Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Meeting a Scum

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“Thank you Third Elder. Sorry for troubling you.” After Ling Chuxi took the gold notes and skill manual, she obediently bowed—her attitude full of sincerity.

The third elder’s mouth twitched and he forced himself to smile, and waved towards Ling Chuxi. “Alright. You should leave, we still have matters to discuss. In future, if there are any matters, just come and look for me.”

“Yes. Thank you Third Elder. First Elder, Fifth Elder, I’ll be taking my leave.” Ling Chuxi obtained the money and smiled, before excusing herself.

After receiving the money, Ling Chuxi went to the private bank and exchanged a hundred tael gold note into ten pieces of hundred tael silver notes and went to the medical hall.

At the medical hall, the owner’s expression was as if he had seen a ghost. Ling Chuxi bought quite a number of herbs and a set of tools, including a furnace, silver needles, etc. These expenses were indeed not small. The furnace was something only the rich kids in this world could play with. Just buying these required spending two hundred over taels.

Money spent could always be earned again. Ling Chuxi had always been a positive person. After this money had been spent, one could still earn more. At the moment, bring back this big bag of things home, fix my face and solve the problem of the meridians being suppressed. A short distance after leaving the medical hall, Ling Chuxi walked to a deserted corner and carefully wrapped a roll of silver needles which were placed in a soft leather belt around her wrist. This had always been her habit.

While carrying her things on the way home, Ling Chuxi was stopped by someone. This time, the person who stopped her was a disciple of the Ling family, called Ling Yuanhong.

“Ugly little girl, where did you pick up these broken items and want to bring them home?” Ling Yuanhong asked enigmatically after blocking Ling Chuxi.

Ling Chuxi sized up the enigmatic boy before her who looked like an eighteen or nineteen-year-old, with ordinary looks. Ling Chuxi had a very deep impression of this person in her memory. This person liked Qin Yumei. Qin Yumei hated Ling Chuxi, and always bullied her, thus he naturally assisted in bullying her. The most important thing was that, Qin Yumei did not actually like him. Qin Yumei liked someone else in the Ling family, someone called Ling Xiaoting. Ling Yuanhong naturally would feel unhappy, and always suppressed his feelings, so he vented his anger and frustrations on Ling Chuxi.

“How is it related to you?” Ling Chuxi glanced at Ling Yuanhong and faintly replied.

“Ohoh, did the ugly duckling take the wrong medicine today? You actually dare to retort?” Ling Yuanhong kicked a fuss and looked at Ling Chuxi in surprise.

Crazy! Ling Chuxi looked at Ling Yuanhong who was before her, and really wanted to give him a slap on his face. Old grudges and new hatred, there would come a time to calculate them all. However, now was not the right time.

Ling Chuxi was not bothered by him. She simply carried her things and circled around him to return home.

Ling Yuanhong saw that he had actually been ignored by Ling Chuxi. His face changed and reached out his hands to grab Ling Chuxi’s hair, chiding her loudly, “Who gave you the guts to actually walk away without greeting me?”

Ling Chuxi felt a gust of wind from behind her and turned her head slightly, dodging the grab. Her heart was furious. This Ling Yuanhong was simply a scum! Despicable person! Not to mention a man beating a girl, and he still wanted to pull her hair! A few silver needles slipped down to Ling Chuxi’s palm, she was ready to take revenge now. No one understood the locations of meridians of the human body better than her. Even if she made Ling Yuanhong trash today, no one would notice.

Ling Yuanhong was stunned. He never thought that Ling Chuxi was able to dodge. In his anger, when he was about to reach out his hand again, he heard a cold voice from nearby.

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