Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Sign the God Spirit Root, My Son Has the Appearance of an Emperor!

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The next day.

Ye Chen woke up.

At this time, Miaohan was already sitting on the dressing table and starting to make up.

Ye Chen’s small body turned over and got up. By this time, Miaohan smiled and said, “Little guy, quickly wash your face and go greet master!”

Miaohan did not say anything, as if she had already forgotten about last night’s incident.

However, Miaohan had a bold and unrestrained personality. What happened last night was just a joke to her, so how could she be calculative about it?

Ye Chen washed his face and then thought about the matter of signing in today.

He had already tried it. According to the system, the stronger the Great Dao Aura, the more generous the rewards would be after signing in.

Last night, he signed in Miaohan’s room. Miaohan’s room was originally a place to sleep, so he signed in and got a happy ending. In other words, the more important the place was to their Immortal Destiny Holy Land, the better the rewards would be after signing in.

At this time, Miaohan had already finished dressing up.

His third senior sister’s name was An Miaohan, an extremely pleasant name.

Ye Chen raised his head and looked over. Miaohan was dressed in a plain white robe, not able to wrap up her petite figure at all. She was cold and enchanting, her black hair drooping down like a waterfall.

Under her slender jade neck, she was half-naked.

A pair of beautiful eyes were smiling and bewitching. Water covered the ground, and the corner of her small mouth was slightly raised. Her red lips were slightly open, wanting to attract people to kiss her.

Among the seven senior sisters, Miaohan was considered the most feminine.

Every time she left the Immortal Jade Peak, Miaohan’s appearance would be fantasized by those stinky men from the other peaks.

“Stinky younger brother, let’s go!” Miaohan said softly. She liked this younger brother of hers very much. That was why she would bring him to sleep every night.

Ye Chen replied with an ‘oh’ and was dragged by Miaohan’s hand as they walked toward the Immortal Jade Palace.

The Immortal Jade Palace was the main palace of the Immortal Jade Peak. It was also the place where the Immortal Jade Peak preached and received enlightenment.

The Immortal Jade Peak had a total of seven Elders. Holy Mother Immortal Jade led them, and each Elder had many disciples under them. Holy Mother Immortal Jade would rather have a lack of disciples than a lack of quality. She only took in seven disciples in her lifetime, and they were Ye Chen’s seven senior sisters.

However, these seven disciples were very outstanding. In the Immortal Jade Peak, almost all of them were top-notch disciples. Even among the four peaks, only a few exceptional disciples from each peak could be compared to them.

Miaohan brought Ye Chen to the Immortal Jade Palace.

The clouds and mist here churned, as ethereal as an immortal…

Along the way, when the disciples on the way saw Miaohan and Ye Chen, they all slightly bowed and said, “Greetings, third senior sister. Greetings, little junior brother!”

Miaohan was also very polite and returned the greeting.

Miaohan brought Ye Chen to the Immortal Jade Palace.

Upon entering the Immortal Jade Palace, they saw Holy Mother Immortal Jade sitting on top of the main hall, exuding an awe-inspiring motherly aura.

The 3,000 disciples below all bowed and paid their respects to Holy Mother Immortal Jade.

This was the etiquette of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. On the morning of the first day of every month, other than the disciples who were in closed-door cultivation, the disciples who were in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land would pay their respects to their master.

Ye Chen looked over. The 3,000 disciples were all dressed in white, as white as snow. If they were to be rated, they would all be white-robed fairies, extremely beautiful. Although their Immortal Jade Peak was not the strongest, they had the best relationships with people and were inextricably linked to the 3,000 beauties.

The other three peaks were all filled with male disciples. Which one of them did not miss the 3,000 beauties of the Immortal Jade Peak?

After paying their respects, all the disciples dispersed and went to cultivate.

Only six people were left in front of Holy Mother Immortal Jade.

