Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

After all, who knew what faction this guy was backed by? If he killed one and took revenge on another, killing another and taking revenge on another, wouldn't there be no end to it?

The hatred wouldn't disappear, it would only shift.

Why bother?

Therefore, he only injured the other party to give a warning. That fellow probably wouldn't dare to come again.

Suddenly, Lei Luo looked into the quiet depths of the bamboo forest.

That person was obviously here for the bamboo forest.

Could there be something good inside?

Why don't I enter and take a look?

Although the old senior said that the bamboo forest was a forbidden area and that trespassers were not allowed, he was no longer the old him. There was no harm in entering and taking a look.

Very soon, he made his decision and walked into the depths of the bamboo forest.

Initially, Lei Luo had no intention of exploring it. However, the mysterious man's intrusion into the forbidden area at night had aroused his curiosity.

The bamboo forest was not big. After walking dozens of meters along the path, the area in front of him suddenly became open. There were fewer bamboos, but it was a deep darkness that one could not see the edge of.

"It really is a forbidden area."

Lei Luo smiled. It was pitch-black. He could feel the violent magic elements inside. There must be an unusual treasure. Of course, there might also be powerful elemental mages.

However, Lei Luo relied on his outstanding strength as an elemental mage, so he was not afraid as he slowly walked in.

As a second-level elemental mage, Lei Luo was different from ordinary people. In this complete darkness, ordinary people would not be able to see. However, he could see a few meters away clearly, so it was not difficult for him to find the path under his feet.

The deeper he went, the more he realized that the path was straight and downward.

Soon, he stepped on a stone staircase and went down one step at a time. The sound of his footsteps was very clear in the darkness.

He had finally reached the bottom.

It was a secret chamber that was neither too big nor too small. The air inside was still relatively fresh, and there was no feeling of suffocation. It was obvious that this secret chamber had a special ventilation hole.

Suddenly, Lei Luo's gaze fell on a small wooden bed under the stone wall opposite the underground palace.

A person was lying on it. His body was shriveled and did not have any aura. Judging from the purple clothes on his body, he was probably a wizard from the royal family.

Lei Luo was extremely shocked. Purple wizard robes were not something that an ordinary wizard could obtain. Only by receiving the king's favor and reward would one be qualified to wear them.

"This is the legendary wizard Snake God?"

Lei Luo frowned.

It was obvious that he had been dead for a long time. No wonder the surrounding air was filled with powerful magic power.

With his perception as a second-level elemental wizard, it would be impossible to deceive him if he was faking his death.

Lei Luo walked over. Suddenly, his gaze fell on the stone wall beside him. There were some words carved on it, vaguely emitting a terrifying elemental power.

"I touched the ultimate realm of a wizard, but due to the limitations of my talent, I was unable to break through. How pitiful, how laughable, how hateful!

"I entered the Hiro Magic Academy at the age of nine, became a beginner-level mage at the age of eleven, and studied under the dean. At the age of twenty, I became an elemental mage, and at the age of thirty, I received the title of supreme mage from the kingdom. No one in the entire kingdom was my match. At the age of forty-seven, I consecutively defeated the Holy Martial Emperor, Patriarch Bolivet, Emperor Hillard, and the Holy Maiden of the Mist, four of the top ninth-level elemental mages in the middle-earth. I established a great reputation for the Faroe Kingdom. His Majesty the King conferred me the title of great mage Snake God, and I guarded the kingdom. No one in the middle-earth dared to invade me. When I was eighty-nine years old, I felt that my life had reached its peak, so I chose to live in seclusion in a bamboo forest in the Hiro Magic Academy, preparing to break through to become an ultimate mage. After thirty years without any progress, I finally found the reason.

"What an unfair fate!

"This is the grudge left behind by the divine snake archmage, Moseley."


Lei Luo looked at the words and fell silent.

In these words that contained terrifying elemental power, he seemed to have sensed the sorrow and unwillingness in the heart of this super mage named Moseley.

Just because he did not have enough talent, he was unable to break through the final barrier and advance to the realm of an ultimate mage. In the end, he had died here without anyone knowing.

Suddenly, Lei Luo's body trembled and he shivered.

It was because his talent was not good either. Otherwise, his predecessor would not have been able to stay in the academy for nine years before becoming a beginner mage. Even a genius like Moseley realized that his talent was too poor after reaching the realm of an ultimate mage.

He was already a second-level elemental mage. In a few more years, he would also strive to become an ultimate mage.

If he was dragged down by his talent, he would never be able to become an ultimate mage. Wouldn't that mean that he would stop here forever?



His goal was not only to become an ultimate mage but to become the first archmage in middle-earth who was above an ultimate mage. How could he give up halfway?

Lei Luo suddenly had a thought. No, no, no. If his talent was not enough, why would the top-tier meditation technique have a final chapter?

Over the years, with the help of potions and top-tier meditation techniques, even a poor student like him had broken through to the realm of an elemental mage.

If he had obtained the ultimate meditation technique, he might have been able to attempt breaking through to the realm of an ultimate mage?

Unfortunately, Lei Luo had not come into contact with that realm yet, so he did not know what was going on.

Besides, I have a check-in system. I definitely won't be as unlucky as the great wizard Moseley.

Lelo's expression became extremely determined.

He was no longer depressed.

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