Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Refining Puppets!

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As his seventh senior sister spoke, she immediately attacked Ye Chen.

During the days of cultivation in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, his seventh senior sister would come and challenge Ye Chen once every day.

But every time, Ye Chen’s victory would come to an end.

Senior sister Yaoyao attacked Ye Chen. Her powerful aura brought along divine talismans as she rushed toward Ye Chen’s face.

Ye Chen lightly stretched out his hand and blocked his seventh elder sister’s attack.

Ye Chen was currently an expert at the mahayana realm. Naturally, he would not be serious when dealing with his senior apprentice-sister. He would intentionally or unintentionally give his seventh senior sister some pointers. One had to know that his seventh senior sister’s current strength was inextricably linked to the fact that Ye Chen fought with her every day.

Every time Ye Chen fought with her, he would secretly give his seventh senior sister some pointers.

Right now, his seventh senior sister was almost invincible among those of the same level in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

His seventh senior sister immediately attacked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen moved lightly. No matter how his seventh senior sister attacked, she could not touch Ye Chen.

“Stinky brat, don’t run!”

His seventh senior sister shouted loudly and pounced toward Ye Chen.


Ye Chen stood still.

At this moment, his seventh senior sister thought that Ye Chen was still trying to escape. Suddenly, she staggered and fell toward Ye Chen.

“Be careful!”

Ye Chen immediately stepped on the cloud steps and instantly arrived in front of his seventh senior sister.

He hugged his seventh senior sister in his arms.

“Hooligan!” His seventh senior sister pouted and immediately escaped from Ye Chen’s arms.

His seventh senior sister’s face was slightly red as she looked at Ye Chen bashfully.

Then, his seventh senior sister looked at Ye Chen with a proud face and said, “Ye Chen, I will definitely defeat you next time!”

After saying that, his seventh senior sister left.

Right now, no matter what level Ye Chen was at, he was above all of his senior sisters. They almost could not teach him anything.

On the contrary, there were many things that Ye Chen had to teach them.

Ye Chen had signed in and obtained the cultivation technique, as well as a lot of cultivation experience to tell his senior sisters, whether intentionally or not.

And those medicinal elixirs and whatnot that he could not use, Ye Chen would find an opportunity to give them to his senior sisters.

His seventh senior sister left.

Ye Chen was a little bored.

He remembered that he had not visited his fourth senior sister for a long time.

Ye Chen got up and walked toward his fourth senior sister’s cave abode.

He arrived at the entrance of his fourth senior sister’s cave abode.

Ye Chen knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” His fourth senior sister asked.

“It’s me, Little Chen!” Ye Chen replied.


At this moment, his fourth senior sister slowly opened the door.

Ye Chen immediately looked at his fourth senior sister with incomparable shock.

He saw that his fourth senior sister was standing in front of him. Her body was covered with water droplets. Clearly, his fourth senior sister must have been taking a bath just now. She did not even dry her body before opening the door.

Although his fourth senior sister was careless, this was too careless!

“Fourth senior sister, you…” Ye Chen pointed at his fourth senior sister and asked.

“Oh, I was taking a bath just now,” his fourth senior sister replied.

Although Ye Chen had seen his fourth senior sister’s body many times, it was the first time that he had seen a beauty bathing like this.

There were droplets of water condensed on her jade-like skin, and her jet-black hair draped over her back.

It was like a lotus flower that had just emerged from the water. Anyone who saw it would feel pity for it.

Ye Chen’s face was a little red, and he hurriedly pushed his fourth senior sister into the house.

“Fourth senior sister, why did you open the door without wearing any clothes? Quickly go and dry yourself, or else you’ll catch a cold!” Ye Chen said as he walked.

“Because Little Chen came, I came to open the door,” his fourth senior sister said calmly.

“What if it wasn’t me?” Ye Chen was embarrassed.

“If it’s not Little Chen, I won’t open the door. If it’s Little Chen, it’s okay,” his fourth senior sister said.

However, there was no change in her words.

“If other men see my body, I’ll dig out their eyes,” his fourth senior sister added suddenly.

Ye Chen was silent.

He pushed his fourth senior sister into the room, then threw a towel on his fourth senior sister.

“Quickly dry yourself, or it won’t be good if you catch a cold.”

“Little Chen, help me wipe my back. I can’t touch my back,” his fourth senior sister looked up at Ye Chen and said.

Ye Chen remained silent again.

Ye Chen helped his fourth senior sister dry her body. His fourth senior sister did not hold back either. Ye Chen had seen her many times, so she did not mind this time.

She started to change her clothes in front of Ye Chen.

“Little Chen, what are you doing here?”

“Fourth senior sister, I want to refine a puppet!” At this moment, Ye Chen said.

“Refine a puppet?” His fourth senior sister looked at Ye Chen.

His fourth senior sister was indeed a master craftsman, but the requirements for refining a puppet were very strict. There had to be materials. Moreover, ordinary materials were not allowed. There had to be high-quality materials. Because of the material limitations, his fourth senior sister had never taught Ye Chen how to refine a puppet.

However, Ye Chen had signed in and obtained many materials for refining a puppet. Moreover, although Ye Chen was now the Sect Master’s Martial Master, it was inconvenient for him to show his face. If he had a puppet, he could do many things for him.

“Refining a puppet requires a lot of high-grade materials. Unfortunately, I don’t have such materials here,” his fourth senior sister said honestly.

Ye Chen smiled and said, “I’ll think of a way to deal with the materials myself. I just want to learn how to refine a puppet.”

At this time, his fourth senior sister smiled and took out a few books from the bookshelf and handed them to Ye Chen.

“The process of refining puppets is similar to refining medicine and refining weapons. Your refining level has already surpassed mine. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to refine it. These two books record the refining methods of puppets.. Take a look!” His fourth senior sister handed the books to Ye Chen.

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