Shura's Wrath

Chapter 3: Deal

P.S.:Xia Wa has been changed to Eve in the future chapters. I won’t be changing the name in all the previous chapters. I’m just leaving a note here so people don’t get confused.

Opening the door, outside stood a man of similar age and body frame, he had a remarkable disposition, one look at his clothes and you could tell they were not your regular brand. Seeing Ling Chen appear, the man subconsciously took a small step back, his face showing an expression that resembled a mix of excitement and nervousness.

“Who are you?” Ling Chen said asked after sizing him up. He’d seen this person… Before when he was returning with Shui Ruo, he once glimpsed this person. Ling Shui Ruo may have only been 16 years old, but she was already a stunning beauty, becoming the focus point of all eyes no matter where she went, so he didn’t care much at the time. But now, this man has randomly come knocking on their door.

“Ling… Ling Chen, hi, hello… I know your name is Ling Chen…” The moment he opened his mouth, Yun Feng couldn’t help but want to slap himself a couple of times, he interacted with all kinds of important figures on a daily basis, even face to face with China’s highest leader he did not feel nervous, yet in front of this man who was of a similar age, he was actually so worthless that he couldn’t even put together a proper sentence.

Yun Feng suppressed the excitement in his heart as fast as he could, proceeding to speak seriously: “I know you don’t know me. My visit here was also very presumptuous of me, but I honestly do have a very important affair. Oh right, first let me introduce myself, my name is Yun Feng, um… can I come in and talk with you?”

Ling Chen looked at his eyes staring for a second, expressionlessly replying: “My house is contaminated with the Isrock virus, do you still want to enter?”

“It’s okay, I just got the vaccine last month.” Yun Feng hurriedly said.

“Everyone knows that at the moment the Isrock virus vaccine has yet to be perfected, it cannot guarantee complete safety… like this, are you certain you still want to come in?”

“Certainly for sure and absolutely!” Yun Feng responded without any hesitance as before.

Ling Chen looked at him again, silent for a few seconds, turning around and returning to the living room: “Come in then,”

Yun Feng as if hearing the voice of an angel, walked in filled with joy, lightly closing the door behind him, the moment the door closed, he couldn’t help but silently laugh at himself: It looks like I’m still too young, when meeting the person that I worship my heartbeat still speeds up, behaving in an uncontrollable manner.

The living room is set up very simply, but is extremely clean. Yun Feng moved very carefully, when Ling Chen sat down, he followed him and sat down before him, opening his mouth first saying,: “I’ll introduce myself again, my name is Yun Feng, I am…”

“What do you want from me?” Ling Chen bluntly interrupted him.

Looking at Ling Chen close up, meeting his gaze, Yun Feng’s heartbeat became increasingly faster, he was also more certain that Ling Chen is that person. Because, that was the sharpest gaze in his whole life that he’d witnessed, a gaze practically sharper than a blade’s edge. Under his expressionless gaze, Yun Feng had a slight feeling of suffocation, he took in a breath, saying: “The reason I’m here, is because I want to make a deal with you… don’t reject it yet, I’m confident that you will be very interested in this deal.”

“Deal?” Ling Chen slightly creased his eyebrows. The reason he let this person in, is because he didn’t feel any ill intent or danger from him. As for a deal, he never made deals with other people lightly, because…

“Correct!” Yun Feng nods his head, he then started to say: “The day after tomorrow is the opening of ‘《Shen Yue》, I’m sure you know this, what I want…” Yun Feng’s voice started to become excited: “I want to invite you to join a gaming studio… a(啊) no, it’s a game guild, just at the moment it’s kinda small.”

“Not interested. I lost the time to play those kinds of things a long time ago, you can leave now.” Ling Chen rejected him without any hesitation, even instantly revealing an eye expression telling him to leave. Although, in his mind he was slightly puzzled as to why this person would specially come here to invite him into a game guild.

The virtual game world huh,… right now my world is only Shui Ruo, nothing can even think about splitting up the time that I spend with her.

“Wait.. Don’t, let me finish first!” Yun Feng quickly waved his hands, calming down his emotions he said: “Since it’s a deal, of course I will open up conditions that will make you satisfied. I know you have a sister with Isrock, these past few years you’ve been running around trying to cure her illness, then, there is an item that you should be very interested in.” Yun Feng’s expression became serious, slowly speaking a name: “13223 drug!”

(TL: No bashing plz, this is very serious.)

Hu (呼)…

Ling Chen who was always as calm as a still pond abruptly stood up from the sofa as if suddenly being pricked by a needle, his eyes closely locked on Yun Feng: “You… say that again!”

Before, Yun Feng had already seen the tender love that Ling Chen had towards his sister, his current reaction was completely within his predictions. He stood up, staring straight at his eyes, using his clearest voice: “13223 drug! This is what I offer for the deal!”

“That medicine, there’s only 13 bottles in the world!”

