Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy

Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Suddenly, Lei Lou opened his eyes. In the darkness, it was like a bolt of lightning.

As a third-level elemental wizard, his perception was extremely good. He could sense everything within a thousand meters. Within a hundred meters, even mosquitoes and insects would not be able to escape his detection.

In the next second, Lei Lou stood up and transformed into a black shadow that floated in the air. Then, he floated out of the window.

If anyone saw him, they would definitely think that he was a ghost.

This undoubtedly meant that Lei Lou's magic had already reached an extremely terrifying level.


In the dark bamboo forest behind the library, it was pitch-black and quiet. A sneaky figure appeared and landed on the ground like a fallen leaf. He looked at the small path that led into the darkness in front of him.

"It's rumored that the world-destroying magic book exists in the rear mountain of the Hiro Magic Academy. The divine snake mage guarding the magic book was already a ninth-level elemental mage back then. Now that fifty years have passed, there hasn't been any movement. I wonder if he's dead?" The black figure muttered to himself.

There was a strong fear in his voice.

That was because that divine snake mage was a legend in the kingdom. It was precisely because of this mage's protection that no one dared to offend the majesty of the royal family for decades.

"Whatever, let's go in and take a look. Perhaps that old fellow has already died. How could an ultimate mage break through so easily? There hasn't been an ultimate mage in middle-earth for hundreds of years."

The black shadow seemed to have made a decision and was about to head towards the back of the mountain.

At this moment, an indifferent voice came from behind.

"Your excellency barged into the forbidden area of the Magic Academy in the middle of the night without informing us. It doesn't seem right, does it?"

"Who is it?"

The Black Shadow was shocked. He turned his head abruptly and saw a young student in a gray robe standing a few meters away.

He inhaled a breath of cold air and was about to explode.

He was a grade-2 elemental mage, yet someone had come within a few meters and he hadn't even noticed the other party. How was this possible?

Moreover... it was such a young student from the academy.

Could it be that my attention had been attracted by the legendary divine snake mage, which was why I had let down my guard and allowed this young student to get close to me?

That was the only explanation.

As for the fact that this young student possessed terrifying strength and was able to get close to him without making any sound, he would never believe it.

After all, this student didn't seem to be more than seventeen or eighteen years old. Even if he had started learning magic from his mother's womb, it was impossible for him to have such achievements.

Moreover, this student was wearing a gray mage robe. This was clearly the lowest level student in the Magic Academy.

Lei Lou stood not far away and spoke in a deep voice as he looked at the Black Shadow. "This bamboo forest is a forbidden area. You cannot enter. It is not too late for you to leave."

This black shadow did not pose much of a threat to him.

Judging from its aura, it should have reached the level of an elemental mage.

The other party clearly did not realize that he was an elemental mage as well. After all, when he signed in, he had been rewarded with a concealing spell that could hide his mana, just like an ordinary person.

Now, the shadow clearly treated him as an ordinary student.

"A little brat. He doesn't sleep at night and still comes out to meddle in other people's business. Isn't he courting death?" The black shadow shouted softly.

As he spoke, he took out his magic staff from his robe and swung it at Lei Lou. Then, he soared into the air and flew into the depths of the bamboo forest.

He didn't think that Lei Luo would be able to dodge his purple lightning spell.

"If you don't seek death, you won't die."

Lei Luo didn't even take out his magic staff. He only stretched out his finger and lightly tapped it, instantly breaking the purple lightning that was charging at him.

As a student guarding the library, he still had to shoulder the responsibility of guarding it. If that fellow retreated immediately, he would not do anything. But he had not only forced his way in, but he even dared to attack him. This was a serious provocation.

Although he had a peaceful personality and did not have any competitive spirit, he was still a person with a temper.

"If you want to go in, you still have to ask me if I agree or not."

Lei Luo snorted coldly and cast the phantom from the forbidden magic manual. In an instant, he crossed dozens of meters and arrived beside the black shadow.

"How can an ordinary person have such speed?"

The black shadow was shocked.

No matter how slow his brain was, he should have been able to react. Lei Luo was not an ordinary student, but a terrifying wizard who hid himself very well.

In the next moment, he suddenly had another terrifying thought.

Could this little student be the legendary Divine Snake Wizard?

It was said that after becoming an ultimate wizard, it could make an old person become young again, with the miraculous effect of restoring life.

Thinking of this, the black shadow's heart surged with intense fear. He did not dare to compete with Lei Luo, and he suddenly flipped in the air and flew in another direction.

Lei Luo did not think that the black shadow would actually run away.

"Hmph, you dare to attack me. How can I not teach you a lesson?"

Lei Luo clenched his fingers in the air. As if he was plucking a flower petal, a piece of needle-shaped magic ice shot out and instantly pierced through the black shadow's shoulder.

The black shadow grunted and staggered. He landed outside the bamboo forest and paused for half a second before flying away and disappearing into the night.

The reason Lei Luo hadn't killed him was that he didn't want to cause too much trouble.

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