Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Counterattack III

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“Sister Yumei, what happened? You look terrible.” One of the maidens walking alongside Qin Yumei asked in concern. Oddly enough, an expression of discomfort came across the maiden’s face as soon as the question left her lips. She began to scratch the back of her hand where an itch had made its presence felt. However, the more she scratched the more irritated the itch became. “Goodness, I’m so itchy all over. What is happening?”

Qi Yumei’s attention was snapped back to reality when she found that she was experiencing an overwhelming sensation of itchiness herself. First, her arm was a little itchy. Oh no, it was her back that was itchy. Wait, why was her face itching too? Ugh, she was itching everywhere! Qin Yumei’s hands flew all over her body to scratch all the itches that suddenly appeared, but the more she scratched, the worse the itching got, which only compelled her to scratch even more.

Meanwhile, in the comfort of her own home, Ling Chunxi was drinking a cup of hot tea while initiating a countdown. “Three, two, one. Qin Yumei, please enjoy the scratching competition I have initiated for you and your little posse.”

“Huh? What are you talking about, Miss?” asked Aunt Wang confusedly as she refilled Ling Chunxi’s cup with freshly brewed hot tea.

“Oh, it’s nothing. You know, Aunt Wang, one day you should go and buy more items for the house. But some clothes for yourself and me,” said Ling Chunxi haughtily as she brandished a few silver notes. “Elder Brother sent some money back. There’s no need to be thrifty. There’s still a lot left.” Ling Chunxi closed her eyes in satisfaction. ‘It feels great to have money.’

Qin Yumei and her gang should be busy scratching itches that wouldn’t seem to fade by now. No one could escape the effects of this itching powder. Ling Chunxi would know. After all, she had made it. She’d secretly thrown itching powder over all those vile maidens earlier without any one of them even noticing. What a joke. For someone who was previously known as the Shocking Venomous Doctor, issuing mere itching powder was almost an act of courtesy.

“All right, Miss.” Aunt Wang took the silver notes from Ling Chunxi without any protest. It didn’t matter so much for her, but she wanted to ensure Miss had beautiful clothes to wear. “The weather is looking gloomy so I shall collect the laundry first, Miss.”

“Sure, go ahead. There’s no need to prepare my dinner tonight. I would like to go out for a bit.” Ling Chunxi knew what Aunt Wang was going to think, so she immediately added on, “Don’t overthink things, I am not going to the cave. I just want to practice my cultivation routine.”

With Ling Chunxi’s assurances, Aunt Wang’s worries were allayed, and she left to gather the laundry.

Ling Chunxi traversed the rear peak area of Purple Maple Mountain with a sense of great familiarity. As she reached the side of the stream, she saw Little White sitting there, waiting patiently for her.

“Little White!” Ling Chunxi rushed forward to pick the small fox up. “Let’s go, I’ll give you something nice to eat. If everything goes well tonight, I will be strong enough to protect you and you can come back with me!”

As though it was contemplating her statement, Little White blinked and lifted its tiny head to look at Ling Chunxi.

“You should be considered a wild beast right, Little White? Why do you seem smarter than all the other exotic beasts, monster beasts and spirit beasts?” said Ling Chunxi as she smiled at her small, furry companion.

Little White did not seem to comprehend her words this time, as it had no reaction. Instead, it settled quietly into her embrace.

A slim figure stood upright against the wind atop the rear peak of Purple Maple Mountain. Not far from this figure crouched Little White. Ling Chunxi was being guarded by the fox.

The wind howled like a thousand wolves as Ling Chunxi observed Shi Qu Town. From this immense distance, the silhouettes of people walking about town looked like ants. A great sense of pride and ambition capable of reaching the ninth heaven filled her chest.

Why on earth was Ling Chunxi here?

To acquire energy of course!

Following a period of cultivation and recuperation, Ling Chunxi’s meridian suppression problem was solved and her cultivation skills were improving daily. However, that wasn’t enough for her!

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