Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Lei Lou followed along the way.

Suddenly, the king said, "Lei Lou, don't tell anyone about what happened just now."

"Rest assured, your majesty. I won't tell anyone about this."

He couldn't be bothered to meddle in such matters.

However, he could tell that the Faroe Kingdom must have encountered some trouble. Otherwise, they wouldn't have come looking for the great wizard Snake God, Moseley.

It was a pity that Moseley was already dead.

The king left and the library regained its peace.

Lei Lou had thought that the king wouldn't come again. He didn't expect that the king would come to the library once or twice a month. Instead of going to the forbidden bamboo forest, he would read in the study room.

Every time, Lei Lou had to accompany him.

Lei Lou had seen the personality of the new king of Faroe. Every time, he would talk to him and reveal some troublesome things. It did not matter whether it was in the kingdom or the outside world.

However, after he finished speaking, the king would warn him not to tell others, or else he would kill him.

If it was an ordinary person, after hearing such confidential information, they would definitely be very afraid, always worried that they would be killed.

But Lei Lou was very calm. If the king dared to kill him, he would dare to kill the king first. Having strength had made him so confident.

But in general, Lei Lou had a good impression of the new king. He was a wise king. If he ran into any trouble in the future, Lei Lou wouldn't mind helping him.

Early one morning, Lei Lou climbed out of the vampire coffin. After absorbing the magic power for the whole night, he felt very comfortable.

He walked around the library and found a place that he thought was a good place to sign in.

When signing in, the location was very important.

This was also true in the library. Some places were filled with trash, but others would have good things.

For example, the study room where the new king often read was very good.

Perhaps it was because most kings had the expectations of tens of thousands of people. This king's aura caused him to sign in the study room, and the chances of getting good things were much higher than in other places.

"Ding! Congratulations to host for signing in successfully.

Reward: Bottle of Ultimate Potion."

The system's notification sounded.

After reading the introduction of the ultimate potion, Lei Lou revealed a smile.

This was a potion that could help one break through to become an ultimate wizard. With this bottle of potion, the chances of breaking through to become an ultimate wizard safely would be greatly increased.

Hehe, the location is really good.

Lei Lou was very satisfied as he cleaned the entire study room from beginning to end. He used a cloth to wipe it clean and there was not a single speck of dust.

After he was done, he returned to the room where he usually meditated. This time, he did not lie in the vampire coffin because he planned to break through to become a seventh-level elemental mage.

This was the result of him deliberately suppressing it. Otherwise, he would have broken through to become an eighth-level elemental mage long ago.

The advantage of suppressing a breakthrough was that the foundation would be more stable.

Lei Lou took out a cushion from the system space, along with a few strange-looking scarecrows.

This was a mysterious sacrificial ritual. They could form a strange magnetic field to prevent the leakage of aura. Therefore, during the breakthrough process, there would not be any particularly significant natural phenomena. It was similar to a huge lightning cloud covering an earthquake and violent wind.

The level of an elemental mage was getting higher and higher. Every breakthrough would cause violent fluctuations of the elements, and the sky and Earth would shake along with the fluctuations of the elements.

This was also why he had been in the library for several years, and no one had been able to detect anything unusual.

Very soon, Lei Lou used the Viper blood that he had obtained from the check-in to draw a huge circle on the ground. In the middle, he wrote an obscure rune spell, and then placed the scarecrows that were filled with an evil aura in a designated position.

After setting everything up, he began to consume the magic amplification potion. After drinking three bottles in a row, he began his top-level meditation.

He did not know how long he had been there when a strange light appeared around him. These lights were like needles, swimming around and increasing in number.

In the end, the entire study room seemed to have a strange gust of wind. The elements almost completely drowned out Lei Lou's figure.

Anything that entered this elemental storm would definitely be shredded into pieces.

After a long time, all the strange phenomena disappeared, and Lei Luo regained his calm.

He was still that ordinary low-level student.

If it wasn't for his handsome face and the deep and mysterious light in his eyes, he probably wouldn't have imagined that he had already become a seventh-level elemental mage.

His magic perception spread out. From a thousand meters away, all kinds of sounds could be sensed, and even a vague image could be formed in his mind.

All the elements could be controlled like a finger.

As for the area within a thousand meters, even a mosquito would not be able to escape his detection.

"A seventh-level elemental mage is already so powerful. If he were a ninth-level elemental mage or even an ultimate mage, how powerful would he be?"

Lei Lou's gaze was filled with endless yearning.

Becoming an ultimate mage was no longer far away from him.

There was also the mythical mage, a terrifying existence that was no different from a god.

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