Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The Counterattack II

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“Remember this, Ling Chunxi. I won’t let you live in peace! Elder Sister Xiruo’s injury has recurred. If you have the slightest bit of conscience, you’d procure some Purple Leaf Grass from the cave within Purple Maple Mountain for her,” spat Qin Yumei before stalking off with her posse of maidens in a tizzy.

“How could such young ones be so vicious Miss?” asked Aunt Wang incredulously. She was so agitated, her face had turned an ashen white. “Everyone knows the cave within Purple Maple Mountain is incredibly dangerous. It’s asking you to court death by telling you to go there with your abilities in this current state. Many fierce wild beasts prowl there. I’ve even heard there was an extremely strong exotic beast among them.”

“It doesn’t matter. They will learn their lessons in due time.” Ling Chunxi’s lips curled into a sneer. Her words should cause quite a stir. Qin Yumei was such a simpleton, she never even realized that she was constantly being used as a pawn by Qin Xiruo. Of course, this was a matter separate from the rest of Qin Yumei’s previous misdeeds against Ling Chunxi. Today, Qin Yumei got a little taste of Ling Chunxi’s vengeance. She would soon experience the full extent of her wrath.

“You aren’t actually going to go are you, Miss? There is an exotic beast there!” exclaimed Aunt Wang.

“An exotic beast, huh?” muttered Ling Chunxi, frowning slightly. Here, beasts were divided into categories: there were wild beasts, exotic beasts, monster beasts, and spirit beasts. Within these categories, there were different skill levels used to indicate each beasts’ capabilities. Beasts in the wild category were the most common variant such as the wild rabbits Ling Chunxi had hunted previously. Exotic beasts were more advanced and intelligent, but they did not have the ability to shapeshift into a human form. Beasts within the monster and spirit categories were similar in that both contained nine levels of capabilities. The only difference was that monster beasts needed to be at a level eight standard of capabilities to be able to shapeshift, but spirit beasts could so at just level four.

“It’s true. I heard it was very savage. So, don’t ever go there, Miss.” Aunt Wang said nervously.

“I won’t,” said Ling Chunxi with a dismissive wave of her hand.

Once Ling Chunxi had given her word not to go, Aunt Wang felt relieved.

In the meantime, Qin Yumei was running back home with both the erratic pounding of her heart and Ling Chunxi’s words echoing in her ears. There was nothing but chaos in her mind. She had known, of course, she had always known. Outwardly, she had expressed respect and adoration for Qin Xiruo, her older cousin sister. She had listened to Qin Xiruo’s advice and cared for her despite being in her shadow since she was young. The truth was, it was difficult seeing everyone praise this outstanding older cousin sister of hers without being envious. After finding out the person she liked had feelings for Qin Xiruo instead, jealousy grew in her heart like weeds in the wild. When Qin Xiruo returned with an arm injury and announced her cultivation skills could not progress any further, Qin Yumei appeared upset as she thought she should, but she was secretly glad.

Ling Chunxi had been a constant target of her vendetta. She had bullied her ruthlessly, and for what exactly? Qin Yumei slowed her pace, and thought back to when this all started. That’s right, it was because Qin Xiruo would whisper to her from time to time that Ling Chunxi was bashfully sneaking peeks at Ling Xiaoting. This had caused her to subconsciously assume Ling Chunxi liked Ling Xiaoting. But, was this the truth?

A chill rose from the bottom of Qin Yumei’s heart. ‘If this was how the situation had developed, could it be that I was a mere pawn in Qin Xiruo’s scheme? Could it be that Qin Xiruo never forgave Ling Chunxi despite acting like she had, but was instead plotting acts of vengeance in the shadows? Did she use me to take revenge on Ling Chunxi? Could this really be?’ Qin Yumei questioned everything she thought she knew, and the more she did, the more the chill spread throughout her heart.

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