Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: With a Single Thought, All Beasts Submit!

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Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Spirit Beast Academy.

Immortal Destiny Holy Land kept many spirit beasts in captivity in their compound.

At this moment, a disciple was bringing food to feed the spirit beasts of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. He suddenly discovered that those spirit beasts were actually worshipping in one direction.

He immediately went to report to the Elders.

A few Elders immediately went to the Spirit Beast Academy and saw spirit beasts kneeling on the ground one after another, prostrating toward the direction of Immortal Jade Peak.

The Spirit Beast Academy had a total of 1,130 spirit beasts, and at this moment, they were kneeling in one direction.

With a single thought, ten thousand beasts submitted!

Several Elders were dumbstruck and incomparably shocked at this incident.

“This is… ten thousand beasts submitting. Could it be that our immortal sect has produced another beast tamer expert?”

“If that’s the case, it must be our clan’s fortune!”

“Let’s quickly go and take a look!”

At the peak of the Immortal Jade Peak.

Lu Yuting looked at her junior brother in surprise.

There were two ways to tame a beast. Lu Yuting has a special method by harnessing the power of friendship with the spirit beasts that she encounters. After establishing a good relationship with a spirit beast, she would tame it.

Another way to force submission in a spirit beast was to use brute force and show her strength to incite fear in the beast.

Obviously, her junior brother was talented and incited fear in the beasts.

With a single thought, all the beasts immediately submitted to him.

At this moment, Ye Chen was like the king of all beasts. With just a single thought, he could make all the spirit beasts bow down to him.

Ye Chen looked at the spirit beasts that submitted under his feet. He did not expect his god-herding technique to be so powerful.

With a single thought, he could make so many spirit beasts submit to him.

However, he also knew that he could not reveal his cultivation, so he hurriedly withdrew his divine ability.

At this moment, the spirit beasts finally crawled up from the ground as if they had been relieved of a heavy burden.

Ye Chen went toward Lu Yuting.

Lu Yuting happily patted Ye Chen’s little head and said, “Little Junior Brother, you’re too awesome!”

At this moment, several powerful auras surged toward them.

They raised their heads and saw the auras in the sky.

The three Elders flew to the back mountain of their Immortal Jade Peak to investigate.

Upon arriving here, they saw Ye Chen and Lu Yuting standing on the mountain peak.

The three Elders immediately landed in front of the duo.

Ye Chen was the son of Holy Mother Immortal Jade, and Lu Yuting was also a genius beast tamer. So how could they not know of Ye Chen and Lu Yuting?

“Greetings, Elders!” Lu Yuting hurriedly brought Ye Chen and bowed.

At this moment, the three Elders looked at Ye Chen and Lu Yuting and immediately asked, “The two of you have always been here?”

The two of them nodded.

The Elders looked at Lu Yuting and asked, “When you were here, did you see a mighty figure who made all the beasts submit to him?”

At this moment, Ye Chen knew why the three Elders had come.

It must have been because he had made all the beasts submit to him and alerted the Elders of the clan. That was why they had come one after another.

Ye Chen and Lu Yuting hurriedly shook their heads and replied, “No.”

Holy Mother Immortal Jade had previously instructed that Ye Chen’s cultivation could not be exposed.

The three Elders looked at Ye Chen and the others without any doubt.

Because Ye Chen had a void spirit root, he could not cultivate, and it was even more impossible for him to become a beast tamer. And although Lu Yuting was a genius among beast tamers and was able to tame a spirit beast like the White Tiger, she definitely could not make the ten thousand beasts submit to her.

“That’s right. Since she doesn’t want to show her face, why would she let us meet her?” An Elder shook his head.

“Such a person would definitely be a powerful existence who has devoted himself to cultivation. Why would she expose herself for the sake of her reputation?” Another Elder said.

At this moment, the three Elders bowed toward a certain direction of the Immortal Jade Peak and said, “Since senior doesn’t want to come out and meet us, we won’t disturb senior’s cultivation.”

After the three Elders bowed, they left the place.

Immortal Jade Palace.

