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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: 13 Swords of Heaven and Earth!

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[13 swords of Heaven and Earth, a total of 13 sword moves. When cultivated to the mahayana realm, it can shake heaven and earth, and slash the sun, moon, and stars!]

Seeing this message, Ye Chen was shocked.

It could shake heaven and earth, slash the sun, moon, and stars.

This was too ridiculous!

[The sword manual has been dispatched.]

[The sword moves have been fused. Now, the host can learn the first move, Spring Thunder!]

Instantly, a message appeared in Ye Chen’s mind.

Spring Thunder was a sword move. The sword move was like lightning, fast as lightning!

Ye Chen silently felt the first move of the thirteen swords of heaven and earth — Spring Thunder.

Silently reciting the resolution, Ye Chen immediately struck out with his sword. The true energy in his body gushed out like a torrent, like a huge flood breaking through a dam, instantly pouring out.

Instantly, a sword light wantonly came out. However, the rolling sword intent was incomparably sharp.


A cold light instantly slashed out!


Only a loud sound could be heard.

The huge rock in front of Ye Chen was instantly cut into two halves.

At this time, his second senior sister Murong Qingxue had just turned her head. After hearing the sound, she immediately turned her head to look at Ye Chen.

Her cold and clear face could not help but reveal a surprised expression.

She looked at her little junior brother Ye Chen in disbelief.

She knew that Ye Chen possessed a god spirit root, so she could understand that his cultivation was fast. However, this should be Ye Chen’s first time cultivating the way of the sword. So how could he suddenly erupt with such a sharp sword Qi?

Could it be that her little junior brother was a genius in the way of the sword?

[Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully learning the first sword. The second sword skill has been unlocked, Autumn Water!]

The 13 swords of the universe were as their names suggested. There were a total of 13 sword moves. The first sword move was Spring Thunder, and the second sword move was Autumn Water…

Ye Chen struck out with his first sword move and immediately followed up with another sword move.

The sword slashed horizontally like flowing water, and it was unending. As the sword move was released, strands of sword light were like Autumn Water, unbroken and chaotic.

Following that, the system continuously unlocked the 13 sword moves of the universe for Ye Chen.

The third sword skill was Qingmei, the fourth was Bamboo Horse, the fifth was Qingfeng, the sixth was Mingyue, the seventh was Drifting Snow, the eighth was Hongzhuang, the ninth was near at hand, the tenth was Tianya, the 11th was Yin and Yang, the 12th was Immortal Gods, and the 13th was Qiankun!

One sword move after another.

The first four sword skills were like a jade from a small family, waiting to be married off to a young lady. But, instead, they were filled with endless love…

The middle six strikes were like a woman in love, accompanied by a breeze and a bright moon. They drank two or three peach blossoms together. Their sword moves were filled with love, and their strikes were without regret…

And the last three strikes were filled with killing intent as one. The sharp killing intent instantly surged forward, as if one sword was going to go against Yin and Yang, one sword was going to kill an Immortal God, and one sword was going to cut down the universe. It was majestic and grand, and the sword moves were sharp.

Thirteen strikes followed one after another in Ye Chen’s hand.

Instantly, the sharp sword intent was like a torrential river, releasing layer after layer.

In his second senior sister’s Sword Training Pool, the sword intent flew everywhere, carving one sword mark after another on the rocks.

At this moment, his second senior sister Murong Qingxue was extremely shocked as she watched her little junior brother perform the sword moves.

Although these sword moves were very immature when practiced by her little junior brother, they had an incomparable mystery. They were dozens of times more exquisite than the sword moves she usually learned.

Her cold and clear face could not help but be shocked. Her small mouth slightly opened, and her mind was shocked!

It was the eleventh sword move!

Ye Chen’s sword slashed out, one sword against Yin and Yang!

Instantly, a huge sword light cut through the sky. Instantly, heaven and earth rumbled, Yin and Yang went into disorder, and thunder exploded in the surroundings!

