Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Not A Wastrel, But A Genius

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Ling Chunxi arrived beside a small hot spring. Her entire body was sticky with blood. She set the little fox she was carrying aside and stripped off her stained clothes effortlessly before stepping into the hot spring to take a bath. The fox stood guard at on an embankment, watching over a joyful Ling Chunxi soaking herself in the hot spring. A silver gleam flashed across the fox’s eyes before it suddenly vanished.

When Ling Chunxi was done with her hot spring bath, she went hunting. In no time, she had shot and skinned a rabbit, then started a fire to roast it.

To be able to soak in a hot spring and eat barbequed meat like this made Ling Chunxi feel that life could indeed be too enjoyable sometimes. When Little White returned, Ling Chunxi simply gave it the succulent thigh part of the roasted rabbit. Being able to indulge freely this time round satisfied Little White very much.

Once she was done eating and drinking, Ling Chunxi checked her own pulse. The suppression seemed to have subsided given that she had used the most brutal method available to reconstruct her meridians. Though the suppression was gone, her meridians still appeared to be a little out of sorts. What exactly was wrong? It was slightly unusual but it would not affect her cultivation. Very odd indeed.

“I can’t bring you back with me these next few days Little White,” said Ling Chunxi with a crestfallen face. She patted Little White on its head gently. “I really want to, but I know I don’t have the ability to protect you now.”

Little White lay down on Ling Chunxi’s thigh quietly. The fox kept very still, as though it was listening to Ling Chunxi’s words.

“I am not strong enough so there’s no way I can protect you. If someone wanted to hurt you or snatch you away, I wouldn’t be able to stop them. I am too weak now,” said Ling Chunxi softly. When she spoke next though, her voice was full of determination. “Wait for me Little White. Wait a few days for me to get stronger. I’ll become strong as fast as possible so I can protect you!” Ling Chunxi knew Little White’s appearance would attract attention and inspire jealousy. Trouble was sure to follow.

Little White turned its head up towards Ling Chunxi and observed her for a long while. Then it used its head to lightly nuzzle her in a comforting manner.

By the time Ling Chunxi arrived home after staying out the whole night, Aunt Wang was a worried mess. The moment Ling Chunxi stepped through the door, Aunt Wang happily rushed to her.

“Oh, where have you been Miss? You were out for the whole of yesterday till now. Are you all right?” Aunt Wang’s voice was full of care and concern.

“I’m fine, Aunt Wang. I was practicing my cultivating at the rear peak of Purple Maple Mountain.” Ling Chunxi sat down and poured herself a cup of water. Once she finished drinking it, Ling Chunxi calmly and determinedly made an announcement. “I want to participate in the clan’s assessment. I’m confident I will definitely pass the White Stone Academy’s examination too.”

Aunt Wang’s stared at Ling Chunxi with her mouth agape. Although Ling Chunxi’s face had yet to recover from the effects of the dangerous procedure she executed upon herself, Aunt Wang perceived a newfound air of charm and confidence exuding from her. ‘This aura feels so similar to the Miss’ mother’s own presence back then!’ thought Aunt Wang to herself.

“Of course, Miss. Do you need me to prepare anything for you?” asked Aunt Wang excitedly.

The enthusiastic reaction from Aunt Wang made Ling Chunxi smile. “Have my herbs already been decocted?”

“They are ready, Miss. I will warm them for you at once,” replied Aunt Wang before she made haste to the kitchen.

Ling Chunxi drank her medicine, then retreated to a quiet space to handle her Phantom Mushrooms. After she had ground the mushrooms into powder, she filled a few small porcelain bottles with it to keep with her. It was good to do so. One would never know when there would come a time when such a substance would be of use.

The following week found Ling Chunxi spending all her time at home practicing her cultivating meticulously. Even though she never did find the Ling family’s cultivation method to be exceptional, Ling Chunxi could clearly see obvious improvements in her implementations of it due to her fixing her meridian suppression problem. Previously she had only made it as far as the Battle Qi Level 1 Intermediate Stage, but now she was already mastering Battle Qi Level 2 Pinnacle and almost reaching Battle Qi Level 3. This kind of accelerated improvement speed was staggering! Ling Chunxi was no wastrel, rather she was a full-fledged genius!

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