Shura's Wrath

Chapter 22: Hell Spider

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“When humans are faced with truly terrifying circumstances, they don’t think about other people around them. They’re even willing to sacrifice those around themselves. By exposing that unsightly part of them, they can no longer get along.” – Hikki

Just facing a single giant worm, Ling Chen doesn’t feel any pressure, but this doesn’t mean that he will face it carelessly. On the contrary, his expression concentrated, the nerves in his entire body tightening. He steps forward, right hand drawing a rapid arc, cutting through the giant earthworm’s body, and then quickly retreating before it can retaliate, making the giant earthworm not have a chance to hit him.

Against the giant earthworm, he didn’t use the method of rapidly circling around its body this kind of method that can have the highest attack rate, because for the giant earthworm whether you are in front, behind, left or right it doesn’t make a difference, it can attack from all angles without the need to turn around.. So, after Ling Chen finds an opening, the best point of retreat is backwards. Even though the giant earthworm’s body is massive, its movement speed is not so different from Ling Chen’s. The flying attack it uses its explosive power to achieve also requires 1 second of immobile buildup. Even at close range he can easily avoid it, this kind of attempt to control his movements doesn’t waste much of his energy or thoughts.

And so, he retreats after hitting, and then swiftly moving in during the openings after the giant earthworm’s attack, jumping away at the first moment after striking. When he is not able to retreat, or can possibly alert the other giant earthworms, he will give up the chance to attack during an opening, crossing from beside the giant worm, and then attacking and retreating from the other direction. Just like that the earthworm without any intelligence followed behind Ling Chen eating his dust, being lead by Ling Chen from one end to another, and then from that end back, repeating back and forth.

Same level players can easily defeat monsters of the same level or stats. The biggest reason is because the monsters do not have intelligence comparable to a human’s. The giant earthworm’s defense is complete garbage, but its dodge rate is very high. Out of 3 strikes an average of only 1 will hit, but the giant earthworm’s HP still falls at a fast pace. One of Ling Chen’s strikes can bring down over 1/20ths of its HP, five minutes later, the first giant earthworm under an ear screeching scream collapses onto the ground.

“DING… You have successfully killed 3 star elite “Cursed Giant Earthworm”, Fame+15, SP+15.”

Without wasting a lot of energy, and without any sort of danger, the first giant earthworm fell, giving 15 SP and 15 Fame. Beside the corpse, a blue light faintly glowing. Ling Chen took a breath, going forward and picking it up.

[Rock Needle]: Type: Dagger, Grade: Iron. Equipment Requirement: Assassin class LV5 or above, a sharp dagger forged from iron, possesses weak earth element attribute. Attributes: Attack+12, Attack Speed+30, attacks deal an additional 5 earth damage.

Daggers are the weapons with the fastest attack speed, every dagger will give a different range of attack speed. But this dagger is clearly of no use towards Ling Chen. Putting it away, repeating his previous action, picking up a rock on the ground, smashing it towards another giant earthworm.

The second earthworm is immediately drawn over. Ling Chen turns around and retreats, leading until a position he is satisfied with, and then commencing the previous attack method.

Under his method of attack of controlling them back and forth, and taking them out one by one, averaging every 5 minutes, there will be a giant earthworm whose HP is cleared, becoming his EXP and Fame. Occasionally also giving a LV5 equipment.

“DING… You have successfully killed 3 star elite “Cursed Giant Earthworm”, Fame+15, SP+15.”

“DING… You have successfully killed 3 star elite “Cursed Giant Earthworm”, Fame+15, SP+15.”

Ling Chen repeated the action of drawing over the giant earthworms, and then using the exact same method to individually kill them. Time slowly passed by in this dusky space, the “hiss” noise becoming increasingly smaller. Finally, an hour later, the tenth giant earthworm also under the last hissing sound fell over like mud. Two silver coins and a red glow dropping from its body.

“DING… You have successfully killed 3 star elite “Cursed Giant Earthworm”, Fame+15, SP+15.”

“DING… Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV5, HP+10, MP+10, gained 5 AP.”

Killing elite creatures will not only give SP and fame, but also a decent amount of EXP. Killing the last giant earthworm, Ling Chen’s LV4 experience bar instantly filled up, leveling to LV5.

“DING… You have successfully exterminated all of the ‘Cursed Giant Earthworms’, the door towards the fourth area of the Forgotten Cave has been opened.”

The rumbling sound of the stone door opening once again sounded, the wall in front, another hidden door slowly opening.

Coming towards the corpse of the last giant earthworm, Ling Chen picked up the silver coins and that object releasing a red glow… As he thought, this is an energy crystal.

[Beginner Strength Crystal]: Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Beginner, Attribute: Fire, Effect: Physical Attack Strength +3%.

This is the first energy crystal up to date that Ling Chen obtained from a monster, and it’s of the lowest grade. It’s easy to see how low the drop rate for energy crystals is. Wonder how rare the energy orbs that are a level above energy crystals are. Ling Chen lifting his wrist, touching the energy crystal towards the empty hole on the Moon God Bracelet, a weak red light flashing by, followed by a system message of “Slotting Successful”, and the beginner strength crystal is already perfectly slotted into the Moon God Bracelet, his attack strength also increasing by 3%.