At Holy Mother Immortal Jade’s residence.

Ye Chen’s five senior sisters and Ye Chen all came before Holy Mother Immortal Jade.

Ye Chen’s third senior sister, fourth senior sister, fifth senior sister, and sixth senior sister all praised Ye Chen in front of Holy Mother Immortal Jade and told Holy Mother Immortal Jade about the events that happened in the past few days.

During these four days, Ye Chen had learned the art of concealment, learned alchemy, and even learned a zither tune, shocking everyone. What was even more ridiculous was that Ye Chen had released his aura, directly making all the beasts of the Immortal Jade Peak submit to him.

After listening to the accounts of Ye Chen’s senior sisters, Holy Mother Immortal Jade’s face showed incomparably shocked.

She did not expect her son to have such good talent.

At this time, Ye Chen’s seventh senior sister, Zhao Xiyao, snorted coldly with a disdainful expression as she listened to the narrations of her senior sisters.

Originally, she was the most talented one among the seven disciples of Saintess Immortal Jade.

But now, after Ye Chen awakened his god spirit root, he stole all the limelight from her, so she was a little depressed.

Ye Chen’s seventh senior sister, Zhao Xiyao, was only ten years old now, only two years older than Ye Chen. She was still childlike.

She listened to the narrations of her senior sisters and snorted coldly, “The cultivation of cultivators is the most important. No matter how good your skills are, if you don’t have good cultivation skills, then you’re useless.”

Hearing Zhao Xiyao’s cold snort, the senior sisters looked at Zhao Xiyao and asked, “What, little junior sister, are you jealous when you see us praising Little Chen?”

“Humph, I’m not jealous. I won’t be jealous of this kid!” Zhao Xiyao said with a pout on her face.

Ye Chen smiled in his heart. He had a 20-year-old soul in his body now. How could he be bothered with a 10-year-old kid?

However, he could sign in again when he was at the Immortal Jade Palace today.

He could sign in once or a few times at each place. Last time, he had obtained the god spirit root in the Immortal Jade Palace. He did not know what he would be able to get this time.

“Sign in.”

[Ding, the host has signed in the Immortal Jade Palace. The reward is a cultivation technique, heavenly development technique.]

[Heavenly development technique, a human cultivation technique. It can evolve into thousands of divine abilities and martial skills. When cultivated to a high realm, it can break through the secrets of the heavens and travel the same path as the Great Dao of Heaven and earth. It is one of the most powerful cultivation techniques of the human race.]

[The cultivation technique has been distributed. Do you want to cultivate it?]

Heavenly development technique?

Ye Chen was shocked.

Previously, he had signed the god-herding technique. The god-herding technique could suppress other races, and this heavenly development technique was one of the most powerful cultivation techniques of the human race. No matter which one it was, it was an ultimate cultivation technique.

How could he not cultivate such a cultivation technique?

“Cultivate!” Ye Chen immediately said in his heart.

[The host has successfully cultivated it. You now have the first level of the heavenly development art.]

Instantly, rolling spiritual energy rushed toward Ye Chen.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s senior sisters were chatting and laughing with Holy Mother Immortal Jade. Qi vitality surged from Ye Chen’s body, and spiritual energy continuously flowed into Ye Chen’s body. At this moment, Ye Chen actually showed signs of a breakthrough.

One had to know that Ye Chen had only started cultivating three days ago. On the second day, he broke through to the Qi refining realm and reached the foundation establishment realm. Could it be that Ye Chen was about to break through again?

At this moment, Ye Chen’s cultivation continued to rise, directly advancing from the early stage of the foundation establishment realm to the middle stage of the foundation establishment realm.

Seeing this scene, Holy Mother Immortal Jade and Ye Chen’s senior sisters were all dumbfounded.

Ye Chen had just broken through to the foundation establishment realm two days ago, and in just two days, Ye Chen had already reached the intermediate stage of the foundation establishment realm.

This kind of cultivation speed was really too heaven-defying, right?

Zhao Xiyao, who had just said that Ye Chen’s cultivation level was low, now pouted and was so shocked that she could not speak.

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