Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

"Oh right, can I sign in here?"

Lei Luo's heart skipped a beat.

This was the place where Moseley had spent more than fifty years studying magic. Signing in here might give him a special reward.

Signing in at the library was mostly filled with potions, so it was hard for good items to appear.

This forbidden bamboo forest should not be within the scope of the library, right?

It just so happened that he had not used up today's opportunity to sign in, so Lei Luo signed in without hesitation.

Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully signing in.

Reward: Spirit replenishing codex.

The system's notification sounded.

Lei Luo hurriedly checked the introduction of the spirit replenishing codex.

Oh my God, this is a codex that was specially made for me!

No matter how calm Lei Luo was, he could not help but be excited at this moment.

This was because as long as he studied this spirit replenishing spell codex carefully, he would be able to comprehend a spell that could repair his innate talent. It could even allow him to regrow a severed limb!

Of course, it was impossible to comprehend such a powerful spell within a short period of time.

However, Lei Luo didn't care. As long as there was hope for a breakthrough, he was willing to pay, no matter how much effort and sweat he had to put in.

What he was most happy about was that after comprehending the true profundity of the spirit replenishing spell, he could use the ultimate meditation technique to meditate. This would greatly increase the growth rate of his magic power, and he would no longer be troubled by his low talent.

Awesome, I did not come in vain this time!

Lei Luo smiled.

Then, he said to Moseley's corpse, "Respected pioneer, since you have not completed your goal, I, a junior, will complete it for you. I will let the world know that breaking through to the ultimate mage is not a legend!"

After saying that, he turned around and walked out.

As for Moseley's corpse, he did not move, nor did he intend to bury it.

This was because the underground secret chamber in the bamboo forest was the best place to bury it.

After walking out of the secret chamber, Lei Luo directly destroyed the tunnel and buried it with soil. This way, no one would be able to open the stone door and enter the secret chamber, disturbing the rest of the great mage Moseley.


The capital of the kingdom, outside Faroe City.

In the deep forest, there was a small wooden house built by a hunter. Candlelight shone through the wooden windows, illuminating the surrounding small forest.

In the basement of the hunter's house, a few people gathered had together.

One of them was dressed in black. His face was pale, and blood was flowing from his shoulder. Although he had tried to stop the bleeding with magic, the effect was not good.

This strange magic icicle was extremely terrifying. The ice energy was still raging in his body, continuously destroying his internal organs. If he could not expel this ice energy, his internal organs would definitely suffer irreversible damage. If he was lucky, his cultivation would be damaged and he would become a cripple. If he was unlucky, his internal organs would be destroyed and he would die immediately.

"How did you get injured? And it's still so serious?"

The others were extremely shocked.

The man in black took a bottle of red life potion and finally stabilized some of his injuries as he spoke in a deep voice. "I was injured by a young student. I suspect that he's the great wizard Snake God. He didn't die. It's possible that he has become the legendary Ultimate Wizard, and his appearance has become younger!"

An old man wearing a wizard hat shook his head and said, "Impossible. If it was the great wizard Snake God, you wouldn't have come back alive. Previously, his attacks were so vicious, and countless geniuses in the middle-earth died at his hands. Countless kingdoms and sects wanted to chop him into mincemeat."

The man in black replied in a deep voice, "But the student who injured me was too young. His magic power was terrifying. Based on the strength I sensed, I'm afraid he's already a second-level elemental mage. But when did such a young genius wizard appear in the middle-earth?"

In fact, he was also very suspicious. If it was that merciless Moseley, how could he have had the chance to come back alive?

"Perhaps he used some kind of magic that could restore his youthful appearance? Even if it was a disguise, there are many powerful mages in the Hiro Magic Academy. It wouldn't be strange for a second-level elemental mage to appear. Moseley must have nurtured a large number of genius mages for the kingdom. Right now, the most worrying thing is whether Mosley is still alive. If he is still alive, we are not his match after all. If we don't get the world-termination magic book, our plan will not be able to be carried out!"

The old man in the wizard hat said in a deep voice, "Originally, when the king of Faroe Kingdom passed away, those princes were all fighting for the throne, which was the best opportunity for us. But now, it seems that it's not the time."

"We've waited for so many years. It's not a big deal to wait for a few more years. The holy son has already grown up and broken through the realm of elemental mage. He has the potential of the Holy Emperor. It's very suitable for him to avenge the Holy Emperor," another person said indifferently.

The old man in the wizard hat said, "Ross, your injuries are very troublesome. You must return to the temple to receive treatment. At the same time, report the situation here to the holy son."


The Man in black nodded and left the secret room.

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