Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Thank You For Saving Me

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There was a furry presence sitting upon her chest. Ling Chunxi’s eyes flew open. Using all the strength she could muster, she managed to lift her head just enough to catch a glimpse of what was resting on her. She saw that it was a little white fox, curled up as though it was asleep. When the fox sensed she had awoken, it raised its head and looked at her with its dewy black eyes.

“Little fox… Thank you for saving me,” Ling Chunxi breathed as she gave the fox a gentle smile. She understood that it was the fox who gave her warmth when she needed it most, stirring her consciousness into being. Feeling much gratitude, Ling Chunxi reached out to tenderly pat the fox on its head. However, her hand halted midway when she noticed it was coated with dried blood. Scanning herself from her palms, to her wrists, to the rest of her body, Ling Chunxi realized she was covered in bloodstains. This was clearly a result of her destroying her meridians. Ling Chunxi managed to sigh and laugh bitterly at the same time. What a high price to pay to reconstruct her meridians. She almost didn’t make it. If it wasn’t for this little fox, she truly would not have been able to survive.

The fox cocked its tiny head to one side and stared at Ling Chunxi. It seemed to want to convey a request as it stuck out its tongue and licked its lips hopefully. She understood immediately. The little fox wanted food. Ling Chunxi also understood that this fox wasn’t just any other fox, but in fact the very same one who had eaten her roasted rabbit meat the other day. How did this little fox find her? It was amazing that it had saved her life as such.

An indecent grumbling sound came from Ling Chunxi’s stomach. While rubbing her belly as though to appease it, she turned towards the entrance of the cave. Through the veil of the waterfall, she could see that it was very bright outside. Did a whole night pass? She had noted it seemed like dusk before she passed out. Now it was day again. This meant she was out cold for an entire night. No wonder she felt a little hungry.

Ling Chunxi picked the little fox up with a smile and rose from where she lay. “Let’s go Little White. I’ll roast some rabbit meat for you. What do you think about that?”

It was unclear if it was merely her inaccurate perception of events, but it seemed to Ling Chunxi that upon hearing her utter the words, “Little White” as a name for it, the little fox’s body stiffened.

She narrowed her eyes at the fox playfully. “From today onwards, you shall be called Little White all right? You’ll come to see just how cool, amazing and dominating this name is!” she announced happily.

The little fox twitched its ears in defiance but Ling Chunxi reached her hand up to hold onto its ears and said viciously, “Objection overruled. I’m telling you. If you don’t agree, I will eat you!”

As though it had no choice but to agree to this arrangement, the little fox’s ears drooped helplessly. Ling Chunxi couldn’t help but feel joy at this sign of approval.

After fishing around in the small bundle of things she had brought with her, Ling Chunxi brought out an assortment of dry foods and offered them to Little White. The fox looked away in disdain. Unbothered, Ling Chunxi took a big bite out of a mantou.1 “You don’t want some? Wait a while then, I’ll roast you some meat after I gain a bit more energy. First, I need to fill my stomach, take a bath at the hot spring and change out of these clothes. Then I’ll go hunting.”

With its head tilted to one side, Little White watched as Ling Chunxi continued stuffing herself with the mantou. After a moment, Little White stood up elegantly and held out a paw while wearing an expression suggesting it was a given that Ling Chunxi responds to its request.

Stunned, Ling Chunxi took a beat to gather her wits. This brat Little White was actually asking her to carry it! For such a tiny creature, it sure knew how to order people around!

“You little rascal!” exclaimed Ling Chunxi angrily with a helpless smile. She extended her hand to collect Little White and brought the fox into her arms, embracing it tightly. After the life-and-death ordeal she just endured, this little critter held a different significance in Ling Chunxi’s heart.

Hugging the little fox close to her, Ling Chunxi packed up her bundle, left the cave behind the waterfall and ran straight to the secluded hot spring at the rear peak of Purple Maple Mountain. Although there were many known hot springs at Purple Maple Mountain, this small pool was very much a hidden spot. It was another one of Ling Chunxi’s secrets.

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