Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Counterattack I

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“Shut up! You despicable person. You still dare bring up Elder Brother Ling Xiaoting? Is he someone you dream of having?” Qin Yumei looked like a feral cat whose tail had been stepped on. As she channelled her embarrassment into a rage, she could not stop her mouth from barking out insults. “Haven’t you caused Elder Sister Xiruo enough harm? You destroyed the meridians in her arms so she can never get better at her cultivation for as long as she lives. Even today, when the injury you caused flared up again, her face turned white because of the pain! It’s all because of you! Why don’t you just die!”

Qin Yumei liked Ling Xiaoting, but he did not like her. Who Ling Xiaoting really liked was Qin Xiruo. Alas, she did not feel the same for him. Meanwhile, Ling Yuanhong was busy having feelings for Qin Yumei that she did not reciprocate. Ha! Ling Chunxi grumbled about this messy state of affairs internally. How confusing. What a complicated web of lovey-dovey entanglements we have here.

As for the matter of Qin Xiruo’s arm injury according to Qin Yumei’s perspective of events… well, it was quite a long story. The abbreviated version would be as such: Qin Xiruo was a despicable person! She had the capability to hide her true self beyond the level of depth others normally would. On the surface of things, she always made sure to appear to ask after Ling Chunxi and care for her, but in reality she hated Ling Chunxi to the bone. Why she hated her so, Ling Chunxi did not know. During critical junctures in any turn of events, Qin Xiruo would instigate everyone to target Ling Chunxi.

When it came to how exactly Qin Xiruo injured her arm, it was both a funny and shameless story. Qin Xiruo’s arm had indeed been injured, but it had nothing to do with Ling Chunxi. It was Xiruo herself who injured her own arm in a cultivation practice gone wrong. She couldn’t bear to accept the consequences of this incident being of her own doing, couldn’t accept the difference in distance between the heaven she fell from and the mud she pushed herself into. Therefore, her vile solution to this was to ask Ling Chunxi to meet her at the rear peak of Purple Maple Mountain, have Ling Chunxi fall over a cliffside and then rescue her by reaching out her hand to pull Ling Chunxi back to safety. Upon their return, Qin Xiruo announced that the meridians in her arms were severely injured and beyond recovery due to her saving Ling Chunxi. Was there any need to explain how Ling Chunxi fell off the cliff to begin with? Why, Qin Xiruo pushed her of course.

What a good actress and director Qin Xiruo was in this show she put on. And with that, Qin Xiruo cast Ling Chunxi as the scapegoat for her fall from grace. The resulting narrative from this deceit was that the Qin family was thus ruined, and it was all Ling Chunxi’s fault. For the longest time, the Ling family elders had been disheartened by what happened to the Qin family. It was unfortunate how much the Ling Chunxi from before had to suffer without daring to speak out. Even if she had spoken out, no one would have believed her. Almost everyone blamed Ling Chunxi then for what happened.

“Have you lost your mind? Ling Xiaoting is also a member of the Ling family. I would never think of having anything to do incest no matter what, unlike you. Go back and take a look at yourself in a mirror. It’d be weird for Ling Xiaoting to like you with a face like yours. It’s quite a feat to be as stupid as you, always allowing yourself to be used by Qin Xiruo as a tool. When did I ever say I liked Ling Xiaoting? You’d better think carefully about who you first heard this from.” As Ling Chunxi finally became upset, all her suppressed feelings and memories of suffering bubbled to the surface, causing her words to turn venomous. “I will let you know the truth behind what happened to Qin Ruoxi’s arm if you want. For now, get lost! Don’t soil my property with your presence!” Though it was acceptable for distant relatives to marry in this realm, Ling Chunxi would accept no such thing.

“Ling Chunxi! You dare…” Qin Yumei’s fury colored her face white and then red. Her heart overflowed with rage and doubt. Every word from Ling Chunxi cut into her like a blade. She felt so shamed she wanted to wager an attack.

“Elder Sister Yumei, let’s go. The Ling family’s second elder is here,” said Qin Yumei’s pose of maidens to her quickly as they saw a figure approaching from outside the house grounds.

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