Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Hypocritical Woman

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“Chuxi, are you alright? I heard you fell into the water. What happened? How could you be so careless? If it wasn’t because Yumei and the rest passed by, the consequences would be dire!” A girl sprinted from the door toward the bedside, holding onto Ling Chuxi’s hand with concern whilst speaking words that contained slight blame in a rush. Her tone however, was full of concern.

“I’m fine.” Ling Chuxi retracted her hand calmly. She was not used to being close to strangers. Whilst speaking, Ling Chuxi was sizing up the girl in front of her. Looked like a twenty over year old with good looks, a pair of large gentle eyes and small cherry lips. Without a doubt, this was a beauty.

“You really scared me to death. When I heard that you fell into the water, my heart almost stopped beating. It’s good that nothing happened to you. How could you be so careless? If anything were to happen to you, how could I explain things to your elder brother?” Qin Xiruo lightly sighed and spoke angrily.

“I didn’t fall into the water but rather was pushed into the water by Qin Yumei. She was worried I’d drown to death and that the Ling family would investigate so she rescued me. Otherwise, what you are seeing now would be just a corpse.” Ling Chuxi looked at the girl in front of her with indifference and spoke with a cold tone.

It seems that the reason Qin Xiruo cared for her was her brother who was soon disappearing from her memories. She liked Ling Chuxi’s elder brother, Ling Wushang. Before Ling Wushang left, he had asked Qin Xiruo to take care of his younger sister. It appeared that Qin Xiruo was very concerned about Ling Chuxi, but… Ling Chuxi secretly complained in her heart. How old was Ling Wushang when he left? Qin Xiruo actually liked him to this extent for so many years. How peculiar.

The air in the room stilled. Qin Xiruo’s expression froze. Her mouth was slightly agape and she stared at Ling Chuxi as if she could not believe Ling Chuxi would say something like that.

Aunt Wang was so angry that she shrilled. “Miss! Is that true? Qin Yumei actually pushed you into water. This is bullying you because you are an orphan, bullying because there is no one in the Ling family!

‘Aunt Wang, I give thirty-two likes1 in my heart.’ Faint mirth appeared in Ling Chuxi’s eyes. This sentence was very accurately said!

Qin Yumei bullying Ling Chuxi was not something that happened overnight. Would Qin Xiruo not have known? Ling Chuxi simply did not believe it.

“How would that be possible? How would it be possible that Yumei would do something like that?” Qin Xiruo’s face changed. Her beautiful face was filled with shock and disbelief, she shook her head and said. “Chuxi, could it be that you saw wrongly? Or that you were shocked and that’s why you remembered wrongly?”

“Sister Xiruo.” Ling Chuxi suddenly laughed and lightly called out.

“Yes?” Qin Xiruo answered, subconsciously smiling. However, in the next moment, the smile froze.

“Sister Xiruo, do you think I’m stupid or blind?” Ling Chuxi tilted her head, her tone naive.

The smile of Qin Xiruo’s face froze and she paled a little. “Chuxi, you. What are you saying?”

“Am I stupid or blind? Am I unable to differentiate if I fell into the water myself or if someone pushed me in?” The smile on Ling Chuxi’s face disappeared, leaving behind coldness and ridicule. “Sister Xiruo, I’m not well at the moment. Please leave first, I want to rest.”

Qin Xiruo’s face was very entertaining. She was looking at Ling Chuxi with shock and uneasiness, absolutely not daring to believe these kinds of words were spoken by Ling Chuxi. Wasn’t Ling Chuxi a cowardly and easily influenced person? Why did she become so sharp today?

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