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Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Sword Attack!

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At this moment, Xu Qiuya suddenly felt the killing intent from all directions. She immediately led the disciples to stop.

Suddenly, a killing intent swept toward Xu Qiuya.

Xu Qiuya was somewhat surprised.

At this moment, from all directions of Xu Qiuya and the others.

One after another, cultivators flew on swords and shot toward them.

Powerful auras were continuously released as they activated their magic treasures one by one. Mysterious runes shot out from their magic treasures and shot toward everyone.

Xu Qiuya’s expression was calm.

They had gone down the mountain to train and had encountered this situation many times. At this moment, only by being calm could they resolve this situation.

Xu Qiuya waved her delicate hand.

Immediately, a powerful aura burst out.

A cultivator had already arrived in front of Xu Qiuya and was hit in the chest by her palm.

Immediately, that cultivator flew backward.

He fell from the sky.

“Riding the sword is not good for us. Let’s land!”

Xu Qiuya immediately gave the order.

Everyone immediately rode the flying sword and landed on the ground.

The cultivators of the Snow Eagle Sect also immediately landed and surrounded Xu Qiuya and the others.

“Are you people from the Snow Eagle Sect?” Xu Qiuya looked at them coldly and asked.

This was the territory of the Snow Eagle Sect. Xu Qiuya naturally guessed that they were people from the Snow Eagle Sect. In addition, the Snow Eagle Sect had a grudge with the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, so the possibility of them being people from the Snow Eagle Sect was even higher.

The cultivators surrounding them did not say anything. They just looked at Xu Qiuya and the others coldly.

“Senior sister Xu, what should we do?” A disciple looked at Xu Qiuya and asked.

Xu Qiuya was now the leader of their team.

Therefore, these disciples all followed Xu Qiuya’s orders.

“Little Yue, when the battle starts, we will delay the members of the Snow Eagle Sect. You take the opportunity to escape and go to the Immortal Destiny Holy Land to report the news!” Xu Qiuya looked at a female disciple beside her and said.


“There are no buts. I can feel that there are several extremely powerful auras here. It seems that the Snow Eagle Sect came prepared. Now, we can only do this.” Xu Qiuya was dressed in red. Her black hair was messy in the wind.

“Yes!” That Little Yue disciple could only obey the order.

At this moment, a black shadow suddenly attacked from afar.

The black shadow continuously gathered and turned into the appearance of a middle-aged man.

When they saw the black shadow approaching, everyone immediately bowed and said, “Elder Mo Ying!”

This man was the man who was in the secret room at that time, Elder Mo Ying. Elder Mo Ying’s gaze was ice-cold as he looked at Xu Qiuya and the others and said, “Capture the woman in red alive. Do the rest!”


Everyone immediately accepted the order and rushed toward Xu Qiuya and the others.

Xu Qiuya waved her hand when she saw the cultivators coming towards her.

Her delicate hand formed a seal in front of her.

In an instant, with Xu Qiuya as the center, an array slowly unfolded under Xu Qiuya’s feet.

Eldest senior sister Xu Qiuya’s attainments in array formation were very high.

When she landed, she had already started to set up the array formation.

When everyone rushed towards her, she immediately activated the array formation.

The array formation was instantly activated.

At this moment, everyone was trapped within the array formation by Xu Qiuya. A huge array of formations enveloped them all.

Within the array formation, countless flying swords were constantly surging, stabbing toward the cultivators one after another.

This was a type of sword array! Its power was extremely terrifying.

The cultivators of the Snow Eagle Sect were instantly shocked and hurriedly retreated.

“Not good, this is an array!”

Everyone wanted to retreat, but it was already too late.

They could only see many flying swords shuttling through the array. One flying sword instantly stabbed a disciple of the Snow Eagle Sect.

Following that, many flying swords continuously flew within the array.

They could not withstand the attacks of the flying swords at all.

The disciples of the Snow Eagle Sect who rushed over died one by one under Xu Qiuya’s sword array.

At this moment, the outer disciples were shocked.

Elder Mo Ying’s figure dissipated and he instantly arrived at the front.

“As expected of a core disciple of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. His strength is indeed not to be underestimated!” Elder Mo Ying looked at Xu Qiuya and said.

Xu Qiuya’s face was calm.

Her bright red clothes fluttered in the wind.

A long sword condensed in her hand. She looked like a red-clothed fairy who had descended from the heavens. Her eyes were sharp and fierce.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid. Although the array formation is powerful, it takes a long time to set up the array formation.

“Even if she has a genius array formation, she still needs a certain amount of time to set up the array formation. She only had enough time to set up one array formation just now. Now, she should be at her wit’s end.”

When everyone heard Elder Mo Ying’s words, they immediately charged toward Xu Qiuya.

They saw Xu Qiuya standing in front of her disciple with a sword in her hand.

A sword was unleashed!

Instantly, the sword intent surged into the sky.

However, the most terrifying thing was not the sword intent, but the terrifying true Qi condensed from the sword intent.

Rolling true Qi was continuously released, incomparably tyrannical!


A loud sound.

The second batch of cultivators that rushed over was once again sent flying by Xu Qiuya!

Mo Ying frowned slightly. Although he felt that Xu Qiuya was extraordinary, he did not expect that this Xu Qiuya was actually so powerful.

Although she was only at the intermediate stage of the insightful emptiness stage, she was already not much different from him, a cultivator at the advanced stage of the insightful emptiness stage.

Mo Ying’s figure suddenly changed and formed a shadow. He immediately charged toward Xu Qiuya.

Xu Qiuya pointed her long sword lightly and thrust it out.

It pierced into Elder Mo Ying’s body.

In an instant, Elder Mo Ying suddenly turned into a shadow. In an instant, Xu Qiuya’s long sword coiled around him.

Xu Qiuya was shocked and immediately took a few steps back.

She became serious.

Her red clothes fluttered as she stabbed out sword after sword, fighting against Elder Mo Ying.

Xu Qiuya was at the middle stage of the insightful void realm, while Elder Mo Ying was at the late stage of the insightful emptiness realm. The two of them fought back and forth, and neither of them was at a disadvantage.

However, the others were different.

This was the territory of the Snow Eagle Sect, and the cultivators of the Snow Eagle Sect were numerous. In a short while, the disciples of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land fell into a bitter battle.

Ye Chen rode the sword alone for a very long time.

Finally, he saw his eldest senior sister.

At this time, he saw that his eldest senior sister was dressed in red, and she was engaged in a bitter battle with a black shadow.

Ye Chen did not immediately show himself.

There were many disciples of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land by his eldest senior sister’s side. Even if he wanted to save his eldest senior sister, he could not do so in front of so many disciples. Otherwise, all his years of hiding would be in vain.

Ye Chen found a hidden place and observed the development of the situation.

Eldest senior sister and Elder Mo Ying were locked in a fierce battle.

As for the other disciples, they were already injured and were in the midst of a bitter battle.

There were also a few disciples from the Immortal Destiny Holy Land who were already injured. If there was no one to save them, they would definitely be completely annihilated. At that time, if they were to fight against his eldest senior sister together, his eldest senior sister would probably be filled with hatred as well.

Ye Chen looked at the situation. With a thought, he calmly commanded, “Swords, come!”

Instantly, numerous Immortal Swords flew out and surrounded Ye Chen.

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