Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 934 - Brother and Sister?!

Chapter 934: Brother and Sister?!

Yue Qingjie stretched out his hand and tugged on Madam Yue’s sleeve. This stupid woman, she was going to get him killed one day! Make the decision? Make the decision his ass. It would be best if this matter could be resolved quickly. Elder He didn’t say anything. After all, there was still the young master of Celestial Sect. If they really pursued this matter, they wouldn’t have a good ending.

But Madam Yue, the shrew, could not care about these things. She had already decided that Ling Chuxi was a soft persimmon, so she would use all her strength to squash her. Her precious son’s miserable state was caused by that little slut. So she had to pay the price!

Ling Wushang did not pay attention to Madam Yue’s howl, nor did he pay attention to the others. Instead, he walked straight towards Ling Chuxi expressionlessly.

He slowly walked towards Ling Chuxi.

Madam Yue was ecstatic. Her face was about to burst into laughter. This was great. With Ling Wushang’s help, this little slut would definitely die!

Yue Qingjie and Elder He felt that something was not right. They knew Ling Wushang’s character. Although he usually did not pay much attention to such things, it was impossible for him not to make a move.

Yan Rusong was nervous and worried. What was Senior Uncle Ling trying to do? Was he really going to listen to that shrew’s one-sided words and target Ling Chuxi? No! If that was the case, he would fight for justice even if it cost him his life!

Yan Rusong watched nervously as Ling Wushang walked towards Ling Chuxi. His heart was about to jump out of his throat. Just as Ling Wushang walked in front of Ling Chuxi, Yan Rusong was about to speak when he saw a scene that shocked him the most.

What did he see? He saw Ling Wushang reaching out and gently touching Ling Chuxi’s head. Ling Wushang even had a gentle smile on his face as he called out, “Little Sister, you’re finally here.”

Ling Wushang was smiling?!

The people of Flowing Clouds Sect were dumbfounded as they rubbed their eyes desperately. This was fake, right? Ling Wushang, who looked like a ten-thousand-year-old glacier, was actually smiling? Who had ever seen him smile? Had he ever? It didn’t seem like it! His ice-cold face had pushed away so many senior and junior sisters who adored him.

Wait, wait! This didn’t seem to be the main point!

Why did Ling Wushang call the Golden Pill Sect leader? Little Sister?

“Yes, Big Brother, I’m here.” Ling Chuxi raised her head and smiled as she looked at the handsome face in front of her.

Big Brother? Little Sister?!

Hold on! What was Golden Pill Sect’s leader’s name? Her name was Ling Chuxi—her surname was also Ling! These two were actually brother and sister?

Yue Qingjie rolled his eyes. He really wanted to faint at this moment, or go back in time to when he first saw Ling Chuxi. He would have definitely been respectful and treated Ling Chuxi and the others well with good tea and water. He also clapped his hands and said that teaching his disappointing son a lesson was really a good thing. However, it was too late to say anything now. Thinking of his rude and uncouth attitude towards Ling Chuxi, in addition to his wife’s rude behaviour, as well as his son’s lust for women, he really wanted to knock his head against the main gate of Flowing Clouds Sect.

Elder He was also very surprised. Ling Wushang was a calm and collected person. He had always been cold and indifferent, which had made him a little worried. Ling Wushang’s feelings were lacking. If he were to be like this when he took over Flowing Clouds Sect in the future, it might not be too good. Without feelings, he might turn into an inhumane sect leader. Elder He did not want to see such an outcome for the sect or Ling Wushang.

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