These six people were Ye Chen’s third senior sister, fourth senior sister, fifth senior sister, sixth senior sister, and seventh senior sister, plus Ye Chen.

Eldest senior sister was out training and was not in the sect. His second senior sister was in closed-door cultivation.

Ye Chen’s senior sisters were all peerless beauties. They were all fairies that were not tainted by the mortal world. They were extremely beautiful.

His fourth senior sister, fifth senior sister, and sixth senior sister were slightly younger, but they were both devastatingly beautiful.

His seventh senior sister was only two years older than Ye Chen. Even if the world was peaceful, her peerless beauty could be easily broken. One look and one could tell that she was a beauty.

“Chen Er, come here!” Holy Mother Immortal Jade gently waved her hand.

Ye Chen came before the Holy Mother Immortal jade and called out, “Mother.”

Having just transmigrated, calling her mother was indeed a little strange. However, Holy Mother smiled and held Ye Chen’s hand. “Little Chen, I’ve been quite busy these two days. Will you blame mother for letting Miaohan take care of you?”

“No, of course not!” Ye Chen hurriedly replied.

“It’s good that you won’t. Chen Er, take this!” Holy Mother took out a box and handed it to Ye Chen.

“This is the spiritual transformation elixir that I went to the Medicine King Valley to ask for. After eating it, there might be hope for you to recast your spirit root, and then there’s hope for you to cultivate,” said the Holy Mother Immortal Jade.

Ye Chen raised his head and looked at his mother. All these years, his mother had never been less busy for him. She had found many heavenly spiritual and earthly treasures for him, hoping that he would be able to cultivate like everyone else. However, in the end, they were all useless.

His mother was a proud person, but she had gone to beg others for him. This was enough to show that his mother had not had it easy all these years.

Ye Chen nodded and swallowed the spiritual transformation elixir.

At this moment, several disciples looked at Ye Chen excitedly, hoping that he could successfully form a spirit root.

In Tian Xuan Continent, there were generally five types of spirit roots, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

However, there were some special people who did not have spirit roots. Just like Ye Chen before, they were called useless spirit roots. Useless spirit roots could not be cultivated.

There were some people who could awaken two or three types of spirit roots. Such people were called geniuses.

However, there were some people who could awaken one type of spirit root and cultivate any technique. These spirit roots were called god spirit roots.

A long time passed, but Ye Chen’s body did not have the slightest reaction.

“Sigh, is it still not possible?”

“I don’t want my son to have perfect talent. I only want my son to be able to cultivate and be able to protect himself in this chaotic world, but…” Holy Mother Immortal Jade shook her head and said.

“Master, don’t worry. Even if little junior brother can’t cultivate, we will always protect him.” At this moment, Ye Chen’s senior sisters immediately said.

Ye Chen looked at his mother. He did not want to disappoint his mother, so he held the attitude of giving it a try and directly said in his heart, “Sign in!”

Just when everyone was disappointed, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in Ye Chen’s heart.

[Ding, the host has signed in at the Immortal Jade Palace. Congratulations on obtaining a god spirit root!]

[The god spirit root has been distributed…]

[Improving host’s constitution…]

[The host’s constitution has been successfully improved. Binding the god spirit root.]

Instantly, Ye Chen felt a wave of warmth in his body. Instantly, a wave of aura was released from Ye Chen’s body.

Holy Mother Immortal Jade was greatly shocked as she stared blankly at her son.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s body slowly flew up. Suddenly, an intense golden light erupted from his body.

A ray of multicolored light appeared on Ye Chen’s body.

Around Ye Chen, symbols interweaved, and the silhouettes of dragons and phoenixes chirped together.

“This is… a god spirit root. My son actually has the appearance of an emperor!” Holy Mother Immortal Jade said in extreme shock.

God… god spirit root!

At this moment, the entire place was silent.

Ye Chen’s senior sisters were so shocked that their mouths were agape. It was as if they could stuff an egg into their mouths at any time.. They were petrified on the spot.

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