Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Reclusive Senior Saves the Day!

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At this moment, the four Peak Masters and many Elders of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land came to welcome her.

When the Holy Mother Immortal jade saw that her third disciple was unconscious, she immediately rushed to Miaohan’s side.

Ye Chen and a few senior sisters also crowded behind the Holy Mother.

A few Peak Masters surrounded Miaohan.

Ye Chen looked at Miaohan and saw that her beautiful face was no longer as rosy as before. Instead, it was a little pale.

Ye Chen understood that his third senior sister must have suffered extremely serious injuries.

“What happened?” An Elder asked.

At this moment, the leader of the group of Elders had a bitter expression on his face. He looked at the crowd and said resentfully, “Originally, we could be considered to have reaped quite a bountiful harvest this time. Our losses weren’t too great, but who would have thought we didn’t suffer any losses in the Mystic Realm. Instead, we fell at the hands of those despicable people from the Snow Eagle Sect!”

“We obtained many treasures and immortal herbs in the Mystic Realm. We originally thought that we could return with a full harvest this time. But on the way, we were ambushed by the Snow Eagle Sect. Many disciples died under the sneak attacks of the Snow Eagle Sect. To resist the Snow Eagle Sect, Miaohan was also heavily injured!”

The Elder continued to explain.

“The treasures we found in the Mystic Realm were all snatched away by the people of the Snow Eagle Sect!”

Ye Chen’s heart trembled when he heard this.

The Snow Eagle Sect?

He deeply remembered this name.

At this moment, an Elder of the hundred herb garden came to Miaohan’s side and took her pulse.

Many of the Elders of the Hundred Herb Garden were doctors. This Elder was the first Elder of the Hundred Herb Garden and was the best doctor in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

The Elder took her pulse, and then he frowned and shook his head.

“Holy Mother, this disciple of yours has injured her internal organs, and her injuries are severe… I’m afraid…”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

“What did you say?” The Holy Mother Immortal Jade was furious.

“If our Holy Land had a top-notch physician, there would still be hope. However, with her current injuries, I’m afraid even Immortals wouldn’t be able to save her. Even if an Immortal were to save her, she wouldn’t be able to cultivate for the rest of her life!” The physician Elder of the Hundred Herb Garden looked at Miaohan and said.

Upon hearing this, the Holy Mother Immortal Jade and the others were shocked.

“Little Han!” The Holy Mother Immortal Jade looked at her third disciple with a worried expression.

Toward her seven disciples, the Holy Mother Immortal Jade was like a gentle mother.

Now that she saw that her third disciple was so heavily injured, how could she not be sad?

Ye Chen’s senior sisters also looked at Miaohan with grave expressions.

Ye Chen looked at his third senior sister.

Although it was difficult to save Immortals, he had just signed in the Changchun Recovery Spell. Perhaps he could save his third senior sister.

At this moment, Spiritual Master Yuxiao, Zhao Qiyang of Tianqi Peak, and Yue Zhengchun of Shenting Peak came to the Holy Mother Immortal Jade’s side.

“Junior sister, don’t be sad!” Spiritual Master Yuxiao comforted her.

“Senior brother, I want revenge!” The Holy Mother Immortal Jade looked at Spiritual Master Yuxiao and said firmly.

At this moment, Spiritual Master Yuxiao revealed an embarrassed look and murmured, “The strength of the Snow Eagle Sect is not weak. If our Immortal Destiny Holy Land fights with them, both sides will be injured, and the other sects will benefit. The gains don’t make up for the losses!”

“The gains don’t make up for the losses?” The Holy Mother Immortal Jade coldly laughed.

“Senior brother, do you mean that so many disciples of our Immortal Destiny Holy Land died in vain?” The Holy Mother Immortal Jade’s gaze turned sharp.

“This matter will naturally not be settled like this. In the future, I will personally go to the Snow Eagle Sect to demand an explanation!” Sect Master Yuxiao immediately said.

“Just an explanation?” The Holy Mother Immortal Jade coldly laughed.

Ye Chen looked at his third senior sister and felt his heartache.

However, he could not reveal his identity and strength.

Ye Chen found a secluded corner and circulated the Qi around him, shooting out the jade pendant in his arms.

Ye Chen was now at the advanced stage of the deity transformation realm. In addition, the cultivation techniques that Ye Chen cultivated were all heaven rank. Therefore, even if he was an expert at the insightful emptiness realm, Ye Chen still had the ability to fight.

His disguise and concealment techniques had already reached the mahayana realm. If he wanted to disguise himself, even an expert in the mahayana realm like the Immortal Yuxiao would not be able to see any clues!

Ye Chen controlled the jade pendant and flew in front of the Sect Master Yuxiao.

That jade pendant was given to him by the previous sect master after he solved the thousand-year-old chess game.

At this moment, Sect Master Yuxiao saw the jade pendant and was immediately shocked.

The third generation Sect Master had left behind a legacy. The person who obtained this jade pendant was of the same generation as the third generation Sect Master.

Seeing this jade pendant was like seeing the third generation Sect Master!

Sect Master Yuxiao had experienced a series of events before and knew a hermit senior expert in their Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Now that this jade pendant had appeared in front of him again, it was that senior who had made a move.

When Sect Master Yuxiao saw the jade pendant, he hurriedly bowed and said, “Yuxiao pays his respects to martial master!”

When these words were said, everyone was incomparably shocked.

All of them looked towards the jade pendant that was floating in the air.

They did not dare to ask anything else. Even their Sect Master had bowed. This was enough to prove that this jade pendant was just an ordinary pendant.

Everyone hurriedly lowered their heads and bowed as well.

Ye Chen controlled his voice. His voice was disguised by Ye Chen’s voice as that of an old man, and it came down from the sky.

“Send Miaohan to the third generation Sect Master’s Courtyard!”

The voice was deep and powerful.

Everyone heard the voice transmission.

Sect Master Yuxiao and the others immediately understood. It seemed that the senior expert of their Immortal Destiny Holy Land was preparing to save her, but that hermit expert did not want to show his face in public, so he used this method!

“Yes, martial master!”

After saying this, the jade pendant immediately flew away.

Sect Master Yuxiao immediately arranged for people to send Miaohan to the abandoned courtyard of the third generation Sect Master.

Ye Chen also came to the courtyard.

He hid in the dark and watched as everyone sent his third senior sister in.

At this time, Ye Chen transmitted his voice, “Get lost. Tell them that anyone who comes within ten miles of this place will be killed without mercy!”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice.

Actually, what Ye Chen said was right. Ye Chen had signed in for quite a number of formations.

Ye Chen had set up formations within ten miles of this place. Perhaps experts at the insightful emptiness realm could still barely enter, but experts below the insightful emptiness realm, even if they were at the advanced stage of the soul formation realm, dared to come close to this place, they would undoubtedly die.


The disciples who sent Miaohan over hurriedly bowed and left the courtyard in a hurry.

At this moment, in front of the Mountain Gate of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

The Elders looked at Sect Master Yuxiao in puzzlement and asked, “Sect Master, what’s the origin of that Jade Pendant just now? Why did you…”

Sect Master Yuxiao looked at the Elders beside him and said, “Back then, my master left a legacy saying that seeing this jade pendant was like seeing an old man. This jade pendant can only be obtained by cracking the exquisite delicacy bureau. It seems that the senior expert of our clan is ready to help.”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

“But didn’t the Elders of the Hundred Herb Garden say… that even an Immortal could not save Miaohan?” An Elder asked suspiciously.

“With the help of the reclusive martial master, Miaohan can definitely be saved!” Sect Master Yuxiao said indifferently.

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