Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Hiro Magic Academy Library.

Lei Luo did not feel sleepy at all. In fact, he was basically using meditation as a way to sleep now.

He took out the spirit replenishing codex, which was actually golden in color. He stuck the secret manual between his brows and it instantly turned into golden light and entered his body.

In an instant, Lei Luo felt his entire body burning hot as if he was being roasted in a blazing fire.

In his senses, a powerful and mysterious power fused into his body, causing the magic power in his body to churn crazily. It surged crazily into his meridians, scurrying around like a headless fly. Under the violent collision of the magic power, the originally somewhat blocked meridians actually began to faintly expand, and many impurities were swept out of his body.

After an unknown amount of time, the effects of the spirit-replenishing codex gradually faded and he sensed that his body had become different.

If his previous body was a tattered bottle that would have missed out a lot when absorbing magic power, then his current body was a perfect thermos bottle that would not let go of even a trace of magic aura.

Especially after he entered a meditative state and tried it, he could clearly see that his magic power was growing, and the state of his magic power was very calm.

Is this the spirit replenishing codex? It is indeed marvelous.

Lei Luo was endlessly amazed.

One had to know that this was only the first volume of the spirit replenishing codex, and his talent had only been repaired to a degree that was slightly better than ordinary people.

The spirit replenishing codex had a total of three volumes.

The first volume was called Filling in the Gaps.

The meaning was to fill in the gaps in one's talent, to reach a level that surpassed ordinary people, and to perfect one's basic talent.

The second volume was called Spirit Fusion.

After reaching the second level, one would begin to approach the talent of a genius. Using magic power to nourish one's meridians and blood vessels would allow one's talent to advance to a higher level. One could even strengthen one's spiritual power, making it easier to learn spells, and one's comprehension would also increase by several times.

The third volume was called Transcendence.

After comprehending the third volume, not only would one's spirit and talent be perfected to the greatest extent, but one's physical body would also be strengthened. The regeneration of severed limbs would be no problem.

"I've only comprehended the first level's rudiments. It will still take a long time to reach the second level."

Lei Luo shook his head.

He had discovered that using the spirit replenishing codex to repair and fill up required too much mana. This was only the initial effect that was very obvious. In the later stages, the mana needed to be consumed would only increase, and the effect would also become increasingly weaker.

Even if he used potions and meditation to restore mana, he probably wouldn't be able to completely transform his talent from an ordinary person to a true genius within a few years.

Fortunately, he had checked in to the system. When he checked in, the system would probably give him some decent potions to aid in meditation.

After all, the system was most particular about getting what it wanted.

The next day, Lei Luo checked in again in the library.

"Ding, congratulations to host for successfully signing in.

Reward: Magic recovery potion

The system's notification sounded.

After Lei Luo read the introduction of the magic recovery potion, he smiled.

This was because the effect of this magic recovery potion was to restore magic. Unlike the magic amplification potion, the recovery potion could only be used for recovery and could not assist meditation. The amplification potion had both functions, but its main use was to assist meditation, if it was used directly to restore magic, its effect would not be as good as the recovery potion.

Lei Luo drank the magic recovery potion without hesitation.

For a moment, a strong wave of magic power surged out, making his entire body feel warm. It was as if he was bathing under the gentle afternoon sun after taking a hot bath. It was very comfortable.

After a long time, he had completely absorbed the magic recovery potion. The effect was very good.

Very good. If I can get a bottle of this potion every day, I'll be able to recover my talent in half a year at most. By then, there won't be any obstacles for me to break through to become an ultimate mage.

Lelo smiled.

On the third day after receiving the spirit-replenishing codex, Lei Luo signed for a vampire coffin instead of rewarding the mana recovery potion.

This coffin could also gather magic power and nourish the person lying in it. As long as Lei Luo was lying in it, he could also recover magic power.

He looked at the ancient coffin in front of him and fell into deep thought.

Was the system wrong?

How awkward it would be to sleep in such a coffin.

Fortunately, he was the only one in the library. If someone else was here, wouldn't he be killed?

After thinking for a while, Lei Luo closed the door and lay down.

Well, it was quite comfortable.


In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Lei Luo had slept in the vampire coffin every day, and he could occasionally sign in for the magic recovery potion. His talent and foundation were getting stronger and stronger.

He had successfully broken through to become a fifth-level elemental mage.

One day, Lei Luo was lying in the vampire's coffin, holding a codex in his hand, engrossed in reading. Suddenly, his expression changed. He came out of the coffin and put it into the system space.

After tidying his clothes, he walked out of the library.

Not long after he reached the entrance of the library, he saw a group of mages dressed in red high-level mage robes and a group of swordsmen fully equipped with elite equipment walking in.

"Lei Luo, His Majesty the King will be here in an hour.." One of the advanced mages said in a deep voice.

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