A cold light appeared in the entire Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

“That’s…” A disciple looked at the cold light.

“That’s senior sister Murong’s sword training pool. Could it be that senior sister Murong has figured out a new sword move?” Another disciple said in surprise.

“This sword move seems to be even more powerful than senior sister Murong’s sword move!”

While the crowd was talking, a man in white suddenly flew toward Murong Qingxue’s Sword Training Pool on his flying sword. Then, with his white robe fluttering in the wind, the man stepped on his flying sword and instantly arrived outside Murong Qingxue’s sword training pool.

“The one who just passed by is…”

“That must be senior uncle Qi Yang, the Peak Master of Tianqi Peak!”

Everyone was shocked.

The Peak Master of Tianqi Peak, Zhao Qiyang, was known as the Sword Immortal in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. This is because he was the strongest sword cultivator in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

He had always had a good impression of Ye Chen’s second senior sister. Initially, he had wanted to take Murong Qingxue as his disciple. However, in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, only the Immortal Jade Peak could take in female disciples, so he had missed out on Murong Qingxue, this good seedling.

Otherwise, with Murong Qingxue’s talent and his teachings, Murong Qingxue would become the number one Sword Immortal in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land in the future and even surpass him.

Therefore, Zhao Qiyang paid a lot of attention to Murong Qingxue.

Now that he saw Murong Qingxue’s sword training pool emit such a powerful sword light.

He was shocked.

So, he had come to the outside of Murong Qingxue’s sword training pool.

Not only Zhao Qiyang… but many powerful Elders had also come to the outside of the Sword Training Pool. However, now was the time for Murong Qingxue to practice her sword. No one would go in to disturb her, in case she would go berserk if she was careless.

In the Sword Training Pool.

Ye Chen stabbed out the twelfth sword move.

Immortal God!

Killing an Immortal God with one sword move!

Instantly, the Great Dao rumbled between heaven and earth, and a huge sword light descended from the sky.

Heaven and earth were astonished, and the gods howled, and ghosts wailed!

It was as if this sword could annihilate the immortals and gods in the sky, and it was incomparably powerful.

Seeing this sword move, Zhao Qiyang’s body leaned forward slightly. Even he would not be able to display such a sword intent and sword move.

The disciples outside were all dumbfounded.

Of course, Ye Chen did not know what was happening outside, and he only focused on practicing his Sword Dao.

Although one sword move after another was highly profound.

However, Ye Chen knew in his heart that the power of the ‘Thirteen Swords of Heaven and Earth’ was not limited to this.

Because he was only at the initial stage of the core formation realm, the power that he displayed was not considered powerful. If he had reached the insightful emptiness realm or above, when he displayed the ‘Thirteen Swords of Heaven and Earth’, he would definitely have the power of a celestial being. One sword move would kill an Immortal God, and one sword move would slash the heaven and earth, it was not impossible!

However, the most important thing for him now was to learn these 13 sword moves. As for the matter of increasing the power, he would talk about it in the future!

Ye Chen’s heart sank. He calmed his Qi and focused his mind. He held the sword with both hands, and instantly, the 13th sword move was slashed out.

One sword to cut down the heaven and earth!


A loud bang was heard.

In the Sword Training Pool, an intense sword light instantly surged out. It seemed to contain the Great Dao of the common people, as well as the power of heaven and earth.

The sword light shot straight out, attacking toward a small mountain.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on the sword light, as the sword light instantly slashed across a small mountain.

In the next second.

Even Zhao Qiyang, the strongest sword cultivator of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, could not sit still any longer.

Because the small mountain was directly cut in half by the sword, sliding down.

The rest of the Elders and disciples were all stunned.

“Murong… Qingxue… has she reached such a realm?” An Elder looked at the small mountain that had been cut in half and muttered.

“In less than ten years, our Immortal Destiny Holy Land will definitely produce another Sword Immortal!” Another Elder immediately added.

Zhao Qiyang was already dumbfounded and did not know what to say.

The realm of that sword technique was something that even the current him could not touch!

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