Shura's Wrath

Chapter 23: Mind Saber

“Thinking you’ll understand without being told anything is an illusion.” Hikigaya Hachiman

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[Hell Spider]: Type: Demonic Beast, Level: 5, Grade: Lord, HP: 3800, A type of very scary man-eating spider. Its entire body is covered in deadly poison that can easily kill people, the area it appears in will definitely fall into disaster, thus becoming a target of elimination for humans, disappearing from the land thousands of years ago.

LV5 Lord BOSS!

Once again glancing at his stats, Ling Chen picked up the wolf fang sword, taking a light breath, taking the initiative and charging towards the hell spider. At the same time, the hell spider also charging at him, that body that makes people terrified once the nightmare of countless people, because it doesn’t even need to purposely release its poison, all you need to do is touch its body, and you will be contaminated with a hard to cure deadly poison.

One man and one spider charging at each other head on, their distance from each other becoming closer and closer… And then, the two bodies reached each other.


The sound of colliding bodies did not appear, Ling Chen’s body crossed from beside the hell spider’s body, at the same time a damage number floating up from the spider’s head.


Not only did the first attack hit, it is also a magnificent critical pierce. Maxing full power strike, Ling Chen with his greatly enhanced stats can easily deal over 100 damage to this LV5 Lord BOSS.

1 attack hitting, Ling Chen did not stop, swiftly turning around, attacking it with 3 continuous strikes before the hell spider can turn around.

MISS, -103, MISS.

The hells spider’s scary counterattack immediately came, its body carried by 8 legs rapidly moving forward, bumping towards Ling Chen. As long as any part of its body can make contact with Ling Chen, it can make Ling Chen lose at least half of his health. Its sudden increase in speed made Ling Chen almost get touched. He rapidly retreats, and then with a roll, dodges the hell spider’s attack. The hell spider unable to stop, rushes into the wall. It shakes its head, quickly turning around, swinging its head. Immediately, a large group of green fluid spraying towards Ling Chen.

Lord BOSS have many varied forms of attack, the most dangerous time is the time before finding out all of its attack methods. The instant the green fluid appeared, Ling Chen had determined that this fluid can spray 10 to 12 meters, the area it covers is an entire 90 degrees. He rapidly jumps backward, and then stepping on a rock beside him, using it to jump sideways, rolling out of the area covered by the poisonous fluid. At the same time memorizing the angle and area of the poison spray, along with with the short preparations move before spraying. (TL: Not sure what the 90 degrees means.)

SSSS!! (TL: Sound of spider web being sprayed or flying through the air)

A sharp, air splitting sound came from in front, a small, almost unseeable white dot suddenly approaching in Ling Chen’s vision. Ling Chen’s pupils shrank, not even thinking, rapidly lying on the ground. Immediately, a thin white string flying over his face…

Spider silk!

The spider silk that he dodged touched the wall, sticking to the wall as if nailed to it, connecting a taut white rope from the hell spider to the wall.


Ling Chen’s body not even steadying yet, the second spider silk already shooting over. Ling Chen’s right hand pushed at the ground, rolling away, moving towards the left, and then using the momentum his foot kicking the ground, jumping sideways and rising, at the same time avoiding the third string of spider silk that suddenly shot towards him, staggering a few steps backwards before steadying. The second and third spider silk also separately sticking at his previous locations, at the other end, connected to the hell spider’s body.

These spider threads are not a simple white colour, its exterior faintly covered by a light green glow. One can imagine, the spider threads are also contaminated with poison. If touched, not only will you be entwined by the threads, your HP will also be quickly devoured by the poison.

While standing, it was a simple matter for Ling Chen to avoid the spider silk. He constantly shifts his position, turning his body, strands of spider silk shooting past his body… but, Ling Chen’s eyebrows became increasingly tighter. Such a big spider, it has to have a scary amount of spider thread, if he continued dodging like this, there wouldn’t be any chance to attack. And the scariest thing is… after shooting outwards the spider silk does not disappear, instead sticking to the walls or ground, gradually forming a bigger and bigger spider web. Everytime Ling Chen retreats, the spider web will then grow a bit, the amount of space he can use becomes smaller and smaller… In the end, he will have nowhere to go, completely falling into the spider’s web.

Lord BOSS really are one more troublesome than the other! Ling Chen bit his teeth, and then lifts his head while dodging, looking at that hell spider releasing spider silk. Finally, his gaze fixed upon the hell spider’s abdomen, the area shooting out spider silk… There, seems to be a red glow weakly flickering. (TL: X marks the spot… or a glowing red light)

His eyes moving, Ling Chen’s foot lightly tapped the ground, bypassing another spider thread, and then like an arrow quickly flying forward, heading straight for the hell spider.



Getting closer, it also becomes harder to dodge. The speed the spider threads shootout at is very fast, and the intervals between spider threads is becoming shorter. Normal players almost have no chance of dodging at such close range, not to mention avoiding while moving at high speeds. Ling Chen used his fastest speed to charge forward, his gaze as sharp as a blade’s edge. When that white dot appears on the hell spider’s body, his body based more on instinct reacts, continuously turning his body twice, perfectly avoiding the two spider threads, and then lowering his body, a low roll, just perfectly dodging the third spider thread. At the same time, he also just charged in front of the hell spider, a full power strike smashing towards its abdomen area that shoots the spider silk.


No damage number appeared, but under this attack, the hell spider’s body was actually smashed backwards, and then its body shaking, directly falling onto the ground. Its 8 legs twitching in pain, also no longer shooting out spider threads. The area that was struck, that red glow flickering even more obviously.

