Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 933 - Big Brother Ling Wushang’s Shock Appeared

Chapter 933: Big Brother Ling Wushang’s Shock Appeared

There was no doubt that the young man in front of him was holding a genuine sect leader token of Celestial Sect, but wasn’t the sect leader of Celestial Sect Duan Qingchen? How did this sect leader token end up in his hands?

Celestial Sect was already the unofficial leader of the five great sects. With this sect leader token, even the sect leaders of the other sects had to show some respect. They would not dare to be careless.

“Little Brother, May I know who Senior Duan Qingchen, the sect leader of Celestial Sect, is to you?” asked Elder He tentatively while suppressing the shock in his heart.

“He is a family member of mine,” said Duan Feiyu, neither servilely nor overbearingly.

“So it’s Nephew Duan. I didn’t know it was you earlier. Please forgive me for my rudeness,” said Elder He politely as he didn’t dare to be arrogant. At the same time, he secretly winked at Yue Qingjie and his wife.

“So what if it’s Celestial Sect? Do you think your sect can control my Flowing Clouds Sect? She injured my son, so don’t even think about leaving Flowing Clouds Sect today. Even if I die, I’ll die with her.” Madam Yue screamed at the top of her lungs without thinking.

Elder He was so angry that he was about to stomp his feet. If she was his wife, she would have definitely been slapped to death.

Celestial Sect couldn’t control Flowing Clouds Sect. But since the other party had displayed the sect leader token, it was obvious they wanted to stand up for Golden Pill Sect. If the newcomers truly disrespected them, Flowing Clouds Sect naturally didn’t need to be afraid of Duan Feiyu. However, it was clearly Yue Pingjian had committed the crime first. He deserved to be beaten to death, and even if it was brought to the sect leader, he wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

Could she not understand what her eyes were seeing? He had already tried to give Madam Yue a way out but she decided to keep digging her grave deeper? What was wrong with her?

Yue Qingjie also had a headache. The other party was actually Duan Qingchen’s grandson! This definitely wasn’t their day and yet this stupid woman still didn’t restrain herself!

Facing such a shrew, even Ling Chuxi felt her head start to throb. Why? Someone was being so unreasonable with her! Did she really want to perish along with her?

“If Celestial Sect can’t handle it, then what about me? Can I handle it?” Just as Ling Chuxi felt troubled, a deep and magnetic voice came from behind her.

The voice wasn’t loud, but it was exceptionally clear to everyone’s ears, especially Madam Yue’s ears—they were ringing from the vibration of the person’s voice.

Everyone turned their heads to look at the person who just arrived.

It was a young man dressed in a white robe with long sleeves fluttering in the wind. He looked handsome. The young man just stood there quietly, but he gave people a sense of majesty that seemed to rule the world.

“Senior Uncle Ling!” Yan Rusong exclaimed in shock.

“Senior Brother Ling!” Yue Qingjie’s expression also changed, and he bowed respectfully.

“Ling…Ling…Guardian Ling…” Madam Yue was not shameless this time. She even stuttered when she spoke.

Elder He also nodded slightly at the person who came and very politely said, “Junior Brother Ling.”

Ling Chuxi also looked at the person who came and was slightly stunned. Then, a gentle smile gradually appeared on her face.

This person was Big Brother.

That’s right, the person who came was Ling Wushang!

“Guardian Ling, you came at the right time. You have to make a decision for us.” Madam Yue rolled her eyes and howled again, but her attitude was obviously very different from before. Now, her tone sounded more cautious. The other party was Ling Wushang, the person most likely to take over as the leader of Flowing Clouds Sect! Her family had been trying to curry favour but hadn’t had the opportunity to do so with the right people.

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