Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Martial Uncle’s Methods Were Comparable to Those of Immortals!

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Ye Chen’s current strength was unknown to his mother and other senior sisters.

They only knew that Ye Chen was a genius and extremely powerful.

However, they had no idea that Ye Chen was already in the advanced stage of the soul formation realm and was an expert in the same realm as Ye Chen’s second senior sister, Murong Qingxue.

Moreover, he did not tell anyone that Ye Chen possessed the jade pendant.

Therefore, even Ye Chen’s mother and his senior sisters did not know that this senior expert was Ye Chen.

Ye Chen released his divine sense.

After detecting that there was no one within a radius of ten meters, he began to make his move.

Ye Chen slowly came before his third senior sister.

His third senior sister’s pale little face did not have a trace of redness. There was no color on her face, and it hurt her lungs.

Ye Chen had once signed a medical book, and he had secretly learned medical skills. However, he did not tell anyone that he knew medical skills.

His third senior sister Ye Chen checked her pulse and saw that his third senior sister Miaohan’s pulse was highly chaotic.

Moreover, her Qi was weak, and there was only a trace of her aura left, barely keeping her alive.

The Hundred Herb Garden’s Elder was right. If he only knew ordinary medical skills, with his third senior sister’s injuries, even Immortals would not be able to save her!

However, Ye Chen had signed in and obtained the eternal spring recovery technique. As long as there was a breath left, she could recover!

This kind of method was comparable to Immortals healing her!

Ye Chen looked at his third senior sister’s appearance and could not help but feel a little heartache.

That so-called Snow Eagle Sect… one day, Ye Chen would make him perish!

He slowly walked in front of his third senior sister Miaohan.

He saw Miaohan’s exquisite figure exposed in front of Ye Chen.

His third senior sister had just entered the soul formation realm, and the Elder leading the team was only in the late stage of the soul formation realm. Nevertheless, his third senior sister must have done all she could to protect the sect’s people.

Otherwise, it would be effortless for her to sneak away with his third senior sister’s concealment and disguise skills.

Ye Chen shook his head.

He slowly reached out his hand and placed it on his third senior sister’s lower abdomen!

Then, Ye Chen began to circulate the eternal spring recovery technique. Instantly, Ye Chen’s true energy burst out, turning into specks of green light that continuously nourished his third senior sister’s body.

Ye Chen used his true energy to nourish his third senior sister’s body continuously.

However, the consumption of true energy was also very frightening.

This kind of recovery technique was similar to an immortal technique and required a lot of true energy. Ye Chen did not stint on his true energy at all. Instead, he converted all of his true energy and channeled it into his third senior sister’s body.

The genuine Qi continued to nourish his third senior sister’s body. However, Ye Chen was sweating profusely. His genuine Qi was almost used up.

However, his third senior sister’s injury had only recovered half of it.

At this moment, Ye Chen realized that although his cultivation speed was very fast, his strength at the advanced stage of the soul transformation realm was still far from enough.

It seemed that he had to work harder to cultivate in the future.

Ye Chen immediately sat down to regulate his breathing.

The supreme saintly being’s absorption speed of spiritual energy was extremely fast.

After Ye Chen absorbed the spiritual energy and converted it into true energy, he again healed his third senior sister’s injuries!

After using up all of his true energy, Ye Chen once again absorbed it.

This cycle repeated over and over again!


At the dawn of the next day.

Ye Chen finally healed his third senior sister’s injuries.

However, his third senior sister had yet to wake up. Ye Chen looked at his third senior sister, who was sleeping soundly like a child. She was sleeping very soundly, and Ye Chen was relieved.

It had to be said that the eternal spring recovery spell was indeed valuable, but it consumed too much true Qi.

He was now in the advanced stage of the soul transformation realm. He needed to absorb more true Qi to save his third senior sister. If he wanted to save a dying person in one go, he might have to reach the deva realm before he could use the eternal spring recovery spell as he pleased.

But this time, he still did it.

His third senior sister Miaohan slept soundly. The huge peaks undulated up and down with her breathing.