Nice chance!!

Ling Chen rapidly moved forward, using his fastest attack speed to attack the currently immobile hell spider… The area that he is attacking, is exactly the red glowing area.




Three attacks, none of them bringing up any damage, the hell spider’s HP also didn’t drop even a single point. When the hell spider stood up from the ground, Ling Chen’s fourth attack once again struck its abdomen.


Ling Chen seemingly heard some kind of shattering sound.

And the hell spider that just stood up once again fell back to the ground, its entire body not moving, as if dead, the red light at its abdomen also completely disappearing.

“DING… You have successfully destroyed the hell spider’s spider core, hell spider unable to move for at least 5 seconds, defense dropping to 0, dodge dropping to 0, will create a new spider core after 5 seconds.” (TL: So this orb thing people who read chinese novels or watch wuxia/xianxia shows should understand. It’s kinda like the source of power that manifests itself within one’s body as a sort of orb thing. I don’t really have a better word for it and welcome better suggestions. Am now calling it core)

Without even thinking, Ling Chen swings the wolf fang sword, using full power strike to heavily attack this hell spider that is completely at his mercy.

-138, -136, -274, -132, -135!

The advantage from adding extreme strength is clearly highlighted at this moment. Under the hell spider’s condition of being unable to defend and dodge, Ling Chen’s 5 attacks eliminated 1/5ths of its HP. After the fifth attack, the red light once more appeared at the hell spider’s abdomen. The new spider core already generated, the hell spider regained its ability to move. But, having its weakness found by Ling Chen, also already determined that it was not too far away from death.

The hell spider that recovered its movement swung its head, furiously releasing a big move… spraying a large amount of poisonous fluid forward, Ling Chen’s lips twitched… Your uncle here is so close and you actually have the balls to use such a move, are you afraid that you’re dying too slowly!

The area for the poisonous spray is forwards, and after spraying, the hell spider’s body will appear 2 seconds of stiffness. Ling Chen easily shifts his position, going around behind the hell spider, also bypassing all of the poison, a series of attacks once again falling upon the red dot on its abdomen.


The newly generated spider core seems to be very fragile, or maybe it’s Ling Chen attack under his extreme strength addition is too strong. With only 3 strikes, he then once again heard the sound of something breaking, the hell spider also falling upon the ground like last time , its defense and dodge all dropping to 0. This time, Ling Chen naturally wouldn’t waste a moment of time, attacks like a fierce wind falling upon its body.

-133, -135, -135, -139, -134, -270!

6 attacks, making the hell spider’s HP decrease almost by a quarter, only half of it HP remaining.

It seems that each time after the spider core regenerates, it becomes even more fragile. Once again, Ling Chen used only two attacks, destroying the spider core again before the hell spider can even start to attack, and then proceeding with another round of abuse.

In the virtual game world, some BOSS possess or big, or small weak points. If one can find its weak point, it will be a lot easier and simpler to win. Although, BOSS with weak points are only a minority, even if a BOSS has one, it isn’t that easy to find.

When the hell spider’s spider core broke for the 5 time, under another series of attacks from Ling Chen, its HP finally emptied, retracting its 8 legs, powerlessly falling onto the ground. The gray glow around its body quickly dissipating like smoke, dark green eyes also losing all light.

“DING… You have successfully killed ‘Hell Spider’, Fame+50, SP+50.”

“DING… You have successfully exterminated ‘‘Hell Spider’, the door towards the fifth area of the Forgotten Cave has been opened.”

The same stone door, slowly opened before Ling Chen.

The death of a Lord BOSS will be accompanied by a fabulous explosion, this hell spider is also no exception, its body surrounded by a group of items, Ling Chen picked them up one by one.

5 gold coins, 3 silver coins, 4 red potions,, 2 orange potions, 3 blue potions.

A total of 2 pieces of equipment, one bronze coloured, the other, releasing a silver aura.

Could it be a silver equipment? Ling Chen felt unrestful in his heart. At the Novice Village stage, the possibility of silver equipment appearing is small enough to basically ignore. And the moment it appears, it will become a cheat-like existence.

[Mind Saber]: Type: Two Hand Sword, Grade: Silver, Equipment Requirements: Strength value greater than or equal to 35, LV5 or above, warrior type class. A light saber forged from silver, its light, silver aura can make the user’s heart still as water. Attributes: Attack+22, Strength+4, Hit Rate+4, immune to “Confused” condition. (TL: Realistically, I think a weapon made of silver would completely blow. Also lightweight saber, not lightsaber.)

It really is a silver equipment! Ling Chen’s heart was thrilled. Truly worthy of silver equipment, the Mind Saber’s stats completely surpasses the same level Wolf Fang Sword, and its length is longer than the Wolf Fang Sword’s, able to attack from a further distance.

Switching the Wolf Fang Sword, Ling Chen’s stats once again increase, he once again rejoiced at his extreme strength addition. If all the initial stat points didn’t go towards strength, all the gained AP also going towards strength, the 35 strength requirement would make him unable to equip the Mind Saber. The Mind Saber not only adds even more attack and stats, it also has an “Immune to Confusion” attribute, but he didn’t pay much attention to this attribute at the moment, because at the Novice Village stage, “Confusion” this kind of abnormal status basically will not appear. But, what he didn’t expect is, during the difficult battle where he is constantly walking along the edge of death in the fifth area, this attribute became his light of hope that he has to closely hold on to.

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