Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Cultivation Speed, Shocked All the Senior Sisters!


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“I knew little junior brother was extraordinary. But, as expected, the golden scales are not something to be trifled with. They turn into a dragon when they meet with wind and rain!” Miaohan said as she looked at Ye Chen with her beautiful eyes.

“This time, little junior brother will be able to cultivate,” his fourth senior sister said.

Ye Chen’s body flew in the air. He could only feel waves of powerful spiritual energy continuously surging into his body.

In the past, his body was frail. Because he could not cultivate without a spirit root, he was not as strong as other cultivators.

But now, he suddenly discovered that his body was filled with power.

Not only did this god spirit root change his bones, but it also changed his physique.

After a long time, Ye Chen landed on the ground.

All the multicolored light disappeared from Ye Chen’s body, and the surrounding phantoms also disappeared.

Several senior sisters and the Holy Mother looked at Ye Chen in astonishment.

“Little Chen, how do you feel?” The Holy Mother pulled Ye Chen and asked.

Ye Chen stretched for a moment and instantly felt that his meridians were clear and his entire body was comfortable.

“Pretty good. There’s nothing special about it. I feel very comfortable,” Ye Chen replied honestly.

Instantly, the Holy Mother hugged Ye Chen, and tears immediately flowed out from her eyes. “This is great, this is great!”

The few senior sisters also looked at Ye Chen, crying tears of joy.

At this moment, the Holy Mother looked at Ye Chen’s senior sisters and calmly said, “Only we need to know that Little Chen possesses a god spirit root and that he can cultivate. So don’t tell anyone about this.”

Ye Chen’s senior sisters hurriedly nodded.

At this moment, the Holy Mother turned to Ye Chen and said, “Little Chen, remember, you have to keep the matter of you possessing a god spirit root a secret from anyone. Also, before you turn sixteen, you can only cultivate in secret. So don’t let anyone find out about this.”

Ye Chen was no longer the eight-year-old child he was before. So he naturally knew that his mother must have some unspeakable reason for doing this.

God spirit roots were the strongest kind of root. Therefore, the appearance of a god spirit root meant the appearance of a heaven’s chosen.

If he were to appear too flashy, he was afraid to invite trouble for himself and the entire Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

However, this was also good. Now that he had the signing system, he could secretly sign in and cultivate in this Immortal Destiny Holy Land for a few years.

“I understand, mother!” Ye Chen hurriedly said.

“Alright, Chen Er, follow me!”

The Holy Mother Immortal Jade brought Ye Chen into a secret chamber.

“Chen Er, from now on, you will cultivate here. I will teach you our Immortal Jade Peak’s mental cultivation method.” As the Holy Mother Immortal Jade spoke, she began to teach Ye Chen the mental cultivation method.

Ye Chen nodded and followed his mother into the secret chamber to cultivate. He guided Qi into his body according to his mother’s mental cultivation method. Instantly, Qi began to revolve continuously in his body, finally condensing into Ye Chen.

Tian Xuan Continent was a continent where ten thousand races coexisted. On this continent, gods and demons danced chaotically.

Cultivation was divided into nine realms altogether.

Qi refinement, foundation establishment, core formation, nascent soul, soul formation, insightful emptiness, mahayana, deva, and transcending tribulation were nine realms altogether.

Each realm was divided into three periods.

After transcending the heavenly tribulation, one could ascend to become an Immortal.

Their Immortal Destiny Holy Land was merely a medium-sized Immortal Sect Holy Land on this continent. Their sect leader was at the mahayana realm. At the mahayana realm, one would be able to overturn the clouds, ride the clouds, and ride the mist, displaying the demeanor of an Immortal.

As for the more powerful people, transcending two realms was already considered legendary existence. Therefore, one would not see many of them in this world.

The Holy Mother Immortal Jade was now in the insightful emptiness stage and was only a step away from the mahayana stage. Therefore, she became the Master of the Immortal Jade Peak.

“Little Chen, it’s a complicated process to draw Qi into your body. Generally speaking, it isn’t easy to learn it the first time. So you should practice with me and slowly learn it!” As Saintess Immortal Jade spoke, she practiced in front of Ye Chen.

