Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Little Junior Brother, Do You Want to Learn the Mystic Element Technique?

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Ye Chen signed in, cultivated, signed in, cultivated every day…

Although he had obtained the third generation Sect Master’s Jade Pendant and became the Grand Elder of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, Ye Chen would not put on airs. Moreover, in this world, the Immortal Destiny Holy Land was just a small sect. Therefore, being the Grand Elder of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land… would not be very impressive.

Now that he was living like this every day to raise his strength, would it not be nice for him to wait until he was invincible and came out of seclusion?

Moreover, he still had six senior sisters who were like flowers and jade accompanying him. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this kind of life was the life of a god.

“Oh right, have you heard?” On the way, a few disciples gathered together as if they were sharing some small news.

“What?” Another disciple asked.

“I heard that senior sister Xu went down the mountain to train and conveniently eliminated several Devil Dao sects!”

“Senior sister Xu is mighty. She’s a heroine among women!”

Ye Chen stood at the side and listened to their words.

Ye Chen knew that the senior sister Xu they were talking about was his eldest senior sister, Xu Qiuya.

Xu Qiuya was his mother’s first disciple and was a gentle eldest sister. However, his mother was busy when she was young, so she did not have time to take care of him.

During this period of time, it was his eldest senior sister who took care of him.

It could be said that since he had grown up, his eldest senior sister took care of him more times than his mother.

Initially, his eldest senior sister should have been able to go down the mountain to travel, but because of him, she waited until he was eight years old before going down the mountain to train.

Moreover, his eldest senior sister’s strength should be the most terrifying of her senior sisters.

Before going down the mountain, his eldest senior sister had already reached the advanced stage of the soul formation realm. Now, she was probably already an expert in the insightful emptiness realm.

Moreover, his eldest senior sister’s talent was extraordinary. In a few years, she would probably surpass her mother, the Holy Mother Immortal Jade.

Although second senior sister’s sword skills were unparalleled.

But Ye Chen remembered that there was once when his second senior sister lost control of her sword. Then, it was with a light finger from his eldest senior sister that she was able to control his second senior sister’s sword.

His eldest senior sister’s strength was probably one of the best among the younger generation of the disciples of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Ye Chen did not think too much about it.

What he needed to do now was to continue cultivating in this Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

When he became invincible, he would follow his eldest senior sister’s example and go down the mountain to travel. He would be like a cultivator in the pugilistic world, enjoying feelings of gratitude and hatred. Would that not be great?

Ye Chen returned to the Immortal Jade Peak.

At this moment, his senior sister hugged Ye Chen from behind.

“Little Chen, did you miss your senior sister?”

Her chest was so big that Ye Chen did not need to turn around to know that she was his third senior sister.

“Third senior sister, stop fooling around!” Ye Chen said.

“What? You can’t even carry me on your back now?” His third senior sister said gently.

Ye Chen’s face was slightly red.

“Oh right, senior sister still hasn’t taught you the mystic element technique. Why don’t third senior sister teach you the mystic element technique?” His third senior sister threw herself on Ye Chen’s back and asked.


“This is a secret technique that we cultivated together. Believe in senior sister. After you learn it, your cultivation will definitely be twice the result with half the effort!” His third senior sister continued.

“Forget it. I’ll ask you to teach me in the future!” Ye Chen said.

“Okay, when you want to learn in the future, if you don’t mind senior sister, senior sister will teach you!” His third senior sister said sadly.

“Why would I mind senior sister? Senior sister is a fairy in my eyes. No, she’s better than a fairy!” Ye Chen immediately said.

“You’re so sweet!” His third senior sister teased.

“Oh right, Little Chen, third senior sister will go to the Mystic Realm with the Elders of the clan in the next two days,” his third senior sister suddenly said.

Mystic Realm?

Ye Chen was a little surprised.

In this world, Mystic Realms were often opened.

The Mystic Realm contained countless natural treasures. Every time the Mystic Realm was opened, every sect would send cultivators into the Mystic Realm to snatch the supreme treasures. Every time, there would be a bloody storm.

Ye Chen still remembered that when he was young, the Immortal Destiny Holy Land brought over a hundred disciples into the Mystic Realm. In the end, only a dozen of them returned alive.

In the Mystic Realm, it was extremely dangerous.

Entering the Mystic Realm, one not only had to guard against the many demonic beasts in the Mystic Realm, but one also had to guard against other people.

An ordinary man was not guilty, but possessing a treasure was. When one found any treasure, countless people would target them, and their lives would be in danger.

“Must we go?” Ye Chen looked at his third senior sister and asked.

His third senior sister nodded.

Ye Chen understood that his third senior sister must have made up her mind.

Ye Chen did not stop her anymore. He just looked at his third senior sister and said with a smile, “Alright, senior sister, I’ll wait for you to come back and teach me the mystic element technique!”

At this moment, his third senior sister revealed a smile on her face. “Okay.”

His third senior sister left.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

Ye Chen continued his cultivation life.

In these three months, Ye Chen had successfully broken through from the middle stage of the soul formation realm to the advanced stage of the soul formation realm.

Once he reached the soul formation realm, it was not so easy to break through quickly.

However, Ye Chen had advanced one realm in three months. This kind of speed was something that almost no one could achieve.

[Ding! The host has signed in at the Clearwater Pond on the Shenting Peak. The reward is the supreme divine art, eternal spring recovery!]

[Eternal spring recovery can be used not only on oneself but also on others. No matter how severe the injury is, it can be healed. As long as there is still a breath left, it can be healed back to its original state.]

[The more severe the injury, the more energy is consumed.]

Ye Chen was a little surprised. He did not expect to sign in and obtain such a powerful precious art.

With this kind of divine art, was it not equivalent to the ‘wet nurse’ in the game?

Speaking of the ‘wet nurse’, Ye Chen suddenly thought of his third senior sister. After all, she was so big in the chest. When the word ‘wet nurse’ was mentioned, one could not help but misunderstand.

His third senior sister had been gone for three months, so she should be back by now.

A few days passed.

Finally, the news came.

Ye Chen heard that the cultivators heading to the Mystic Realm had started to return, but this time, there were still many casualties.

More than a hundred people had gone, but only a dozen or so people had returned.

Ye Chen was a bit worried, but his third senior sister was known as the Ethereal Fairy. Her disguising and concealing techniques were both first-class. Other than these, his third senior sister’s strength was not bad, so she should be able to protect herself.

“They’re back, they’re back!”

At this moment, Ye Chen suddenly heard a message from a disciple.

Ye Chen immediately followed his senior sisters to the front of the mountain gate to welcome them.

The people who came back were all dejected. It seemed that they had lost money on this trip.

However, Ye Chen did not care about them. Ye Chen only cared about his third senior sister, An Miaohan.

At this moment, Ye Chen realized that although his third senior sister had returned, she was seriously injured and unconscious.

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