Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Wastrel Through and Through

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Although it was not a life-threatening poison, it had already been hidden in the body for a long time. Now her face and body would have small red acnes, and in the end they would swell. Carrying a pig-headed face around every day, it is only natural she would not be liked and would of course be called an ugly girl.

The poison in her body was not a potent poison, just plucking a few ordinary herbs and taking them would suffice to rid the poison. However, who would have wanted to poison an orphaned girl? Such a malicious action, what was it for? There wasn’t anything on her that was worth coveting, right? Ling Chuxi’s brain filtered through all the useful information and finally found that there were no suspects, nor was there anyone who had any reason to poison her.

The food that Aunt Wang made was still alright. But to a foodie like Ling Chuxi, what did this table of greens mean?! The so-called meat soup had oil drops floating on top? This meal was so bland that the Ling Chuxi who would never be happy without meat almost bit off her own tongue. No meat. Not a single bit of meat! Ling Chuxi was flipping the food inside her bowl. Not to mention a piece of meat, there wasn’t even an ounce of minced meat.1

This was a great torment to her. Ling Chuxi stabbed at her rice, a face full of sorrow. So much so that the Aunt Wang who was watching could not bear it.

“Miss, are today’s dishes not to your liking?” Aunt Wang asked, slightly perturbed.

“No, no, it’s quite good.” Ling Chuxi shook her head continuously, speaking insincerely. Really self-inflicted. Because of the acne on her face, the previous Ling Chuxi had listened to the eldest madam’s words, eating less oily food, and thus every meal only contained vegetables and beancurd. Thus the current tragedy. Really wanted to eat meat, really wanted to eat meat ah… Ling Chuxi’s eyes were almost glowing green.1

“Miss, the Second Elder will return tomorrow.” Aunt Wang said while attentively pushing a plate of Chinese cabbage before Ling Chuxi.

“Alright. You don’t have to tell Second Elder about today’s matters. I know how to talk about it.” Ling Chuxi bitterly swallowed a mouthful of Chinese cabbage, her heart was silently crying tears while pondering when would be suitable to change the situation regarding her meals.

“No, it’s not that. Miss, did you forget? Second Elder said he would check your cultivation when he returns.” Aunt Wang weakly said, looking at Ling Chuxi with a very complicated gaze.

Ling Chuxi’s chopsticks paused for a moment. She suddenly recalled. This is a world where cultivation was practiced, it was only natural that everyone wished to practice martial arts. And the martial practitioners were distinguished very distinctly. Innate talent, this thing, was not something everybody had, and it wasn’t that only with innate talent could one move forward by leaps and bounds. Ling Chuxi’s original innate talent was bad, very bad. Originally, she did not even plan to be a practitioner. However, the Second Elder who was concerned about her taught her meticulously, hoping that she could one day be successful. This time, before the Second Elder left, he said that he would check on her cultivation when he returned. This is terrible. In this world, there was no magic, and it wasn’t just about Fighting Qi, but Battle Qi. The Ling Chuxi from before who had worked so hard had only managed to enter the Battle Qi first level’s intermediate stage. Practitioners’ Battle Qi was divided into nine levels, and each level was subdivided into stages of Primary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pinnacle. Ling Chuxi’s abilities were really chilling.

This explained why Aunt Wang’s gaze was so complicated. Ling Chuxi, was not a just a wastrel, but rather, a total wastrel through and through! Even that arrogant Qin Yumei was already at Battle Qi Level-3 Primary stage.

“En, I know. We’ll talk about it later.” Ling Chuxi calmly replied and continued eating a few mouthfuls of vegetables. Her mind however, was flipping through her memories in search of a way to change the food she had during her meals.

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