At this moment, Ye Chen imitated his mother and began to draw Qi into his body!

Instantly, Ye Chen felt an endless amount of spiritual Qi slowly pouring into his body.

Ye Chen did not know if what he did was right, so he hurriedly asked, “Mother, is this correct?”

At this moment, Ye Chen’s mother looked at Ye Chen in extreme shock.

“No… that’s right!” Saintess Immortal Jade replied.

Ye Chen was currently absorbing Qi into his body. The Holy Mother Immortal Jade did not dare to disturb him and looked at Ye Chen in shock.

She remembered that it took her three days to absorb Qi into her body successfully when she was cultivating.

Her disciples, who had the best talent, also spent about two hours. As for her son, he had already learned it right from the start. Was this the doing of the god spirit root?

Ye Chen closed his eyes, and spiritual energy slowly entered his body as he continued to cultivate.

The Holy Mother Immortal Jade had a gratified smile on her face as she looked at her son. It was not too late for her son to cultivate at the age of eight. Although he was a little late compared to some children who had spiritual roots from a young age, he would surpass them very quickly with her son’s talent.

After cultivating for a few hours, Ye Chen finally opened his eyes.

The Holy Mother Immortal Jade had been looking at Ye Chen with gratification. She stood by Ye Chen’s side and protected his body.

“Come, Little Chen, let me see the results of your cultivation!” The Holy Mother Immortal Jade said with a smile.

“Yes, yes!” Ye Chen stood up and walked in front of his mother.

The Holy Mother Immortal Jade held Ye Chen’s hand. Her eyes immediately widened as she looked at Ye Chen with incomparable shock.

Her mouth was slightly agape as she held Ye Chen’s hand, and she was so shocked that she could not speak.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” Ye Chen looked at his mother and asked.

“Little Chen… you… you’ve already reached the late stage of the Qi refinement realm…” The Holy Mother Immortal Jade said in extreme shock.

At the late stage of the Qi refinement realm, even Ye Chen’s seventh senior sister, who had the best talent, took a month.

As for Ye Chen, he only took…ten hours!

The Holy Mother Immortal Jade walked out with Ye Chen.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s five senior sisters were waiting for Ye Chen outside.

“Little Chen Chen, how’s your cultivation?” Miaohan looked at Ye Chen and asked.

Ye Chen did not look pleased. He scratched his head and said with a smile, “It’s alright.”

Seeing that Ye Chen was not particularly happy, Miaohan thought Ye Chen did not successfully draw Qi into his body. After all, she had also spent a long time cultivating before successfully drawing Qi into her body when she was cultivating back then.

Miaohan’s beautiful eyes moved, and she smiled affectionately. Then, she comforted him, “Don’t be discouraged, Little Chen Chen. When you start cultivating, you will suffer a lot of setbacks!”

His fourth senior sister, fifth senior sister, and sixth senior sister were also smiling. They comforted him, “Cultivation is not a simple thing. You have to take it step by step.”

His seventh senior sister raised her head and looked at Ye Chen. “Humph, cultivation is not simple. I, your seventh senior sister, spent an hour to draw Qi into my body back then successfully.”

Ye Chen’s youngest senior sister was called Zhao Xiyao. She was ten years old now, two years older than Ye Chen. She was known as the most talented disciple of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. She started cultivating in the Immortal Sect when she was six years old. A month later, she entered the late stage of Qi refinement and successfully built her foundation in three months. Thus, she was the earliest disciple to build her foundation in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Four years later, Zhao Xiyao successfully entered the core formation realm and was the number one genius of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

She was now ten years old and was already a core formation realm powerhouse.

Zhao Xiyao looked up at Ye Chen with pride.

At this moment, Saintess Immortal Jade covered her mouth and smiled. “Little Chen, release your cultivation for your senior sisters to see!”


Upon hearing this, Ye Chen released his own genuine Qi cultivation.

At this moment, an aura was released from Ye Chen’s body, rolling and rustling in the wind.

The senior sisters looked at Ye Chen with their eyes wide open. They could not help but say in a daze, “Qi…cultivation realm….late stage!”

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