Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Exit the Immortal Jade Peak and Sign In at the Divine Court Peak!

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[Sign in at the peak of the Immortal Jade Peak, and the host is rewarded with the indestructible golden body.]

[Sign in at the Scripture Depository, and the host is rewarded with the Nine Yang True Art.]

[Sign in at the Immortal Jade Hall, and the host is rewarded with the Immortal Grade divine sword.]

After his second senior sister came out of seclusion, Ye Chen lived a normal cultivation life. He could sign in once a day and could sign in many places repeatedly.

For example, the Immortal Jade Palace, the Scripture Depository, the Hundred Herb Garden, and so on.

Ye Chen signed in these places and obtained many treasures.

For example, all kinds of divine weapons, all sorts of medicinal elixirs, and all sorts of martial arts manuals. Moreover, Ye Chen’s various strengths were also rapidly increasing.

Unknowingly, a year quietly passed.

Ye Chen’s strength had also reached the mid-stage of the core formation realm from the nascent soul realm.

Ye Chen’s seventh senior sister was a genius of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. She had also just broken through to the early stage of the nascent soul realm.

In other words, Ye Chen had only used a year to surpass the number one genius of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, Zhao Xiyao, who had cultivated for four to five years.

Above the nascent soul realm was below the soul formation realm. Above the soul formation realm was the insightful emptiness realm. Above the insightful emptiness realm was the mahayana realm.

Ye Chen’s other senior sisters were all in the soul formation realm. As for the eldest senior sister, she was at the advanced stage of the soul formation realm when she went out to train. Now, she was probably in the insightful emptiness realm.

The Holy Mother Immortal jade was currently at the late stage of the insightful emptiness realm. However, with Ye Chen’s cultivation speed, he would probably surpass his mother in a few years.

And even the Sect Leader of the Holy Land, Sect Leader Yuxu, was only at the mahayana realm.

With Ye Chen’s cultivation speed, he would probably surpass the Sect Leader of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land in a few years.

As his strength increased, Ye Chen’s knowledge also increased. Ye Chen understood that the Immortal Destiny Holy Land was only a tiny corner of this world. It could not even be considered a large sect. It could only be regarded as a small Immortal Sect that could barely survive. His little bit of strength was nothing in the outside world.

Since he had finally transmigrated to such a world, how could he be willing to be mediocre?

What Ye Chen needed to do now was to work hard to raise his strength and let himself grow up as soon as possible.

The current Ye Chen was the same as before.

Every day, he would cultivate at his senior sister’s place and learn from each and every one of them.

At night, his third senior sister and fourth senior sister allowed Ye Chen to sleep with them. Every time he slept, it was almost a sensual scene.

Moreover, Ye Chen did not sleep well every night. He had to hold something in his hand to fall asleep.


As for his second senior sister, she was lonelier. Moreover, she did not like to sleep at night and usually cultivated instead. Therefore, on that night, Ye Chen could only stay in the empty room alone.

As for his fifth senior sister and sixth senior sister, although they let Ye Chen stay in their room, they prepared a bed for Ye Chen and would not bring him to sleep with them in the same bed.

Therefore, when Ye Chen slept at night, he liked to sleep in his third senior sister’s room.

As for his seventh senior sister, this eleven-year-old girl who was two years older than Ye Chen, her face was more and more delicate, but her figure was still ordinary and dainty.

Such a princess who was so small, she had an airport tarmac as a chest.

Ye Chen’s strength in all aspects had also increased a lot.

Ye Chen almost mastered his third senior sister’s concealment technique and camouflage technique. However, his third senior sister was proud of her mystic element technique, which Ye Chen had yet to learn.

His fourth senior sister’s alchemy technique had already reached the level of perfection. Ye Chen was already able to refine many elixirs on his own, and talisman techniques and artifact refining techniques. Ye Chen was also gradually mastering them.

Ye Chen was also mastering the skills of chess, art, zither, and cultural stuff.

His sixth senior sister’s beast taming art and spiritual arts were easy to Ye Chen. He was almost done learning them.

Ye Chen’s eldest senior sister was still out training and had not returned for the time being.

Ye Chen signed in every day at the Immortal Jade Peak, cultivated every day, and quickly passed his days.

Ye Chen’s six senior sisters were also paying attention to Ye Chen’s growth. Unknowingly, time passed, and they discovered that Ye Chen’s strength was continuously catching up.

[Signed under the Immortal Jade Holy Tree, obtained the Eternal Spring Elixir Scripture.]

[Signed in the Sword Training Pool, obtained 100 Immortal Grade flying swords.]

[Signed in the Immortal Jade Secret Room, obtained the yin-yang demonic God diagram.]

Ye Chen continued to sign in, continuously increasing his strength.

Another two years passed.

At this time, Ye Chen was already 11 years old, and his cultivation had already reached the advanced stage of the soul formation realm.

Moreover, his cultivation was even higher than many of his senior sisters.

At this time, Ye Chen’s attainments in all aspects surpassed his six senior sisters.

Other than his second senior sister, whose swordsmanship was unparalleled, there was probably no one who was a match for Ye Chen at this time.

At this time, Ye Chen did not need his senior sisters to teach him. Instead, Ye Chen’s senior sisters, who usually taught him, were learning from Ye Chen.

At this moment, Ye Chen was already at the advanced stage of the soul formation realm. Therefore, his cultivation base could be considered top-notch among the disciples of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

As long as he could reach the insightful emptiness realm, he would be on the same level as the Elders of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. His mother, Holy Mother Immortal Jade, was also at the advanced stage of the insightful emptiness realm and became the Peak Master of the Immortal Jade Peak.

Ye Chen had almost signed in all the places that the immortal Jade Peak could sign in for in three years.

Although many places could be signed in repeatedly, Ye Chen discovered that the rewards would deteriorate as he signed in more and more places.

Therefore, Ye Chen wanted to find new places to sign in.

The Immortal Destiny Holy Land had four peaks: The Immortal Jade Peak, the Yuxiao Peak, the Shenting Peak, and the Tianqi peak.

Ye Chen had never left the Immortal Jade Peak in the past three years.

It seemed that he could not stay on the Immortal Jade Peak to sign in all the time. So Ye Chen wanted to leave the Immortal Jade Peak and go to the other peaks to sign in.

Right now, Ye Chen’s concealment technique and transformation technique were already top-notch. Even the four Peak Masters of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land could not see his strength. Therefore, Ye Chen was not afraid of exposing his strength.

Ye Chen had learned the transformation technique before. With a shake of his body, he transformed into a seventeen or eighteen-year-old youth. Then, he left the Immortal Jade Peak and flew toward the Shenting Peak beside the Immortal Jade Peak.

Ye Chen was already in the advanced stage of the soul formation realm. It was not difficult for him to ride a flying sword and ride on clouds and mist.

He flew through the clouds and landed on the Shenting Peak.

He transformed into a seventeen or eighteen-year-old man and concealed his aura. This way, no one would recognize him as Ye Chen.

Ye Chen walked toward the Shenting Peak step by step.

Ye Chen came to the Shenting Hall on the Shenting Peak. Back when he was at the Immortal Jade Hall, he had already signed in to obtain the god spirit root. So presumably, this Shenting Hall would not be bad either.

The surrounding spiritual energy was abundant, and everywhere was full of vitality.

This was definitely a good place to sign in. How could Ye Chen let go of such a place? Therefore, he immediately found a place to sit cross-legged.

Ye Chen did not stay any longer and signed in immediately.

“Sign in!”

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