“No, initially there were 13, of them 10 bottles have already been consumed, right now there are only the last 3 bottles in the world, and one of them, just happens to be in my hands.”

“You… who are you?” Only now did Ling Chen begin to careful evaluate this person. His body trembled a bit, his hands especially so. The were simply very few things in this world that could pull on his heart-strings, and the name “13223 drug” was like a clap of thunder in his heart. Because, at the moment it is a special medicine with the strongest effect in curing Isrock, as long as a person with Isrock uses it, they can force the Isrock virus to enter a state of deep sleep for ten whole years. Within those ten years, the afflicted person will be completely free of the Isrock virus’ effects, their immune system and vitality will be slowly restored, their body will also return to a healthy state… until ten years later when the virus reawakens.

Its significance, is not simply the extension of one’s life by ten years. With Earth’s continually advancing medical science, within ten years time, it is very probable to have found a method to fully overcome the Isrock virus. At that time, even if infected again, it will no longer be so terrifying and hopeless.

There were only 13 of this medicine in the world, the professor who invented this medicine was assassinated before being able to produce a 14th bottle (TL: It’s a CONSPIRACY!), along with his death the formula for the 13223 drug became a mystery. Very few people know of the drug, Ling Chen is one of them, all these years, he has never stopped looking for the 13223 drug, yet no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find anything. After all, there were only 13 in the world.

“Yun Feng… number one successor of the Yun family financial group. Don’t know if I have the qualifications to attain one of the bottles of the 13223 drug with my status.” Yun Feng said seriously.

Ling Chen: “…”

“At the time my clan, through many hardships managed to acquire that bottle of the 13223 drug, it was to save my grandfather who had suddenly contracted Isrock, but, when we finally got it, grandfather had already passed away. My father in his anguish, randomly gave it to me… right now, its in my hands. If you agree to my request, then, that bottle of the 13223 drug, I will quickly deliver it to you.”

“I agree!” Ling who had rejected Yun Feng instantly, now agreed with an even more determined voice. As long as he could save Shui Ruo, he is able to put in any amount of effort and accept and kind of price.

Gaining Ling Chen’s agreement, Yun Feng was so excited that he almost jumped out of the chair. He patted his roaring chest, saying: “Hehe, that you could agree, it’s just so good, very good… en(呃), speaking of which, you must be puzzled as to why I would come make this deal with you?”

Ling Chen nodded his head, his appearance calm, but in his heart he to was extremely excited… 13223 drug, the item that he dreamed of, to think that it would come to him on its own, it’s just, such a valuable item, will the trading conditions really be easy?

Yun Feng stood straight, hid eyes slightly raised, the scenery that he could never forget appearing in his mind, he said slowly: “3 years ago, Yun Tan Mountain (dark cloud), you, me, Xia Wa.”

Ling Chen paused for a bit, following that, an image that he had long ago buried deeply in his memory surfaced in his mind, his face exhibiting a deeply surprised expression: “You… you’re the one who witnessed the battle between me and Xia Wa at that time, Lun Hui Feng Xue(Cycle of Wind and Snow)?”

“Yes! Yes! it’s me, that’s me!!” Seeing that Ling Chen actually remembered his name, Yun Feng’s blood pressure hit the roof. “You don’t know, even though I wasn’t able to witness who lost and who won in the end, but after seeing that fight, I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep for three days… That was a true historic, legendary, battle of the strongest! I couldn’t imagine before that, us China, to think existed someone who could fight with Xia Wa for so long and not lose. Even luckier, when your mask was knocked away by Xia Wa, I saw your face… Ah(啊), don’t worry, even though I’ve been constantly trying to find you, I never told anyone about anything related to you. Even though I once told some of my friends that a person appeared in China that could rival Xia Wa… they didn’t believe me for a second. Though thinking about it, if I hadn’t seen it personally, if someone else told me about it, I probably wouldn’t believe it either.”

Ling Chen sat back on the sofa, sighing in his mind. He finally understood the reason why Yun Feng looked at him with that overly fervent gaze. (TL:Wow, wasn’t it obvious that he wants you) Who would have thought, three years ago in that world of 《Heaven Slaughter》, that swordsman climbing Dark Cloud Mountain who had happened upon the battle between him and Xia Wa, would recognize him three years later, and come find him on his own, giving him the item of his dreams.

Is this an arrangement of fate? Is god taking back his cruelty, no longer making him and Shui Ruo seperate…

“As long as you can bring the 13223 drug, I can agree to any of your conditions… although, you have to tell me first what exactly it is you want me to do?” Ling Chen said.

“Relax, you’re the only person that I’ve ever revered, I would never use the 13223 drug to coerce you into doing anything horrible. Actually, the reason I’m doing this is the same as you,” Yun Feng returned in front of Ling Chen, and then let out a faint breath: “Like you I’m doing this for my little sister.”

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