Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: You Did Not Discuss II

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“Nonsense. It was only a hundred gold taels. Where have there been any medical pills? There was only a skill manual that is unknown.” The third elder misspoke when he was angered by Ling Chuxi’s words.

“Ah, every time there were only a hundred gold taels? Then ten times would only be equivalent to a thousand taels? And there were no medical pills? That person who passed the message actually lied to me! How terrible!” Ling Chuxi’s face was full of rage, and said indignantly. “Third Elder, you cannot lie to me! I believe in Third Elder. This person who passed on the message is really too nasty. This is slandering the Third Elder, how despicable!” Ling Chuxi was laughing to death in her heart! ‘Third Elder, you really can’t hold yourself back.’

“Really? That person who brought the message was a liar? I will hack him to death, to actually sprout such nonsense!” The fifth elder snorted and shouted loudly. The fifth elder was such a person. White is white. Black is black. Everything was distinguished clearly, and he hated injustice.

“Fifth Brother, you better sit down!” The first elder hollered at him with a little headache.

“Fifth Elder, the person who passed the message has already left. Let it slide, there is no need to be calculative towards such despicable villains. I naturally believe Third Elder. Third Elder has always thought about us and worried about us juniors. I know of Third Elder’s painstaking efforts.” Ling Chuxi’s face was full of innocent kindness. “Then, Third Elder, just give me the money. Don’t worry. I won’t simply spend it. I have already grown up.”

The third elder’s hand which was hidden in his sleeve was trembling in rage. He looked at Ling Chuxi, and a glint of menace which was hard to notice flashed in his eyes. ‘This ugly little girl. Is she doing it on purpose or not? That money, do I really need to spit it out?’

“Yes, this little girl is really understanding. Third Elder Brother, quickly give her the money. A baby girl naturally will want to buy herself some beautiful clothing.” The fifth elder smiled and said. “Quickly give it to her, we can continue with our previous matters.”

“Yes, Chuxi, you cannot simply spend alright? A thousand gold taels is no small figure.” The first elder spoke with a serious tone.

“Yes, rest assured, First Elder. I will not simply spend it!” Ling Chuxi nodded her head seriously.

“That’s good. Third Brother, quickly bring over the money to Chuxi. Also, that skill manual. I wonder how that boy Wushang is doing. There has never been any exact news.” The first elder turned to the third elder and said after obtaining Ling Chuxi’s guarantee. His tone contained a little sigh. Ling Wushang was taken away by a master, but they did not know which clan or which sect the master came from. All these years, Ling Wushang never returned and nobody knew how he was doing.

The third elder almost vomited blood. A thousand gold taels!!! He had already used it up, now asking him to spit it out was really no different than cutting his flesh! But what other choice did he have? If Ling Chuxi directly came to him to ask, he could still deny Ling Wushang had delegated other people to bring things back. But now, this ugly little girl said that he brought so much, of course he had subconsciously refuted, never thought that… wait! Don’t tell me this was a scheme of the little girl? The third elder frowned and looked at Ling Chuxi, but he only saw Ling Chuxi’s innocent smile. ‘I guess I thought too much. How could it be possible that this little girl had such intentions?’ The third elder secretly commented in his heart. However, to eat such a big loss this time, hmph! Don’t think that it will be over just like that!’

At this point, even if the third elder were unwilling, he also had no choice. He entered the house and took out ten gold notes equivalent to a hundred gold taels each, and a very tattered book and passed them to Ling Chuxi.

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