Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Unhappy-Without-Meat Foodie

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Ling Chuxi skilfully brushed on the oil—flipping and roasting. The fragrance slowly whiffed out and the oil on top of the meat was starting to ooze out, dripping and triggering small flames. Ling Chuxi was looking at it till she almost drooled.

“So fragrant. I’m such a genius, I really admire myself.” Ling Chuxi’s eyes lit up looking at the rabbit which she had been roasting slowly turning brown. This is something she would say every time she made something nice to eat!

Once the rabbit meat was roasted, Ling Chuxi took out her dagger to cut it up. Eating till her eyes were all curved into a slit, full of happiness. She was eating and exclaiming at the same time about how she was such a genius, being able to make something so nice to eat. Finally got to eat meat!

When she was at the peak of her happiness eating, a sound came from the bushes beside her.

“Who is it?” Ling Chuxi turned her head towards the bushes with alert. Her hands stopped what they were doing, and fixed her eyes on the bush.

A little fox slowly came out. Its fur was snow-white and its black pupils would move anyone who saw it. Its spiky fur, big furry ears—really adorable. It stared at Ling Chuxi, then turned its head to stare at the barbequed rabbit meat on the racks. Its meaning obvious — it was attracted to the fragrance of the meat and wanted to eat it.

“Come, don’t be afraid. It’s very nice to eat, I’ll give you a bit.” If you thought that Ling Chuxi would say this after looking at the cute little fox, you are wrong! Absolutely wrong! Ling Chuxi chewed on the rabbit meat, squinted her eyes at the fox and viciously said. “Move aside! This is my rabbit meat. I’m full now so I’m not going to slaughter you. However, if you want to stay back to be my backup food storage, that’s fine too.” In the eyes of a foodie such as Ling Chuxi, wildlife was only divided into two kinds—edible and inedible!

The little fox did not run away after hearing Ling Chuxi’s vicious words, but twitched its ears and stared with determination at the roasted meat in Ling Chuxi’s hands. Ling Chuxi ignored it, continuing to eat with great gusto.

When Ling Chuxi was full, she looked at the remaining rabbit meat with worry. ‘What am I supposed to do? I can’t bring it back. Otherwise, Aunt Wang would be suspicious. If I leave it here, it will only be eaten by other wild beasts. Sigh, really such a pity.’

Ling Chuxi looked at the remaining roasted rabbit meat in anguish. Finally, she made a decision. ‘Let it be, I’ll let this little fox take advantage.’ Ling Chuxi rolled her eyes and waved towards the little fox who was not far away.

Looking at Ling Chuxi waving her hand, the little fox hesitated and did not approach.

“Are you male or female? Want to eat but dare not approach. No balls huh? Ling Chuxi angrily roared. She did not seem to have noticed how colorful her shouting was, nor did she feel there were any problems.

But the little fox seemed to have understood Ling Chuxi’s words, squinting its eyes and slowly walked forward. Not knowing why, Ling Chuxi actually felt that the fox looked elegant when walking forward. Could a fox be this elegant when it walks?

Ling Chuxi pointed at the remaining rabbit meat, giggled and smugly said, “For you. See how kind I am?”

The little fox blinked and looked at the leftover meat. The rabbit’s succulent thigh was already eaten by Ling Chuxi. Everything left behind were not good parts, for example, the spine and stomach.

Was this called being kind? It was obviously leftovers alright? Furthermore, she had shouted at it saying that she wanted to turn the little fox into spare food.

“Just eat it.” Ling Chuxi uttered this sentence then packed her things and left.

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