Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

Chapter 733 - I’m The Lanlord(9)

Chapter 733 I’m The Lanlord(9)

“Ding Quan.”

A voice as delicate as an oriole came out from the carriage that had been still the whole tie. A pale hand parted the curtain.

“Miss.” Ding Quan greeted respectfully.

The lady in the carriage dressed in a bright red dress sat in the carriage sophisticatedly, glanced through the crowd with disdain in her eyes, “what’s the point of hiring you when you can’t even settle such a small issue.”

She paused, looked at Su Hua, and puffed disdainfully.

“It’s you!” Su Hua knew her.

The servants around the carriage rushed into the store immediately and smashing whatever they saw in the store.

“Stop. What are you doing!” Su Hua wanted to stop them, but she was held up to a side and only could watch her perfectly fine shop getting wracked.

“Who is that?” Shi Sheng did not recognize the person in the carriage, but everyone around seemed to know her. They were all jealous of her.

Smashing the female lead’s store right away, she definitely was not a cannon fodder female support.

“The daughter of the Ding Family, Ding Xiang.” Qiu Shui answered, “He Ting’s fiance.”

Shi Sheng understood why she came to pick a fight in such a high profile.

Everyone in the Bai He County knew that Su Hua and He Ting were close. She did not fulfil her responsibility as his fiance if she did not do anything about this.

“Miss, we’re done.” Ding Quan ran to the carriage to claim credit after he destroyed the shop.

Su Hua glared at those two in rage and clenched her hands into fists.

Ding Xiang posed as if she was above everyone, looking down on Su Hua arrogantly, “Su Hua, you should do your job as a personal maid and stop daydreaming all these impractical ideas.”

Ding Xiang had double meanings with what she said. Su Hua understood both naturally.

She was punished by an unruly lady before she entered the He Family. All evil capitalists governed the olden society. As a servant, she was nothing in these people’s eyes.

“Miss Ding,” Su Hua held back the rage that was about to erupt, “did you destroy my shop because there’s something wrong with my products?”

She wanted to earn money. She could not let Ding Xiang destroy her reputation.

“Why else would she do that? Just look at how she turns out. Our Miss is being generous for not taking your life.” Ding Quan responded immediately and pushed the lady out again.

That face that full of rashes was a terrifying sight.

Ding Xiang covered her mouth with a handkerchief and laughed lightly, “Su Hua, what makes you think you have the rights to order me? Let’s go.”

The servants carrying Ding Xiang’s carriage put down the curtain right away, covering Su Hua’s view.

Su Hua’s chest was fluctuating wildly, and her breathing was disarrayed. She was furious.

He Ting rushed there with his servants and blocked Ding Xiang’s way when she was about to leave.

He Ting could see the mess in the store from the path made by the crowd. He Ting, who was always gentle, turned cold faced on the spot.

“Miss Ding, is there any reason for you to smash my store?”

Ding Xiang lifted the curtain quickly. The arrogance on her face from before was gone and replaced by a look full of shyness, “Mister He.”

“Miss Ding, I’m asking a question.” He Ting ignored Ding Xiang’s affectionate tone.

Ding Xiang’s heart was full of delight when she heard He Ting’s voice and did not care about what he said.

Ding Quan, who was standing at the side, relayed his question to Ding Xiang right away. Ding Xiang’s expression slightly changed, and her eyes flushed within the next second, said with a wronged voice, “Mister He, Su Hua sold me a counterfeit.”

He Ting already knew the whole incident before he came. He glanced through the lady and responded, “Ah Hua had sold so many products to all the other ladies. Why is your maid that only one has problems?”

Ding Xiang’s face turned pale instantly, her lips were shivering, “Su Hua… Su Hua is trying to harm me. I have to report to the officials. Ding Quan, go now…”


Shi Sheng laughed out of the blue.

This Ding Xiang was quite clever.

Once she said that she implied that she didn’t tamper with the product and made He Ting lose confidence, unsure if Su Hua’s products have problems.

He would never let Ding Xiang report to the officials to defend Su Hua.

Indeed, He Ting stopped Ding Quan.

“Mister He, Su Hua must not like me. She had been treating me this way since the last time I visited your family…” Ding Xiang began to cry as she said that, making some men around them feel sorry for her.

“We still don’t know the truth of this incident. Ah Hua would never do this kind of things.” He Ting glanced in Su Hua’s direction and saw her shaking her head at him.

Her products did not have any problems.

In the end, He Ting was snatched away by Ding Xiang. He left two servants behind to help Su Hua cleaning up the store.

The crowd could tell that Ding Xiang was picking a fight. Su Hua’s products had nothing to do with it, so when Ding Xiang left, the crowd dispersed gradually. Some of them only saw Shi Sheng standing on the stair at her store.

“Why is Miss Ruan here?”

“Ruan’s Family rouge store is here. That’s why…” that person pointed at Su Hua’s store. The other guy got it immediately.

Since yesterday, Su Hua’s store had been trendy until no one went to the Ruan Family’s shop.

As the head of the Ruan Family, it was customary for her to come here and take a look.

“Whoever marries Miss Ruan in the future must be their ancestors had virtuous when they were living.”

“If my son isn’t so young, I would send to marry and live with the Ruan Family.”

“What are you talking about?” Qiu Shui chided.

Those people lowered their heads right away and passed by Shi Sheng quickly.

Qiu Shui glared at their silhouettes and turned her head to comfort Shi Sheng, “Miss, don’t listen to these people’s nonsense. They only know how to gossip about people.”

Shi Sheng warped her arms around her chests. The way she was standing was not ladylike at all. It was like some shrew on the street, bragged proudly, “they’re not wrong. Whoever that gets to marry is their ancestral virtue.”

Qiu Shui,”…”

The crowd went away while Su Hus stood amid the mess, looking rather miserable.

The servants He Ting left her with began to clean up the place silently. They did not dare to chat with Su Hua.

“Good luck, Su Hua!” Su Hua composed herself and cheered herself up.

The moment she turned around, she made eye contact with Shi Sheng.

Her retinas were quite pretty; it was clear and bright. However, her retinas did not contain any emotions that a human would have. All she saw was emptiness.

She clearly was looking at Su Hua, but she felt like she did not see her.

As if she was looking at a cloud of air, a cloud of air that could be seen everywhere and barely visible.

Su Hua got furious out of nowhere. All these people have their status quo; it’s all because they’re lucky to be born in a wealthy family.

She blurted out, “Ruan Xiao Yang, have you come here to ridicule me?”

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