Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Miserable Identity

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Qin Xiruo hesitated for a moment, as if she was going to say something, but she saw Ling Chuxi’s cold expression and finally decided to quietly leave without saying a word.

Ling Chuxi swept a glance at the door and lay down once again. Her head was aching badly and these memories were causing her head further pain. That was because she found out that the situation she was about to face was extremely complicated.

“Miss, Miss, are you alright?” Aunt Wang came over at that moment, her tone full of anger. “Miss, that Qin Yumei is actually so vile. We must inform Second Elder, let Second Elder decide on this matter.”

“That’s enough. I’m hungry, make me something to eat first.” Ling Chuxi rubbed her stomach and calmly said. “Give me a cup of hot water first.”

“Ah, yes, Miss.” Aunt Wang quickly brought Ling Chuxi a cup of hot water and served her while waiting for her to finish it.

“Miss, you, the way you talked to Miss Xiruo, was it not a little inappropriate?” Aunt Wang hesitated for half a day before finally asking in a stutter. This was because Miss Qin Xiruo had always been concerned about the Miss after all, and the Miss had always listened to Miss Xiruo. She had never gone against her word, what more use such a sarcastic tone to retort. Nonetheless, thinking of how the Miss was bullied by that Qin Yumei, Aunt Wang felt like she could figure it out. The Miss must have displaced her anger on Miss Qin Xiruo.

“Aunt Wang, who am I to you?” Ling Chuxi did not answer Aunt Wang’s question but instead spat out such a sentence. Her face did not contain a trace of smile, only sternness.

“Of course you are my Miss. The only person I am loyal to.” At this moment Aunt Wang also lost all smiles, answering decisively.

“Then, that is enough.” Ling Chuxi nodded her head in satisfaction. “Remember, don’t trust what appears on the surface. You should trust only what I say. Qin Ruoxi is not as kind-hearted as she appears, and is definitely not as concerned about me as what you would see.” Ling Chuxi had arrived in this world, and had no choice but to accept this miserable identity and the chaotic circumstances. The only silver lining was that at least there was still someone who was genuinely treating her kindly. The first was this Aunt Wang. It seems like she was unintentionally saved by her mother and she decided to say back and take care of her out of gratitude. The second person…

“Yes, Miss!” Aunt Wang nodded vigorously but her face was quickly changed. “Miss, what you said earlier, what do you mean? Don’t tell me Miss Qin Xiruo also bullied you? Then we definitely need to go and see Second Elder and let him decide on this!”

Ling Chuxi lightly shook her head. “We have caused enough trouble for Second Elder. This time, there is no need to trouble him. I know how to handle it.” Besides Aunt Wang, the only other person in the clan who treated her with genuine kindness was the Second Elder.

Aunt Wang bit her lip, her face full of reluctance. The Miss must have always been bullied but she herself never even noticed. This time, it must have been that the bullying was too cruel that Miss could no longer hold it in. ‘It’s my fault.’ The more Aunt Wang thought about it, the more she felt unhappy and irritated in her heart.

“That’s enough Aunt Wang. Go and prepare the food. I’m hungry.” Ling Chuxi rubbed her growling stomach and said with pursed lips. For a foodie to go hungry, it was an earth-shattering matter. To her, it was more unbearable than the sky falling.

“Yes, yes, Miss. I will go and prepare the food immediately.” Aunt Wang said in a hurry as she could also hear Ling Chuxi’s stomach growling.

After Aunt Wang left, only then did Ling Chuxi started to check her own pulse. After checking her pulse, her expression subtly changed. Her current ‘astonishing’ looks were indeed the result of someone’s poisoning.

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