Shura's Wrath

Chapter 2: Ling Chen, Shui Ruo

“…Immediately investigate all the information about the residents of the tian yuan district’s number 12 villa, go quick, it has to be done before the afternoon today… Pay attention, you must not allow the residents to know what you are doing.”

Putting down the phone, Yun Feng clenched his slightly trembling hands, crying out quietly in excitement: “It’s him, it’s definitely him, the only person during that time in “Tian Tu” (Heaven Slaughter) that could exchange blows with ‘Xia Wa’ (summer child) for half an hour and not lose. Appearances can be similar… but no other person could have that eye expression! Not to mention just perfectly he has a sister with Isrock…”

“My little sister that gives people a headache, your big bro me is about to give you a big surprise this time!”

Two hours later…. (TL: Read it like they would in Spongebob. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I pity your childhood.)

“…That man’s name is Ling Chen, the girl is Ling Shui Ruo. Two years ago they moved here from Zhong Zhou city, most likely to be able to better treat Isrock. We went to the hospital to check her medical records, that girl has already been infected with Isrock for three whole years. Her parents were infected around the same time and both died after only one year, yet that girl has tenaciously persisted until now. The doctor says that she has a very strong will to live… though, the Isrock virus has already spread throughout her entire body, no matter how strong she is, at most, she only has three more months left… Also, there’s rumor that Ling Chen was adopted by the Ling couple six years ago. He is not a blood relative with Ling Shui Ruo, the authenticity of the information is still to be confirmed… Young Master, that is all the data at the moment.”

“That’s enough.” Yun Feng closed the video chat and took a look at the time. Standing up, after pacing around the room for a bit, he opened the door and jogged out. Right now he couldn’t wait for a single moment.

This kind of affair, naturally he has to do it himself.

Entering the house, Ling Chen as usual carried his sister’s soft body, gently placing her on her special little bed in the middle of the living room. Bending his body, Ling Chen poked the tip of Shui Ruo’s nose, saying as he smiled: “Ruo Ruo, are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

” I just had ice cream, I’m not hungry.” Ling Shui Ruo shook her head, she then blinked her gem like eyes, opening her arms,making a hugging motion towards her brother: “Big brother, it’s still so hot, can you first carry me to take a bath?

“Sure.” Ling Chen smiled as he carried Shui Ruo again, walking in the direction of the bathroom. The Isrock Virus had already spread throughout Ling Shui Ruo’s body, The strength of her body is almost worse than that of a 2,3 year old child, furthermore she’s lost the ability to walk. All of her movement, are all accomplished by wheelchair and Ling Chen’s arms. She loved the feeling of being carried in his embrace, every time at this moment, her eyes would be closed, using what was left of her energy to snuggle closely to him, listening to his heartbeat, smelling his scent.

Ling Chen supported the house by himself, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning… all the household chores belonged to him. The rest of his time he spent it all accompanying Shui Ruo, almost never willing to allow her to leave his sight.

Two year ago, when he came to Beijing with Shui Ruo, he had already decided that before Shui Ruo left him, he would spend every minute, every second by her side. Maybe, before he met her, he would never believe that one day he would go to such an extent for a girl.

(TL: This is a very pure scene. Those with dirty thoughts shall forever be banished from this realm)

In the clean, wide bathroom, Ling Shui Ruo had her eyes closed, her long eyelashes shaking slightly, allowing her brother to gently take off her clothes, and then with a practiced motion untie her light blue bra. A cold feeling rushed at the front of her bosom, she opened her eyes, looking at her white soft breast exposed in the air, crystal clear like two inverted jade bowls, the tip, two light colored buds so soft and pink that you almost couldn’t bear to touch them.

As for this beautiful scene that is enough to make any man’s blood boil, only her and the man behind are able to admire it, A pair of hands surrounded her from under her arms, carefully cupping her soft white breasts, gently starting to rub them. Ling Chen stuck to her neck from behind, admiring her soft, sleek neck, tenderly saying: “Ruo Ruo, it seems like they got bigger again.”)

“Then… does brother like it?” Ling Shui Rui lightly pursed her tender lips, her chest lightly moving up and down with his caress, her cheeks rouged, light pants coming from her mouth, her eyes slowly becoming blurred.

“Ruo Ruo is the most beautiful girl in the world, every part of Ruo Ruo’s body is perfect, of course I like it.” Ling Chen smile as he said so, a gentle kiss falling upon her thin, tender lips, which slowly slid towards her radiant cheeks, Ling Shuo Ruo’s skin as if made of nephrite (soft jade), slightly clear, smooth and soft like an infant’s.

His hands moved from her chest, slowly moving down, gently taking off the aqua blue underwear, revealing her bewitching, curvaceous body. Two long slender legs flashing a crystalline luster, her soft, round buttocks unspeakably ravishing. Ling Chen picked her up gently, placing her within the bath tub that was already filled with warm water.

