Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Really Poor

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In this house, there were only the two of them—she and Aunt Wang. The house’s income was given by the clan. Sometimes Aunt Wang would help people to mend their clothes to complement the family’s income. The clan’s expenses were all managed by the Third Elder. About the third elder, Ling Handong—heh. The moment Ling Chuxi thought about this person, she sneered in her heart.

This person was not simple. If the memories she had inherited were not wrong, this body’s elder brother frequently requested people to bring back things, but quite a bit had been seized by this Third Elder. And even this was secretly overheard by Ling Chuxi. However, she was only an orphaned girl who was slighted. Naturally it was not possible for her to get any justice. Now, it was changed to her right? Hehe!

After putting down the bowl and chopsticks, Aunt Wang went to wash the dishes while Ling Chuxi returned to her own house. Looking at the depilated house and worn-out blanket, Ling Chuxi’s gaze chilled. This Third Elder, was really something else. Keeping an orphaned girl’s things without guilt. If it wasn’t because the Second Elder would occasionally provide relief, it was possible that even this kind of furniture would not exist. The clan would never care about furnishings and daily necessities, as long as you didn’t die of hunger or froze to death.

At night, Ling Chuxi crossed her legs and sat on the bed to cultivate according to her memories. Qi entered her dantian and Ling Chuxi finally saw the so-called Qi Ocean. This was a whole new wonderful world, something the Ling Chuxi from before had never experienced.

In her dantian, Ling Chuxi saw the Qi Ocean. The light was very dim in her Qi Ocean. This was the deciding factor of every practitioner’s innate talent. Obviously, the innate talent of the previous Ling Chuxi was very bad. However, it wasn’t because of natural causes that her innate talent, but rather because of what happened later on!

Ling Chuxi was well versed with medical skills, medicines and poisons. After her detailed checking, she was surprised to find her body’s key meridians were suppressed. That’s why it took twice the effort yet received half the effect when this body cultivated. No matter how hard one tried to cultivate, the final effect would not even reach ten percent!

This was a pit, a dead pit!

Furthermore, this meridian suppression technique was extremely superb. Ling Chuxi did not think that anyone in the clan had such superb techniques. Then who could it have been? Stopping the originally genius Ling Chuxi’s cultivation? Was it for her good, or was it not? If it was for her good, why would they allow her to live in such a bad condition that she did not even have the ability to protect herself? If it was not, then why not directly kill her?

No matter how Ling Chuxi thought about it, she still could not understand. Since thinking about it could not help her to understand, she decided not to think about it. This matter would be cleared up one day.

Ling Chuxi stretched and lay on the bed. She already had a plan. First, heal this face that could anger gods and men, then find a way to break the suppression on her body’s meridians and start cultivating. Lastly, it would naturally be to beat up those people who constantly bullied her. Beat them until their teeth fall and let them know why bloom so magnificently!

Early in the morning of the second day, Ling Chuxi’s face turned green when she saw the gruel and the salted vegetables on the table. No meat bun, no meat! What kind of torment was this??

“Miss, what’s wrong? You don’t look too well. Did you catch a cold when you fell into the water?” Aunt Wang asked with concern when she saw Ling Chuxi’s green face. Aunt Wang pondered and felt that that should not be the case. Yesterday when Miss came back, she immediately gave her a hot bath and changed her clothes. Furthermore, she fed her ginger soup and everything was fine last night.

“I’m very well!” Ling Chuxi gritted her teeth and squeezed out this sentence. After that, she angrily drank a mouth of the gruel, cursing the Third Elder in her heart.

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