Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Shattered With a Light Pat!

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“Sign in!”

[Ding! The host has checked in at the Shenting Peak. You have obtained the eye of truth!]

[The eye of truth can see through illusions and see the essence of reality.]

[Any illusions or fog are useless in front of the eye of truth.]

As the system’s voice rang out.

A golden light appeared above Ye Chen’s eyes and flashed past.

Suddenly, Ye Chen felt as if his eyes had changed.

He looked at a stone on the ground.

He only found that an analysis message had appeared in his mind, directly analyzing the material of the stone.

This pair of eyes was a good thing. It could see everything.

For example, when he went to the outside world to search for treasures, with this pair of eyes, he could know what was a treasure and what was not a treasure with just a glance.

“Hey, how come I haven’t seen you before? Who are you? What are you doing here?” After Ye Chen finished signing in, two or three disciples of Shenting Peak walked toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen raised his eyes and looked at them.

Instantly, three people’s realms appeared in Ye Chen’s eyes.

Two were in the early stage of the core formation realm, and one was in the middle stage.

Could it be that this eye of truth could directly see through the realms of others?

Ye Chen was delighted.

Ye Chen saw the disciple of Shenting Peak and hurriedly said, “I’m a disciple who just entered the sect. I got lost and unknowingly walked here.”

“Newbie? No wonder I said I hadn’t seen you before. This is the Shenting Hall. Ordinary people are not allowed to trespass. Your newbie courtyard is over there. Remember, don’t go wandering about.” The disciple of Shenting Peak did not make things difficult for Ye Chen. Instead, he pointed in a direction for Ye Chen.

“Yes!” Ye Chen immediately left, not wanting to cause any more trouble.

Ye Chen immediately left the Shenting Hall.

At this moment, he suddenly discovered that many people surrounded a place on Shenting Peak.

Ye Chen came closer and saw that they were surrounding a huge ancient monument.

Ye Chen knew that it was called the Immortal Destiny Ancient Monument.

This ancient monument was placed here by the Immortal Destiny Holy Land for the clan’s disciples to test their physical cultivation.

“Senior brother Qin must be number one again this time!” Said a disciple.

Ye Chen was in the soul formation realm now. He could hear what the disciples were saying as he stood behind them.

“Of course. Senior brother Qin is the number one genius of our Shenting Peak. Who can beat him?” Said another disciple.

At this moment, a disciple in white came to the ancient monument.

He stretched out his hand and gathered his Qi. Instantly, a light blue light appeared on his hand.

“Frost palm!”

The disciple shouted.

His palm landed on the Immortal Destiny Ancient Monument.

Boom —

A loud sound.

Immediately, the ancient monument shook slightly and lit up.

100,000 kg!

Immediately, a few words appeared on the ancient monument.

At this moment, the disciple announced his name.

“Zhang Tianheng!”

Instantly, Zhang Tianheng’s name appeared on the ancient monument. It rose straight up and appeared at a ranking.

Zhang Tianheng, 100,000 kg of strength, ranked 96th!

Ye Chen raised his eyes to look at the ranking.

He saw a large name at the top of the ranking: Qin Yue, 1,000,000 kg of strength!

Ye Chen had also heard of Qin Yue. It was said that he was the number one genius of the Shenting Peak and was very powerful. Ye Chen had heard that in Immortal Destiny Holy Land, only his eldest and second senior sisters had the strength to compete with him.

“Congratulations, senior brother Zhang, you are finally on the list!” At this moment, everyone immediately congratulated Zhang Tianheng.

Zhang Tianheng smiled and put on the demeanor of an expert. He smiled calmly and said, “Actually, it’s very simple. As long as you are willing to cultivate hard, you will also be on the list one day!”

There were a total of a hundred people on the ranking list. As long as one could make it onto the ranking list, they could be considered one of the top hundred disciples of the Holy Land. The Holy Land would naturally nurture them diligently.

Therefore, many people were racking their brains trying to hurt the ranking list of the Immortal Destiny Ancient Monument.

At this moment, a disciple appeared in front of the ancient monument.

He struck out with a single palm and struck the stone monument.


The monument lit up.

30,000 kg!

Obviously, 30,000 kg of strength was not enough to be on the list. The disciple shook his head and turned to leave.

Ye Chen looked at the monument calmly. He also wanted to know how much strength he had.

He had signed in and obtained the supreme saintly being. In addition, he had signed in and obtained many methods to cultivate his physical body. However, he had been cultivating for the past three years and had never tested it. Therefore, he wanted to know what level his current strength was at.

“I am now in quite a high realm. My strength shouldn’t be too weak, right?”

When there was no one around, Ye Chen arrived here.

Ye Chen released his divine sense and sensed that there was no one within ten miles. Then, he slowly came to the front of the ancient monument.

“I wonder how much strength I can have now?”

Ye Chen said softly and slowly walked to the front of the ancient monument.

Then, he stood in front of the ancient monument and raised his head to focus.

He remembered that during the day, that person called Zhang Tianheng used a divine ability.

It seemed like he could try using a divine ability.

Ye Chen gathered his Qi and focused his mind as he silently chanted the chant of the divine elephant’s destructive force in his heart.

Then, he slapped his palm onto the ancient monument.

Rumble —

Immediately, the ancient monument continuously trembled and roared.

At this moment, the ancient monument lit up.

The number directly displayed to five million!

However, after reaching five million, it was as if the number had not stopped. The number continued to climb.

Six million kg!

Seven million kg!

Ten million kg!

When it reached ten million kg, it was as if the ancient monument had reached a critical point.

The ancient monument suddenly emitted a golden light.

Kacha —

The ancient monument was instantly filled with spiderweb-like cracks.


A loud sound rang out.

The ancient monument could not withstand the power and directly exploded.

Ye Chen looked at the shattered ancient monument and was momentarily stunned. He did not dare to believe it.

He had shattered this ancient monument with a single palm strike?

One had to know that this ancient monument was not simple. It had been left behind by the ancestor of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land back then. It had actually been shattered with a single slap from him.

At this moment, Ye Chen sensed that someone was approaching from a distance of ten miles away.

It was obvious that his test had caused a sensation.

Ye Chen immediately took the cloud-climbing steps and left in an instant.

When the peak master of the Shenting Peak, Yue Zhengchun, heard the sound of the Ancient Monument of Immortal Destiny, he hurriedly rushed over.

Some Elders of the Shenting Peak also heard the sound and rushed over with the Peak Master.

Countless disciples of the Divine Court Peak also rushed over.

When they arrived here, they saw that the Immortal Destiny Ancient Monument had already been shattered by someone, turning into broken stones that scattered on the ground.

At this moment, whether it was Yue Zhengchun or those Elders, they were all dumbfounded as they watched everything, not daring to believe their own eyes.

“How….how is this possible? The Immortal Destiny Ancient Monument can withstand a force of at least 10 million kg, and there’s actually someone who can shatter it?” An Elder said while trembling.

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