Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: This is Something Good

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The little fox stood at its original position, looked at Ling Chuxi’s back, and a silver light flashed across the black eyes, but instantaneously disappeared.

Ling Chuxi did not turn around and see such an odd scene, but rubbed her stomach in satisfaction, burped and leisurely walked away, ready to return home.

However, after walking by the stream for some time, Ling Chuxi suddenly reached out her hand to touch her face and suddenly exclaimed. ‘Almost forgot an important matter. I was so occupied looking for meat to eat and had forgotten to pick herbs to salvage this face.’

The poison in her body was not serious, just gathering a few normal herbs would be sufficient. Ling Chuxi lowered her head to seriously search. However, in this deep autumn, herbs were not so easily found. She needed three different herbs, but after looking everywhere, she could not even find one. It seems like she could only go to the medical hall to take a look. But, the biggest problem was — money! How to buy herbs without money? Although those herbs were very ordinary, they still required money alright? The current her, was flat broke.

‘Eh? What is this?’ Ling Chuxi saw there were a few gray mushrooms under a big tree. ‘Looks quite familiar, it seems to be the Phantom Mushroom? Why are there Phantom Mushrooms here?’ Ling Chuxi rushed over excitedly, afraid someone would appear and snatch them away. These Phantom Mushrooms weren’t some delicacies, but rather a type of poisonous mushroom which could cause people to hallucinate. However, these poisonous mushrooms did not cause illusions when eaten, but rather created strong illusions when inhaled after drying and being ground into powder. This was something good! Ling Chuxi didn’t say a word and squatted down to pick them. After picking the first one, a bug crawled out and she threw it away in disgust. After thinking, she took out her dagger and dug out a few mushrooms and carefully kept away these Phantom Mushrooms after ensuring that there were no bugs.

Ling Chuxi had a gut feeling that these Phantom Mushrooms would definitely be of great use.

How odd, why were there such good things like Phantom Mushrooms here? Ling Chuxi greedily looked around and only gave up after confirming that there were no more left.

With this delay, by the time she reached home, it was already noon. The moment she stepped into the door, Aunt Wang hurriedly greeted her with a face full of worry. “Miss, where did you go? I was so worried about you. You said you went to the Second Elder’s place, but just now Second Elder dropped by and said he never saw you. Miss, where did you go, you really worried me to death. Was it that Miss Qin Yumei bullied you? Miss, are you alright? Did anything happen to you…”

“Hold on, hold on!” Ling Chuxi was on the verge of fainting after being thrown a string of words. How come she never knew Aunt Wang was so long-winded last time?

“Miss, Second Elder is already inside waiting for you.” Aunt Wang carefully checked Ling Chuxi and after determining that nothing was wrong with Ling Chuxi, she exhaled a sigh of relief and spoke.

“Oh. Aunt Wang, have you all eaten?” Ling Chuxi looked inside and indeed saw there was an old man sitting inside the house. That was the clan’s second elder — Ling Zhishan.

“Not yet. We were waiting for you to come back to eat together. The Second Elder brought you quite a bit of things.” Aunt Wang happily said.

“Okok.” Ling Chuxi simply replied and walked into the house. In her memories, the Second Elder was someone who was very kind and had always been taking care of Ling Chuxi.

However, he was the clan’s second elder after all, and was an alchemist. He was very busy and thus was not able to care for Ling Chuxi in all aspects. The previous Ling Chuxi had a weak personality, and had never dared to tell the second elder that she was being bullied.

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