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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Little Junior Brother Is a Banished Immortal!

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In the Sword Training Pool.

Murong Qingxue no longer had the calmness on her face and even lost the coldness from before.

A pair of gorgeous peach blossom eyes stared at her little junior brother with incomparable shock.

Although little junior brother did not display these thirteen sword techniques skillfully and looked a little immature, as long as one was a sword cultivator, they would be able to see the profoundness of these thirteen sword techniques.

This kind of mysterious sword technique was definitely above the Earth rank…

Wait, that was not right. Even Earth rank could not contain such power. In that case, this sword technique was Heaven rank.

Heaven rank!

How could her little junior brother have a Heaven rank sword technique?

Her little junior brother had grown up in the Tian Xuan Continent since young and had never walked out. Even the number one sword cultivator in the Tian Xuan Continent, Zhao Qiyang, could not use this sword technique.

Could it be that some senior expert had hidden in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land and taught this sword move to her little junior brother?

Immediately after, Murong Qingxue shook her head.

Because, even if some senior expert taught it, her little junior brother could only start cultivating it a month ago.

Even if her little junior brother was a genius among geniuses in the way of the sword, it was impossible for him to master such a powerful sword move in a month.

Then, there was only one possibility!

Her little junior brother must be the reincarnation of a Sword Immortal!

This sword move was his ultimate skill from his previous life and was engraved in his bones. That was why he was able to use this perfect sword move in this life.

Murong Qingxue still remembered that her junior sisters had said that no matter what her little junior brother learned, he would be able to learn it in one go.

Moreover, not only could he learn it, but every time he used it, it was astonishing.

In that case…

Ye Chen was probably not only a Sword Immortal but also a banished Immortal from the heavens who had been demoted to the human world. Only then would he be able to do all of this.

Now, Murong Qingxue understood why her master did not allow her and the others to reveal her little junior brother’s cultivation talent.

Ye Chen was a banished Immortal from the heavenly plane.

If word got out and the outside world knew about it, there would probably be many Immortal Sects and the Holy Lands fighting for this piece of unpolished jade.

At that time, it would not just be her little junior brother who would be in danger.

The entire Immortal Destiny Holy Land would be in chaos because of her little junior brother.

Murong Qingxue nodded, finally understanding her master’s good intentions.

Seeing that there was no movement inside.

Everyone understood that Murong Qingxue had already finished displaying her sword moves.

At this time, the Holy Land’s Elders and disciples had already surrounded the gate, making it impossible for the water to flow through.

Many people wanted to see the elegant demeanor of Fairy Qingxue.

Her sword had cut down the mountain peak. It was comparable to Fairy Qingxue’s river-breaking sword move. However, Fairy Qingxue’s river-breaking sword move was still powerful. But today, she had used pure sword intent to cut down the mountain.

This meant that Fairy Qingxue’s Sword Dao had reached a higher level.

At this moment, the disciples and Elders flew up into the sky.

Fairy Qingxue stood in the courtyard with a cold expression on her face.

An eight-year-old child was standing beside Fairy Qingxue with a long sword in his hand.

Although that sword technique was practiced by Ye Chen, no one in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land would have thought that Ye Chen, who was tested to have a void spirit root at the age of six, would have such a good fortune today.

Murong Qingxue was Ye Chen’s senior sister, so they were not surprised that this eight-year-old kid was here.

Murong Qingxue saw the Peak Master of Tianqi Peak, Zhao Qiyang, and walked up to him. She bowed slightly and said, “Murong Qingxue greets martial uncle Qiyang!”

Zhao Qiyang waved his hand and looked at Murong Qingxue with a gentle smile. “Qingxue, your sword intent has improved again!”

Murong Qingxue was in a daze. She glanced at her junior brother and saw that everyone thought that she was the one who performed this sword move.

Initially, Murong Qingxue did not like to take credit, but she wanted to help her junior brother hide it, so she could only reply, “I suddenly had an epiphany just now and performed this sword move!”

At this moment, Zhao Qiyang looked at Murong Qingxue excitedly and praised, “Not bad, not bad. In less than ten years, I’m afraid I won’t be a match for you.”

“Martial uncle, you flatter me!” Murong Qingxue quickly said.

“I wonder if this sword move has a name?” Zhao Qiyang looked at Murong Qingxue and asked.

“This…” Murong Qingxue was a little troubled. This was not a sword move that she had used.

At this moment, Ye Chen ran up and pulled on senior sister’s sleeve. “Senior sister, this sword move has a total of thirteen sword moves and it’s so powerful. Why don’t we call it the thirteen swords of heaven and earth?”

Seeing that her little junior brother had helped her out of her predicament, Murong Qingxue immediately said, “Alright then, let’s call it the thirteen swords of heaven and earth.”

At this moment, Zhao Qiyang silently recited, “The thirteen swords of heaven and earth. Not bad, not bad. This name is good!”

Everyone looked at Murong Qingxue. Not only was she extremely beautiful, but she was also extremely skilled in swordsmanship. She was simply too stunning.

Now that she had created the thirteen swords of heaven and earth, she would probably surpass martial uncle Zhao Qiyang in a few years and become the number one Sword Immortal in this immortal realm.

Murong Qingxue’s expression was cold and indifferent. She did not care about the gazes of others.

After everyone saw how stunning Murong Qingxue was, they gradually left as well.

At this moment, Murong Qingxue slowly sat down with her long and slender legs. She looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Little Chen, did you create this sword move?”

Ye Chen could not help but be attracted by his second senior sister’s long legs. He could play with such legs for hundreds of years…

Almost all of his senior sisters had their own characteristics.

His second senior sister’s legs, third senior sister’s chest, fourth senior sister’s waist, fifth senior sister’s face, sixth senior sister’s hands, seventh senior sister’s…

Seventh senior sister had not yet grown up and was still developing.

However, she was plain and unremarkable… it was also a characteristic!

Seeing her little junior brother staring at her long legs, Murong Qingxue’s cold face showed a little redness.

“Cough cough…”

His second senior sister coughed a few times.

At this time, Ye Chen immediately came to his senses.

“Senior sister, what did you say?” Ye Chen asked.

His second senior sister rolled her eyes at Ye Chen and asked coldly again, “Did you create this sword move?”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Yes. When I held the sword, I suddenly had an epiphany and created this sword move myself.”

Hearing this, even though his second senior sister was mentally prepared, she was once again surprised by Ye Chen.

It seemed that her guess was true. Ye Chen must be a banished Immortal.

“Little junior brother, remember, from now on, you can only secretly practice the thirteen swords of heaven and earth. You can not let others discover it!” Murong Qingxue continued.

Ye Chen nodded. He was no longer that eight-year-old kid. His soul was now that of a twenty-something-year-old youth from the twenty-first century. He naturally understood such things.

At this moment, Ye Chen looked at his second senior sister and asked, “Senior sister, why don’t I teach you these thirteen swords?”

Ye Chen saw a hint of envy in his senior sister’s eyes. Ye Chen knew that his senior sister would definitely want to learn this sword move. However, due to her ego, she could not say it out loud.

“This…” Murong Qingxue was in a difficult position.

“You’ve already admitted that you created the thirteen swords of heaven and earth. If you can’t use it in the future, won’t you be exposed?” Ye Chen quickly said.

His second senior sister thought for a while and lightly replied, “Alright!”

At this moment, his second senior sister’s face revealed a long-lost smile and two dimples instantly appeared on her face.

Those dimples were the most beautiful dimples Ye Chen had ever seen.

It was also the first time Ye Chen had seen his second senior sister smile.

One had to say, such a second senior sister was so beautiful!

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