Even though he spent all of his time with her and was already very familiar with ever inch of her body, even so, every time they met like this his conviction would always be put under a heavy trial. He calmed down his thoughts, fingers bringing along with it warm water as he softly stroked her body, sliding across her sleek neck, smooth shoulders, soft bosom, thin waist, white slender legs… His motion slow and soft as if caressing a glass doll that would break upon touching itL

Ling Shui Ruo had her eyes closed, like a cute kitten snuggling against his chest, enjoying his loving caress on her body. When the temperature of the water gradually grew colder, she opened her eyes, saying cheerlessly: “Brother, the doctor said at most I can live for another three months, is that true?”

Ling Chen’s hand paused for a moment, he held her small hands, smiling he asked: “Does Ruo Ruo believe it?”

Ling Shui Ruo shook her head strongly: ” I don’t believe it, I still haven’t completed the oath I made to brother, how could I die.”

Ling Chen’s eyes became covered in a hazy mist, he hurriedly closed his eyes for a while, making the mist that had just risen dissipate,, so that Shui Ruo couldn’t see it. He tightly hugged the young girl before him, saying softly: “That’s why, Ruo Ruo has to work hard, up until the day you marry me, okay?”

He will never forget the promise that Shui Ruo made to him using her slightly childish voice when she was 12: “When I grow up, I have to marry big brother…” This amazing promise, became her motivation to never change this entire time.

But now, Isrock has made her most lovely wish, into an impossible reality. That she could endure until now, is enough to demonstrate how strong she is, but, he knew, Shui Ruo’s vitality at the moment was as weak as a young blade of grass, a slightly stronger wind or rain could inadvertently take away her life. Just one hour ago, the doctor used what seemed to him as a cruel voice, telling him: “At most she has three months… this is also under the most optimistic conditions. Once she falls asleep, there’s always the chance that she’ll never wake up. That she has persisted until now is already a miracle, give up…”

Give up? He (呵)… how could he give up!

“Un, I will keep trying, I will try as hard as I can to endure until that day… but, can you agree to one of my requests?” Ling Shui Ruo flashed her eyes, asking softly.

Ling Chen: “…”

“If… if I can’t endure until that day, you can’t be sad for too long, especially not lonely, and then, big brother has to find a beautiful, gentle, kind girl who likes brother to take care of you, always by your side, okay?” Ling Shui Ruo nestled in his chest, saying dreamlike words.

Ling Chen bit his lips hard… Words like these, the strong Shui Ruo had never said them before. Evidently, she knew the she no longer had the strength to continue surviving. He shook his head, using a slightly trembling low voice he cried out: “Ruo Ruo, don’t say such silly things, I will surely… definitely not let you leave me!!”

Ling Shui Ruo did not speak again, she snuggled in his embrace, enjoying every precious moment with him.

Mama said, after people die, they will go to a place called Heaven, that place is very cozy, very peaceful, it will make everyone happy. But, there is no big brother there…

A place without big brother, how can it be Heaven.

I really want to keep living, living until the day that I can marry big brother… and then spending my entire life with him, I never want to see him hurt or lonely…

After feeding Shui Ruo lunch, he carries her back to her bed in her room, gently kissing her forehead and quietly withdraws. Everyday at this time Ling Shui Ruo sleeps. Carriers of Isrock need large amounts of sleep so as to reduce the loss of vitality up to a certain extent, or else it will quicken the time of death.

Glancing at the time, Ling Chen sits on the sofa, turning on the television. He usually doesn’t watch t.v., and doesn’t pay much attention to anything besides stuff related to Isrock treatment. When Ling Ruo Shui contracted Isrock, he invested all of his time and energy on her.

“…The world of ‘Shen Yue’ will open up this month on the 7th at nine in the morning throughout the entire world at the same time. ‘Shen Yue’ is once again another landmark in the history of virtual world gaming, it will show to all players a mysterious world that surpasses imagination…”

Randomly flipping through a couple channels, they were all related to “Sheh Yue” promotions. Ling Chen turned off the t.v., half lying on the couch, eyes squinted, lightly letting out a breath of air. Right now all of his thoughs are about Ling Shui Ruo, whatever “Shen Yue”, whatever virtual game world, all of it had nothing to do with him.

“Big brother! Big Brother, hurry and wake up, you’ll get a horrible burn lying on the ground like that. Big brother…””

“I don’t have water… will this do? It’s very cooling, and very sweet…”

“Is it tasty? If it tastes good then drink the rest of it o (哦)…”

“Nn…mama, why did you carry me aside, big brother is thirsty, he really wants to drink water…mama, papa, can you guys save him please? Papa, you’re a great doctor, you’ll definitely save him right…”

Ruo Ruo, that year, you called me back from the border of death. But this time, what should I use to save your life.

“Ding Dong…”

“Ding Dong…”

The sound of the doorbell that rang in his ears made Ling Chen open his eyes, sit up straight and slightly tighten his forehead. In this area, almost ever resident knows that an Isrock carrier lives in the number 12 villa, and so, his house practically never gets visitors, people don’t even dare to get close, the sound of the doorbell hadn’t been heard in a long time. What he cared more about though, was whether or not the noisy doorbell would wake up Shui Ruo who was sleeping.

Okay, I’d like to clarify that this is not an erotica. So there might be a few more scenes like that in the future. I’m most likely just going to briefly mention them and then move on. I only did the full translation this time because it was the first time. Moving on…

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