but the smell of the alcohol… Rossweisse-san was in a very good mood after she stopped kissing me.

"Ehehehehe, you dropped your guard."

Though she had become this bold due to her being drunk, I think she was quite cute this way too! Suddenly, Rossweisse-san started to undress, and even tried to remove her panties.

"This is normal. Now that we are engaged, let's do erotic things together!"

As she said that, she created a small magic circle on her hands and then cuffed both my legs and arms! Uwaaah, I was completely restrained on my bed! Following that, Rossweisse-san got closer and tried to embrace me. Her boobs then swayed sideways. Rossweisse-san was smiling like a perverted old man with her eyes having turned into the love symbol!

"Uhehe, you can't run anywhere now. It's okay even if this is your first time. I'll make you feel good soon~. Uhehe."

She's saying perverted old man lines now! Despite that, even Rossweisse-san herself was a virgin! Wow, drunk Rossweisse-san was both erotic and scary at the same time!

"Now, become the papa of our children!"

Rossweisse-san embraced me! N-No, I'll become a father! A couple of things then flashed across my mind. —Well, even though I had to say that I was grateful for the erotic things, the fact that both of us were reincarnated Devils could mean that we might not be able to have kids soon. Plus, I already said to everyone who were engaged to me that "I'd have my first experience with everyone", but I guess it didn't matter anymore (as there were girls like her who didn't care about the rules)!

As Rossweisse-san tried to quickly remove my clothes, I made a resolve and thought 'If this is meant to be, then so be it!'! Suddenly, I could hear someone's voice in a Kansai dialect

"I see…so this is the approach I must take in order to have a child with the Red Dragon Emperor-dono."

I'd heard that charming voice before! Being restrained on the bed, I turned my head and looked towards where the voice was coming from! A golden-haired beauty with a white attire was sitting on top of the bed! There were also nine tails coming out of her bottom!


I was surprised and called her name! She was Yasaka-san, the head of the Youkai clan of Kyoto, the nine-tailed fox, as well as Kunou's mother! I didn't expect her to come to my house! Or was this an illusion caused by Rossweisse-san's magic!? You know, maybe the screws on her head were loosened a bit because she was drunk! However, Rossweisse-san herself also looked surprised although she was drunk. She then wiped her eyes and asked.

"Your venerable leader Kyuubi!? …Ah, maybe this is a hallucination. I might've drunk too much."

Yes, you were right on the drunk too much part. … However, this meant that Yasaka-san was not a hallucination and was really present in my house! Yasaka-san covered her mouth with her hand and let out an elegant laugh.

"Ohohoho. Kunou and Red Dragon Emperor-dono are coming to Kyoto after all. So I rushed here despite my age. I came using the transportation gate that Kunou also uses."

Are you serious!? It's true that there was a special room in the third-level basement of the Hyoudou Residence where a giant transportation circle was deployed… But I didn't think that she'd come using that! W-Well, considering that it also was connected to the base of all Youkai of Kyoto, the Urakyoto1, it should be possible for her to come using that, but…I was surprised as Yasaka-san never came alone by herself! Yasaka-san then looked as if she was very interested in me, who was chained down to my bed.

"So these are the kinds of things the Red Dragon Emperor-dono likes…"

—! She thought that me being chained down was part of an erotic play! No, no! I am a normal person! … But I had to say I did want to try doing these kinds of things with not only Rossweisse-san, but also Akeno-san in the future. Still, I am a normal High School Student! Yasaka-san nodded her head and said to Rossweisse-san,

"Valkyrie Teacher-dono. Please don't mind me and continue, as I'll stay here and learn"

L-Learn! I would be watched by Kunou's mama while doing the bondage play with Rossweisse-san! But well, erotic things sure were the best! My heart was pounding upon thinking how Rossweisse-san would approach me—.

"… I drank…too much… I… I…"

After mumbling with a mix of her dialect , Rossweisse-san then collapsed on the bed! She might have switched from her sexy mode to her sleep mode upon realizing that she drank too much and thinking that she saw Yasaka-san's illusion. Yasaka-san then said upon looking at that scene.

"Wow. Seems like teacher-dono went to sleep."

Yasaka-san looked a bit disappointed. Although I was also a bit, no, quite disappointed, I didn't know what drunk Rossweisse-san would have done to me, so I think this was for the best. … That being said, I was still chained down though. As I sighed in relief— Yasaka-san tried to undress before my eyes!

"I don't have a choice. Red Dragon Emperor-dono's holy child making ceremony was left undone because of me. As the compensation, I will have to be your partner."

Her white skin came into view from under her clothing as her giant boobs came into sight! While Yasaka-san was getting closer to me, she said,

"—I'll have you share the Heavenly Dragon's child."

Gulp! I drank my own saliva! Yasaka-san's lips got closer to me…! It was at that time! Bam! —Suddenly, the door opened and the small fox princess—Kunou appeared! On top of that, Rias also followed behind her. Kunou was surprised and looked really mad upon witnessing the extraordinary sight of me, Yasaka-san and Rossweisse-san (who had passed out)!

"Mother! W-What is the meaning of this!?"

She jumped on the bed and climbde on Yasaka-san's back, who was on top of the bed. Yasaka-san then replied with a happy tone,

"Hohoho. I want to give Kunou a little sister or a little brother."

"Mother, you are too bold! Also, you're being rude to the people in this house!"

"I see, it's exactly like Kunou said."

Yasaka-san then comforted Kunou and looked at Rias. Rias's expression showed that she was unsure of how to react and sighed.

"… Good evening, your venerable Leader Kyuubi. Why don't we go downstairs and have tea ?"

Yasaka-san then fixed her clothing and came down from the bed in response to Rias's words before turning towards me,

"Red Dragon Emperor-dono, legal wife-dono, I apologize for the actions that I did tonight. It has been several years since I had free time in my job. That's why I came here. Hohoho, I am still young."

Kunou added,

"That's right! Mother is still young!"

Yasaka-san continued on while patting Kunou's head.

"I can't say for Kunou though. Now, I guess I'll have a cup of tea with the legal wife-dono and go back to Kyoto"

As she said that, Yasaka-san left my room along with Kunou. After that, I said to Rias, who was guiding Yasaka-san.

"R-Rias… can't you do something about these shackles?"

Rias then smiled wryly and said,

"Geez, deal with something like this yourself. Probably because Rossweisse was drunk, the spell by which those were made is quite rough, you know?. Also, you are a [King], right?"

That's right! It's exactly like what she said! It's only natural that I undo these things because I was Rossweisse-san's [King]! On the other hand, Rossweisse-san herself was—

"…zzz… Ise-kun…you're perverted… Just see, I'll make you a father…"

It seemed like she was flirting with me in her dreams … Did she have a wish to make me a father that bad…? As we approached the [Oppai Dragon] event in Kyoto, I experienced something that troubled, yet madep me happy at the same time in my bedroom. …Now, I wonder if we could spend our days in Kyoto peacefully this year?

Urakyoto= Reverse side of Kyoto, it’s indicating the Kyoto where the Youkai lives

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