Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

Chapter 734 - I’m The Lanlord(10)

Chapter 734

I’m The Lanlord(10)

“Do you look like a joke?” Shi Sheng asked back, “I can’t help it if that’s what you think you’re.”

Su Hua’s face turned dark, “I won’t let you look down on me.”

First, she took my land, and now she was ridiculing me. Ruan Xiao Yang, just you wait, I definitely can survive here.

If others can transmigrate, so can I!

Shi Sheng’s eyebrows curved, her smile was very faint as if the ripples on the lake surface were caused by the wind that disappeared before it could spread further.

Shi Sheng turned around and left in Su Hua’s uncomprehending looks.

You can’t talk your way into letting people look upon you or look down on you.

If you have time to shout that slogan, you might as well use it to do something practical.

You need to work your way to success.


Su Hua’s shop eventually opened up. Although Ding Xiang had messed with it, as a female lead, she had her female lead armour that got another wave of buyers.

Ruan Family’s business was unable to run anymore.

The shopkeeper reported to Qiu Shui and Qiu Shui feedback on the situation to Shi Sheng. She responded nonchalantly, “if it’s losing money, it’s a loss then. It’s one shop only.”

Qiu Shui, “…” Miss, if Old Master heard this, he would roll over in his grave.

How could you not do anything about the family business that the Ruan Family spent a lot of effort to build up! Didn’t you say that you won’t like the Ruan Family business to go down in your hands!

Shi Sheng got frustrated from all the nagging and ordered them to turn that store into a bakery.

Qiu Shui,”…” That’s worse than not doing anything.

Turning a rogue store into a bakery.

“Why don’t we sell stinky tofu then?” She heard that stinky tofu existed in this dimension.

And it was proven that it did. It was a fictional world, after all. It was usual to have all sorts of illogical things. How big the plot hole was, how magical the dimension was.

So Shi Sheng was nagged by Qiu Shui again.

“Miss, stop thinking about these impractical ideas. You can’t ruin the store like this.”

Shi Sheng said innocently, “then how else am I going to ruin the shop?”

Qiu Shui, “…” darn it, I’m telling you not to ruin the shop.

“That’s it then. We’re selling stinky tofu.” Shi Sheng waved her hand.

A wonderful rouge store was changed to sell stinky tofu. This has become the biggest talk in Bai He County.

However, they soon realized that Su Hua’s business was getting worse. It was all because of the stinky tofu shop next to them.

“Miss Su, we can’t run our business if they’re selling stinky tofu next to us every day.” the employee Su Hua hired complained.

Before that, the store had a pleasant fragrance. Now it was only left with the smell of stinky tofu.

No ladies would want to shop under this condition.

Su Hua folded up her sleeves and gnashed her teeth, “I’ll talk to them.”

Su Hua exited her store and marched to the shop aggressively.

The worker next door was frying stinky tofu, and that smell made Su Hua not want to go up at all. God knew how much she hated this smell.

Su Hua pinched her nose and walked to see there were a lot of customers in that shop.

“Where’s Ruan Xiao Yang?” Su Hua dashed up the stairs, yelled at the staff.

The staff scooped up the golden brown stinky tofu from the frying pan skillfully and placed it on a plate next to him without looking up, “Miss is obviously in her house.”

Su Hua choked, pointed at the frying pan and said indignantly, “your stinky tofu smell is too heavy, and it’s affecting my business.”

“You can run your business somewhere else then.”

The worker did not answer that. It was from the other side of SU Hua. She turned around to see Shi Sheng and Qiu Shui heading her way.

Su Hua glared at Shi Sheng and hurriedly went down the stairs, “Ruan Xiao Yang, you just can’t bear to see me doing well, is it? Why do you have to be against me all the time?”

Shi Sheng glared back at her, “be sensible. It’s you that ruined my rouge business first.”

“Only the fittest will survive.” Su Hua said, while still pinching her nose, “your rouge business isn’t doing good; it’s because it’s not as good as mine. You can make a better rouge, but what you’re doing now is just malicious revenge.”

“Just like you say, only the fittest will survive.” Shi Sheng responded with Su Hua’s reply.

If she could not survive in this line of business, isn’t it common to change the business model?

How is changing her business model an act of malicious revenge?

“You…” Su Hua pointed at Shi Sheng, “fine, just you wait!”

Su Hua flung her sleeves and left.

“Miss…” Qiu Shui watched Su Hua’s leaving with concern. She felt like she was going to do something terrible!

Shi Sheng grunted and did not respond to Qiu Shui. Instead, she continued to head forward.

“Miss Ruan.”

Someone called her after she took two steps.

He Ting approached her in strides, “Miss Ruan, may I invite you for tea?”


He Ting was taken back by Shi Sheng’s hostility. Every lady he had met would speak in a soft and gentle tone.

Even if it was Su Hua, she would not speak this fiercely as if someone owed her money.

“Cough cough… It’s about the store.” He Ting replied.

“As a scholar, why do you care so much about the store instead of studying?”

“Miss Ruan,” He Ting’s mouth twitched. He looked around and continued, “We shouldn’t speak about this here. Can we go somewhere else?”

“No way. I’m scared that you might do something to me.” Shi Sheng turned around and crossed her arms, “we can talk here if you want, if not. Just hold it in.”

He Ting,”…” No one wants to do anything to you!

Qiu Shui had a headache. Miss, take care of your image. As an unmarried lady, are you going to be a shrew by crossing your arms?

He Ting had never talked to Shi Sheng before, so he did not know she was this hard to deal with.

As a well-mannered scholar, He Ting could not be like Shi Sheng to not care about his image. So he took a few steps forward, “Miss Ruan, can you change your store to another business model? Other shops can’t run their businesses normally because of your shop.”

“Everyone is doing their own business. So why do you care about my shop? Why? Is there a rule that says ‘you can’t sell stinky tofu’? If not, then what are you blabbering about?”

It was not like she opened a store in his house.

Why should he care?

If you want to be a hero in front of the beauty, buy the whole street then!

What’s wrong with stinky tofu? Don’t people eat them?

He Ting was stunned for a moment.

This woman… Why isn’t she ladylike at all?

“Miss.” Qiu Shui pulled Shi Sheng with her brows furrowed, “keep your volume down. You need to take care of your image.” If this goes on, how is Miss going to get married in future?

The citizens from around noticed them and began gossipping about them.

Su Hua probably heard something from outside and ran out from her store, “Second Young Master, don’t reason with her. She doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings.”

“Why should I care about how others feel?” You think you’re my mom? Why should I care about how you feel?

How am I going to survive if I have to be concerned about how everyone feels.


Su Hua ignored and pulled He Ting back to her store with her face black.

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