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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

On this day, the Faroe King came with only a few maids and guards. There was a troubled expression on his face. It was obvious that he was in a bad mood.

Even when he was reading, he could not calm down.

The king put down the book in his hand and suddenly asked, "Lei Luo, how many years have you been in the Magic Academy? How old are you?"

"Your Majesty, I have been in the academy for six years. I have been in the library for eight years. I am already twenty-six years old," Lei Luo replied.

He was a little emotional. He had not noticed the passage of time. He had already been in the library for more than seven years.

"Are you willing to stay in this lonely library all the time?" The king asked.

In fact, he was quite curious about Lei Luo. This young student had been in the library since he was eighteen years old. He had stayed there for several years, but his mind was calm. It was as if he did not have any ambition to advance.

In this academy, which mage didn't want to display their magic?

Which mage didn't want to be above others?

Who would be willing to be a lowly student with no status at all?

But he didn't see any impetuousness in Lei Luo. He was like a pool of water, unperturbed.

What was even stranger was that he rarely confided in anyone else. Even when he was depressed, even when he was with the queen, he would still keep a little vigilance.

However, in front of this young student, he felt very relaxed. It was as though he did not have to worry that the other party would harm him.

It was because of this mindset that he liked to come here. He would let Lei Luo accompany him, talk to him, and even reveal some confidential matters to him.

"I am very happy to have many books surrounding me. What is there to be unhappy about?" Lei Luo smiled and said, "Your Majesty, I see that you are restless. You must have encountered great difficulty."

After spending so much time with the king, Lei Luo would occasionally say a few more words.

Here, the estrangement between the king and his subject was very small. It was more like they were two friends.

"Your attitude is very good. Sometimes, I really wish that I could be like you. I don't want to care about anything and don't want to think about anything. I just want to read and feel at ease. But I can't."

The king sighed. "The entire kingdom is filled with incompetent subjects who only know how to flatter. Outside the kingdom, there are many tigers and hungry wolves staring at me. Even if I have great ambitions to revitalize the kingdom, I don't have the ability to do so."

Lei Luo did not speak.

"Those forces who are plotting against the kingdom have been secretly colluding with each other for a long time. They have repeatedly probed the kingdom's points and even privately contacted some of the kingdom's lords in an attempt to incite them to betray the kingdom. If this continues for a long time, how will the kingdom have any dignity left?"

The king wished he could pour out all the pressure in his heart. He did not know if he should tell it to himself, or to Lei Luo, or perhaps to the great wizard Snake God, who had already died.

Even though he had already become Faroe's new king, in order to appease his brothers, he had no choice but to confer them as lords and grant them a large piece of land. From a certain perspective, this was definitely a huge hidden danger.

However, he had no choice but to do so. Otherwise, the Faroe Kingdom might split up and cause an unpredictable civil war.

"Your Majesty, governing a large country should be like cooking fresh meat. There's no need to rush."

Seeing that the king's spirit and physical strength would be exhausted, Lei Luo felt a little emotional. Everyone said that being a king was very glorious and had unlimited power, but who knew the pressure that the king was under?

That was why he was hiding in the library and leisurely practicing magic. This was the best choice.

The king was stunned for a moment. He looked up at Lei Luo and repeated, "Governing a large country should be like cooking fresh meat..."

After a long time, he suddenly laughed out loud. "Good, this sentence is very good. Lei Luo, you have solved the knot in my heart. I really can't be anxious."

"Lei Luo, do you want to stay by my side?" The king asked again. To be able to say these words, he felt that Lei Luo was very extraordinary.

"Your Majesty, I'm used to being quiet here," Lei Luo replied.

"That's fine."

The king did not force him.

As he spoke, he took out a token from his pocket and threw it to Lei Luo. He smiled and said, "Have this token."

"Thank you for the reward, Your Majesty." Lei Luo bowed slightly.

This was a token that the king had carried with him. Naturally, it was not an ordinary item. If it fell into the hands of an ambitious person, it would be enough to run amok in the entire kingdom.

He did not have such thoughts. Otherwise, he would not have rejected the king's request.


Time passed. In the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

Lei Luo had now stayed in the library for almost ten years.

In these past two years, the king had come a little less.

Lei Luo had finally raised his cultivation to a ninth-level elemental mage.

He had truly touched the barrier of an ultimate wizard. In a sense, he could now be called a half-step ultimate wizard.

The snake wizard Moseley had been at this level.

Originally, he could have been prepared to break through long ago, but he had been accumulating. There was no rush. More accumulation, more assurance, less danger.

Lei Luo was a very patient person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to stay in this deserted library for ten years. Regardless of the storms outside, he guarded this small piece of land.


Late at night.

Lei Luo sat on the bed and entered a meditative state.

This time, he had made ample preparations to break through to become an ultimate mage.

The entire library had even used a special spell to reinforce three layers.

He was afraid that when he broke through, the violent elements would blow up the entire library.

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