Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Sixth Senior Sister, Lu Yuting!

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Ye Chen’s sixth senior sister was called Lu Yuting. She was a very cheerful and cute girl and the kindest of Ye Chen’s seven senior sisters.

Yuting knew the art of communication. She could communicate with all kinds of animals and demonic beasts.

Although Yuting was not very powerful, she had raised many fierce beasts. Cultivators like Yuting were called beast tamers in their world.

The next day, Ye Chen followed his sixth senior sister Lu Yuting to the back mountain.

“Little Chen, hurry up!”

Lu Yuting was in front of Ye Chen, skipping around like an agile little elf.

Lu Yuting was fifteen years old. Although she was not an adult yet, she was already a tall and graceful young lady. She wore green clothes and looked like a carefree wind elf. She was adorable.

Lu Yuting walked in front of Ye Chen. Her long hair fluttered in the wind, her slender waist, and her newly developed breasts bounced about. Although she was not as magnificent as Miaohan, she was still growing. She would be a magnificent sight in the future.

Ye Chen followed behind Lu Yuting and walked toward the back of the mountain.

At this time, Lu Yuting saw a cute little rabbit. She squatted down gently. The little rabbit did not seem to be afraid of her at all. Instead, it came into Lu Yuting’s arms.


The little rabbit seemed to have said something to Lu Yuting.

She seemed to understand it immediately. Then, she patted the little rabbit lightly, and the little rabbit immediately ran away.

To Ye Chen, he was not that kind. In his eyes, animals like rabbits were just food to him.

“Little Chen, all things have a spirit. If you want to control beasts and familiars, you have to communicate with them with your heart,” Lu Yuting said to Ye Chen, who was standing behind her with a smile.

Ye Chen nodded as if he did not understand.

Ye Chen sized up the back mountain of their Immortal Jade Peak. In this mountain forest, the spiritual energy was very abundant. He might even be able to sign in for some treasures.

He did not hesitate and signed in immediately.

“Sign in!”

Ye Chen said softly.

At this moment, in Ye Chen’s heart, a voice kept ringing out.

[Ding, the host has signed in the back mountain of the Immortal Jade Peak. The reward is the ‘god-herding technique’.]

[God-herding art, a god-grade cultivation technique. It has an absolute suppressive effect on non-humans. When cultivated to great success, as long as one’s cultivation is high enough, one will be able to suppress any race.]

[This cultivation technique can be used to herd beasts, herd ghosts, herd devils, herd gods…]

Instantly, many pieces of information rang out in Ye Chen’s mind.

After hearing this, Ye Chen’s heart was incomparably shocked.

In this world where tens of thousands of races were established, this god-herding technique was too powerful!

[The technique has been distributed.]

[The technique has been bound. Do you want to cultivate it?]

“Cultivate.” Ye Chen did not hesitate at all. Such a powerful technique, as long as one was not mentally ill, they would cultivate it.

Instantly, a stream of information surged into Ye Chen’s mind, and it was all the information of the god-herding technique.

[Successfully cultivated. Congratulations, host. You have reached the first level of the god-herding technique.]

“Little Chen, are you listening to me?” Lu Yuting saw that Ye Chen was in a daze. She stood on a rock and asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen scratched his head and replied, “I’m listening, I’m listening!”

“If you want a subdued beast, you have to establish a good relationship with a spirit beast,” Lu Yuting continued. Then, she called out softly, “Chang Wei!”


Suddenly, a roar was heard.

A huge white bug with a hanging eye rushed over from the forest and arrived in front of Lu Yuting.

It was an incomparably huge fierce tiger with black and white stripes. It was extremely ferocious. When the fierce tiger rushed over, even Ye Chen was stunned.

This fierce tiger was called Chang Wei. It was a spirit beast raised by Lu Yuting.

This white ‘big cat’ came to Lu Yuting’s side and obediently squatted down.

Lu Yuting gently placed her hand on Chang Wei’s head and stroked its fur.

“There are many spirit beasts. They look very ferocious, but once you connect with them, you will find that they are very obedient. Little Chen, come and pet him!”

Ye Chen looked at the huge ferocious tiger and felt a slight chill in his heart.

However, he still gently stretched out his hand and was prepared to pet the huge white ‘big cat’.

However, when Ye Chen moved, Chang Wei seemed to have been frightened and immediately hid behind Lu Yuting.

At this moment, Lu Yuting looked at Ye Chen with some surprise.

Because she knew that Chang Wei was afraid of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was also a little surprised. He looked at the huge cat hiding behind Lu Yuting, still trembling. Was he that terrifying?

At this moment, Ye Chen thought of the ‘God-herding technique’ that he had just obtained. If the god-herding technique could be used to control a god, then naturally, the beast-herding technique could.

Could it be that Chang Wei was afraid of him because he had cultivated the ‘God-herding technique’?

“Little junior brother, it’s not like that. If you want a subdued beast, you can’t scare the spirit beast. You have to communicate with them in a friendly manner so that you can learn the subdued beast technique well!” Lu Yuting said with a smile.

At this moment, Ye Chen came to a stone slab on the mountaintop to confirm his thoughts.

Immediately, he silently chanted the god-herding technique in his heart, and the aura on his body was immediately released.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

A streak of golden light pierced straight down from the clouds.

It landed on Ye Chen’s body.

Instantly, a powerful pressure appeared on Ye Chen’s body.

At this moment, Chang Wei, who was beside Lu Yuting, seemed to have seen a great terror. His eyes revealed a fearful expression, and he immediately knelt in Ye Chen’s direction, as if he was worshipping Ye Chen.

Not only Chang Wei but also the various spirit beasts around Lu Yuting immediately knelt down one by one in Ye Chen’s direction.


A loud sound rang out.

In the forest, a huge spirit beast suddenly appeared.

It was an incomparably huge snake, perhaps more than a meter thick and extremely long.

It slowly slithered toward Ye Chen’s direction.

Lu Yuting was incomparably shocked when she saw the huge snake.

That was the spirit beast Qing Mang, who had been hiding in the back mountain of the Immortal Jade Peak. Even their Immortal Destiny Holy Land’s highest level beast tamer was unable to subdue it. Now that it had appeared, what did it want to do?

Lu Yuting was greatly shocked, and she immediately prepared herself to face the enemy.

At this moment, she saw the huge Qing Mang come to Ye Chen’s feet, and prostrate itself at Ye Chen’s feet, as if it was submitting to him.

Around Lu Yuting, countless spirit beasts had already knelt down. It was as if all the spirit beasts in the back of the mountain had submitted to this pressure.

At this moment, Lu Yuting’s heart was incomparably shocked.

She raised her head and looked at her junior brother who was standing at the peak of the mountain.

She could not believe what she was seeing.

Her junior brother actually made all the spirit beasts on the mountain submit to him. This…

How was this possible?

Could it be that her little junior brother was a born genius beast tamer?

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