Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Stepping Into the Mahayana Realm!


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This storm slowly subsided.

Even though several soul transformation realm disciples and a late-stage insightful emptiness realm Elder had died on the side of the Snow Eagle Sect, even though they all guessed that it was done by the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, Ye Chen had done it cleanly at that time. They did not have any definite evidence.

Furthermore, the strength of the Snow Eagle Sect and the Immortal Destiny Holy Land were similar. If they wanted to touch the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, both sides would definitely suffer heavy losses.

Hence, the Snow Eagle Sect could only suffer this hidden loss.

And within the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, almost all the disciples had been discussing the unrivaled Martial Granduncle for the past two days.

That hidden expert who was the Sect Master’s Martial Granduncle had almost become the idol of all the disciples of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. However, other than his second senior sister and third senior sister, no one knew that the Martial Granduncle was actually the 11-year-old Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also continued to sign in secretly in the Holy Land.

He had almost signed in most of the places on the Divine Court Peak, so he went to the Tianqi Peak.

The Peak Master of the Tianqi Peak was Zhao Qiyang.

He was a sword cultivator at the later stage of the insightful emptiness stage in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Therefore, many disciples in the Tianqi Peak were sword cultivators.

Ye Chen hid his identity and pretended to be a disciple of the Tianqi Peak, sneaking into the Tianqi Peak.

[Host has signed in at Tianqi Peak’s sword technique debate pavilion and obtained the heaven-ranked sword technique, evil-warding sword technique.]

[Host has signed in at Tianqi Peak’s Tianqi Sword Array and obtained the Sword Array, a thousand sword array.]

[Host has signed in at Tianqi Peak’s Tianqi Hall and obtained a Thousand Immortal Swords!]

Ye Chen had signed in many cultivation techniques.

When he had just signed in, he had practiced all kinds of cultivation techniques and divine abilities.

But in the end, Ye Chen would choose to practice them. Not all cultivation techniques were of the heaven rank. Most of the time, he would also sign in to the earth rank or the profound rank.

Therefore, Ye Chen would absorb the essence of the cultivation techniques and supernatural powers and strive to walk his own path.

For example, the ‘evil-warding sword technique’.

Although it was a type heaven rank cultivation technique, the requirements were strict.

If one wanted to practice this technique, one must first self-castrate!

Ye Chen was still waiting for his third senior sister to teach him the mystic element technique and practice it together. How could he follow the instructions?

He would first understand these techniques, choose the ones that suited him, and then create his own Dao.

Of course, there were also many powerful techniques and moves that he followed to practice.

Since it was heaven rank, there was a reason for heaven rank.

He definitely would not think that those almighty experts who created heaven-rank cultivation techniques were inferior to him.

Ye Chen was currently cultivating in a hidden corner of Tianqi Peak.

At this moment, a few disciples walked over.

“Hey hey, do you know who that Martial Grandmaster of our Immortal Destiny Holy Land is?” A disciple asked curiously.

“Why, do you know?” Another disciple hurriedly asked.

“I don’t know, but I heard that one night, a disciple saw this Martial Grandmaster. I heard that this Martial Grandmaster is a white-haired, kind-looking Daoist master. I heard that he has lived for a thousand years.”


“Of course it’s true. Think about it. It’s said that even Immortals can’t save the Ethereal Fairy of the Immortal Jade Peak. But when that Martial Grandmaster made a move, the Ethereal Fairy recovered on the second day. If not for the Daoist master who has lived for a thousand years, would he have such a powerful divine ability?” The disciple said with confidence.

“So, that Martial Grandmaster is already an Immortal?”

Ye Chen listened from the side and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He was only eleven years old. Even if he added in his previous life, he was only thirty years old. How did he become an old monster who had lived for a thousand years?

In the next few days, Ye Chen heard discussions again.

Some people said that he was an Immortal who had lived for a thousand years.

Some people said that he was a genius who had lived for less than a hundred years.

What was even more ridiculous was that some people said that he was from the same era as the first sect leader.

After hearing this, Ye Chen shook his head.

Then, he continued to cultivate in a carefree manner.

Sign in, cultivate, sign in, cultivate…

Then, he would go back and flirt with his senior sisters every day. His days were not boring either.

Ye Chen’s cultivation was also continuously improving.

Intermediate insightful emptiness stage, advanced insightful emptiness stage…

One year later, Ye Chen successfully broke through the insightful emptiness stage and arrived at the mahayana stage.

At this time, Ye Chen had already surpassed his mother.

Then, Zhao Qiyang of the Tianqi Peak also broke through from the advanced insightful emptiness stage to the mahayana stage, becoming the second, no, the third mahayana expert of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

And Sect Master Yuxiao of Yuxiao Peak was only at the middle stage of the mahayana realm.

With Ye Chen’s cultivation speed, he would probably surpass Sect Master Yuxu in a few years.

His senior martial sisters had also broken through.

Miaohan had finally reached the insightful emptiness realm from the late stage of the soul formation realm. Everyone in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land was shocked that Miaohan had broken through to the insightful emptiness realm. Miaohan was probably the youngest insightful emptiness realm expert in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Even the core disciples of the other three peaks were only at the soul formation realm. Miaohan was already much ahead of them.

His third senior sister had also reached the middle stage of the soul formation realm.

His fourth senior sister, fifth senior sister, sixth senior sister, and seventh senior sister had all reached the soul formation realm.

Although seventh senior sister was young, her talent was indeed not bad. She was only fourteen years old, but she had already caught up with her senior sisters. In time, she would definitely surpass her senior sisters.

If it was not for Ye Chen, with seventh senior sister’s talent, she would definitely be the number one person in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

But now, she was only the number one person on the surface. She was very clear in her heart that there was still Ye Chen who was much stronger than her.

Ye Chen had reached the mahayana realm, but he did not show it in front of his senior sisters because if he broke through too quickly, they would lose confidence.

Therefore, Ye Chen had always considered himself as a soul formation final stage cultivator. Even his mother, Saint Mother Immortal Jade, did not know Ye Chen’s true realm.

It was not just his cultivation level.

His senior sisters had also improved in other aspects.

As for his seventh senior sister, she had not changed at all. She still looked ordinary.

However, his seventh senior sister was only two years older than Ye Chen. She was only fourteen years old now, so there was still some room for her to develop. Otherwise, she would definitely be a princess for the rest of her life.

Ye Chen signed in to cultivate every day at the Immortal’s Destiny Holy Land, and his life was very comfortable.

“Ye Chen, compete with me. This time, I will definitely beat you!” Senior sister Yaoyao came to Ye Chen and pointed at him.

His seventh senior sister was now in the middle stage of the soul formation realm. Because Ye Chen had always considered himself to be in the soul formation realm, his seventh senior sister wanted to challenge Ye Chen.

Ever since Ye Chen’s first victory, his seventh senior sister had not won once. This time, she had to defeat Ye Chen no matter what.

But what she did not know was that Ye Chen was now at the same realm as the Sect Master of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

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