Ye Chen looked at his third senior sister’s exquisite figure and could not help but feel a little moved.

Ye Chen did not overthink and started to regulate his breath.

“Sign in!”

He did not plan to go to other places to sign in today to sign in here.

[Congratulations, host, for signing in the third generation Sect Leader’s courtyard. You have obtained a grand recovery golden core bottle.]

[Grand recovery golden core can nourish blood and Qi, replenish true Qi, and strengthen the liver and kidney!]

[When you encounter a bottleneck, you can use the grand recovery golden core to break through the bottleneck!]

When Ye Chen saw the introduction, he immediately took out the grand recovery golden core and swallowed two of them.

Immediately, spiritual energy continuously poured into Ye Chen’s body from the outside world.

The great cyclic golden core also released spiritual energy, which gathered into true energy and attached to Ye Chen’s limbs and bones.

When Ye Chen absorbed and breathed in this spiritual energy, he suddenly realized that he had signs of a breakthrough.

“It can’t be, it can’t be… I’ve only broken through to the soul formation advanced stage for a few days, and I’m already about to break through to the insightful emptiness realm?”

Ye Chen did not suppress it either. Cultivation was something that happened naturally. Since he was going to break through, then he would breakthrough now!

Ye Chen consumed a few great cyclic gold core elixirs and was prepared to break through from the advanced stage of the soul formation realm and advance to the insightful emptiness realm.

Instantly, spiritual energy gathered toward Ye Chen continuously.

Around Ye Chen, the sound of spring thunder exploded.

In the sky, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

The entire sky suddenly emitted a golden light, and a strange phenomenon appeared. Dragons and phoenixes circled in the sky, dancing and singing.

At this moment, all the disciples of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land were attracted by the strange phenomenon in the sky.


Everyone immediately looked toward the third generation Sect Leader’s courtyard.

The strange phenomenon was rolling, and the dragons and phoenixes intersected. Everyone was extremely shocked.

In the past two days, the news of Sect Leader Yuxiao’s martial master had already spread. Almost the entire Immortal Destiny Holy Land knew a senior expert hidden in their Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Since it was the Sect Leader’s martial master, then it was their Grandmaster.

“Is that the Grandmaster?”

“To be able to create such a powerful aura just by cultivating, Grandmaster is comparable to a Deva!”

“So our Immortal Destiny Holy Land still has such a powerful figure?”

All the disciples were flabbergasted and dumbfounded. They were all shocked.

In the courtyard, Ye Chen let out a long breath.

The breakthrough was complete.

He slowly stood up, and every movement of his contained a trace of Dao rhythm.

The current Ye Chen was already at the early stage of the insightful emptiness realm.

In addition, Ye Chen had the god spirit root, the saintly being, and all sorts of heaven rank cultivation techniques. At this moment, Ye Chen’s strength probably surpassed his mother, who was at the late stage of the insightful emptiness realm.

Ye Chen glanced at his third senior sister, sleeping soundly, and lightly kissed her forehead.

“Senior sister, I’ll go and take revenge for you right now!”

Ye Chen stood up, and his figure slowly disappeared into the dawn.

An Miaohan slowly woke up.

She was a little surprised. She clearly felt that she was about to die, so why was she alive now?

At this moment, she felt that her forehead was burning. In addition, she vaguely heard her little junior brother’s voice. Could it be that her little junior brother saved her?

His third senior sister walked out of the third generation Sect Master’s Courtyard on Shenting Peak.

At this moment, everyone saw that Miaohan was safe and sound. She walked out in a lively manner, and they could not help but be shocked.

Miaohan was originally a person on the verge of death. The Elders of the Hundred Herb Garden had said that even Immortals could not save her, but now, she was standing in front of them in amazement.

Who was that reclusive expert, to have such a powerful technique?

Not only that, even the Peak Masters and Elders of the four peaks were incomparably shocked. They stared at this miracle-like thing with their mouths agape, not daring to believe it.

Sect Master Yuxiao looked at Miaohan, who was as good as new, in shock. He muttered, “Martial master’s methods are comparable to the Immortals!”

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