10 giant earthworms dropped a total of one beginner energy crystal and 5 pieces of equipment, 1 iron grade rock needle, 1 iron grade metal shield, and 3 pieces of equipment that he can immediately use.

[Beast Skin Armour]: Type: Upper Garment, Grade: Bronze, Equipment Requirement: Any class LV 5 or above, a rough piece of armour made from animal skin, flickering a weak earth element glow, Attributes: Defense+12, Constitution+3, Earth attribute resistance+3%.

[Beast Skin Trousers]: Type: Lower Garment, Grade: Bronze, Equipment Requirement: Any class LV 5 or above, a rough trouser made from animal skin, flickering a weak earth element glow, Attributes: Defense+10, HP+20, Earth attribute resistance+3%.

[]Nimble Ring]: Type: Ring, Grade: Iron, Equipment Requirement: None. Ring that bears some ethereal energy. Attributes: Agility+2, Hit Rate+2.

10 3 star elites only dropping 5 pieces of equipment, but still considerably kind and dropping an energy crystal and an incredibly rare accessory type equipment — Nimble Ring, For Ling Chen, his level reaching LV5 isn’t simply an upgrade of 1 level. Reaching LV5, those pieces of equipment he can finally use have determined that his overall stats will go through a complete change.

Equipping the Beast Skin Armour, Beast Skin Trousers, Nimble Ring, and then throwing away the Novice Sword, equipping the Wolf Fang Sword specially forged for him by the Novice Village’s blacksmith, and then equipping the Iron Bracers and Wolf Skin Boots, replacing all of the novice equipment. Besides his head equipment and accessory type equipment, his entire body is covered in at least iron grade equipment, his overall stats increasing greatly.

Character: Ling Tian

Level: 4; Class: Apprentice Warrior; Faction: None

Fame: 485; Money: 3 gold, 0 silver, 0 copper: SP: 220

Basic Attributes: Strength: 38, Constitution: 10, Agility: 9, Spirit: 5

Innate Attributes: Luck: 5; Comprehension: 5

HP: 270

MP: 100

Physical Attack Strength: 92

Magic Attack Strength: 10

Physical Defense: 25

Hit Rate: 13; Dodge Rate: 9

Critical Hit Rate: 7%; Pierce Rate: 6% (TL: Ignore defense)

Attack Speed: 100%; Movement Speed: 100%

Elemental Resistance: Water: 0%; Fire: 0%; Wind: 0%; Lightning: 0%; Earth: 6%; Light: 0%; Darkness: 0%

Changing into all new equipment, Ling Chen’s overall stats flew upwards. Looking at his current stats, Ling Chen is certain, if under this condition he went and attacked the giant earthworms from before, his efficiency would at the very least double. Not only have his stats greatly increased, his SP, has already accumulated to a whole 220 points.

Opening his skill page, Ling Chen put his SP into the two skills he possessed, right away, in a white light, Full Power Strike and Crescent Slash upgraded again.

[Full Power Strike] : Current Level: LV5, Highest Level: LV5. Max Level reached. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, using the weapon in the hand to strike at the target in front with all your strength, 150% damage, 2% chance of dazing the target for 23 seconds, MP Consumption: 5, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

[Crescent Slash]: Current Level: LV4, Highest Level: LV5. SP to Upgrade to LV5: 150. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, with their weapons and cross cutting ahead, drawing a small sword arc, dealing 120% regular damage towards 4 targets in a 4 meter forward area, MP Consumption: 7, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

Full Power Strike has reached its maximum level, its power reaching its peak, at the same time having a chance to add the daze condition. Crescent Slash’s power, attack range, number of targets and damage all increasing. Finishing with the two skills, there are still 40 skill points remaining. If he gets another 100 SP, his two trainee skills will all reach max level when he is LV5, attaining a state that regular LV10 players might not even be able to reach.

His condition right now cannot be compared to a few minutes ago, Ling Chen looked at the time, walking towards the open door, The 3rd area was guarded by 10 3 star elites… Then in front, could very likely be a Lord BOSS guarding!!. If it was at LV4, before entering he would use a relatively long amount of time to think of possible situations and different kinds of coping mechanisms, but now, even if 2 LV5 Lord BOSS are waiting for him, he is not afraid.

“DING… You have entered into the fourth area of the Forgotten Cave, the fourth area is guarded by the ‘Hell Spider’, please be prepared to battle.”


Just like before, the moment he enters, the stone door behind automatically closes, once again cutting off his path of retreat. In front of him, a 1 meter tall black figure stands there motionless, as if awaiting his arrival. The same time Ling Chen saw it, two dots of dark green coldness also fixed onto his body.

That is a giant black spider! (TL: Holy Shit! Kill it, kill it, kill it!. I would seriously shit my pants and start crying if I saw a massive spider bigger than me… or even the size of my toes)

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