Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Troublemaker Is Back

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Ling Chuxi clutched the skill manual feeling puzzled. What was Elder Brother Ling Wushang’s purpose in asking someone to deliver it to her? To let her cultivate with these techniques? Neither the town’s best pharmacist nor the second elder knew how to brew the concoction of herbs Ling Chunxi just used to enable the book’s hidden words to appear. Even if she had brought the book to White Stone City, there would be no one who could make the words concealed in the book reveal themselves. Was Ling Wushang so confident that she would be able to triumph over the book’s challenges and cultivate with the knowledge it contained?

There was a slight confusion stirring in Ling Chunxi’s mind.

Nevertheless, this had opened up a big new door for her.

She was now standing at the start of the path to becoming stronger.

Right away, Ling Chunxi began to practice cultivating using the Thundercloud Ninth Heaven’s Thundercloud Battle Qi. After a few attempts, the results she experienced told her that this cultivation method wasn’t an ordinary one. There was a domineering aspect to it that she found to be wonderfully superb.

After her lunch the next day, Ling Chunxi pondered over a question. It would appear that there was indeed another cultivation method out there all along—the Thundercloud Battle Qi. Even though it was risky to use, should she give it a try? If things worked out, she would be completely transformed and incredibly successful! On the flip side, if things didn’t work out, she’d be back at square one.

To bet on her chances or not?

Of course—to bet! The worst that could happen would be that she had to start over from scratch. How desperately Ling Chunxi yearned to become stronger!

As Ling Chunxi’s thoughts were creating a storm in her head, the sound of urgent footsteps resounded from outside her door. A short while later, Qin Yumei’s angry voice rang out.

“Ling Chunxi, you’d better come out here!” yelled Qin Yumei as loudly as she could from where she was standing in the courtyard. The stench of her arrogance could have seeped through a door.

There was a change in color on Aunt Wang’s face. She was about to walk out the door herself when a slender hand was raised to stop her. Ling Chunxi’s lips curved into a cold smile. ‘What do we have here, Qin Yumei? I haven’t even gone looking for you, but you’ve come to my door all by yourself.’ Just as she moved towards the door, an idea occurred to her. Grabbing hold of a scarf, Ling Chunxi wore it over her face as a veil. She then leisurely strolled out the door. There was no need to reveal her still-recovering face. After all, she was still in the midst of finding out who had poisoned her, who had caused her skin to break out with acne and countless red bumps.

“Is anything the matter?” Ling Chunxi casually made her way out the door. She saw that Qin Yumei stood in the courtyard with her arms on her waist and an angry expression upon her face. Behind Qin Yumei were a few maidens who were dressed inferiorly compared to her. Every one of Qin Yumei’s followers were here with her it seemed. Ling Chunxi smirked. Since everyone was gathered here, they could all save their energy by spouting off insults one by one she supposed.

“What’s the matter? Covering your face because you know it’s not fit for people to see?” teased Qin Yumei the moment she saw Ling Chunxi walk out wearing a veil.

“Exactly! You shameless, ugly girl!” The little battalion of maidens Qin Yumei brought with her immediately chimed in with their own taunts.

“Ha! Yet you still dare stand before us!” shouted the maidens angrily.

Ling Chunxi had barely opened her mouth when Aunt Wang charged out of the house. After hearing the insults hurled at her Miss, Aunt Wang could take it no longer and rushed out to shout right back at these rude maidens. “Who do you all think you are? How dare you bully someone right at their door. Do you really think there is no one in the Ling family worth fearing? Do you think members of the Ling clan can be so easily bullied?”

“You are just a servant. What right do you have to interrupt?!” shrieked Qin Yumei. “How laughable. Only you would consider her a treasure. Treating her as if she was the Eldest Miss of the Ling family. Have the both of you even taken a look at yourselves? Such jokes!”

Ling Chunxi scoffed. “Still, we’re better off than you, looking like a shrew.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “If Ling Xiaoting who’s been constantly on your mind could see you like this, what would he think? Do you realize now why you’ve always lost to Qin Xiruo? It’s because you look like a shrew and she doesn’t.”

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