Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: 1,000 Immortal Swords!

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Ye Chen’s sword rang out.

One after another, Immortal Swords danced around Ye Chen.

Those Immortal Swords were all signed by Ye Chen. Ye Chen had signed a total of 1,000 Immortal Swords. He could use these Immortal Swords to form a small thousand sword formation!

As soon as the sword formation was released, thousands of sword intents were unleashed. Facing such a sword formation, even a late-stage mahayana realm cultivator would not be able to withstand it, let alone a mere insightful emptiness stage cultivator.

Everyone was engaged in a fierce battle.

Ye Chen did not show himself. Instead, he controlled one flying sword after another and flew out in an instant.

Xu Qiuya just happened to be pushed back.

Those disciples were also surrounded and attacked. There was nothing they could do.

Right at this moment, in the sky.

Tens of thousands of flying swords were flying over.

“What is that?” A cultivator from the Snow Eagle Sect shouted as he looked at the flying swords.

At that moment, a flying sword pierced through the air and directly pierced through his throat.

Elder Mo Ying also transformed from a black shadow into a human form.

Sword intent surged into the sky and spread from the sky.

Those Immortal Swords seemed to have eyes as they only shot at the people from the Snow Eagle Sect.

At this moment, Mo Ying immediately understood that there must be a senior expert helping these people from the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

“I don’t know who this expert is. I don’t know why this expert wants to make things difficult for my Snow Eagle Sect?” Mo Ying asked loudly.

However, no one answered.

Flying swords danced in the sky.

Chi chi chi —

Sword intent crisscrossed, continuously passing through the bodies of the Snow Eagle Sect’s cultivators.

Tens of thousands of flying swords, in just a few seconds.

The cultivators sent by the Snow Eagle Sect were all pierced through by the Immortal Swords, turning into corpses one after another, falling under Ye Chen’s Immortal Swords.

“Senior, our Snow Eagle Sect…”

Mo Ying seemed to want to say something else.

But Ye Chen was not interested in listening to him. He controlled an Immortal Sword and stabbed toward Mo Ying.

Mo Ying saw the flying sword stabbing toward him and instantly turned into a shadow, wanting to dodge this sword.

But this sword actually contained incomparably terrifying true Qi.

In an instant, the true energy directly pierced through the shadow that he had turned into, and the shadow gradually condensed.

One could only see that a flying sword had unknowingly pierced into his chest.

He spat out fresh blood and instantly died!

Although Mo Ying could use his shadow form to dodge many attacks, Ye Chen’s sword intent contained boundless morality. Even if he turned into a shadow, he would still be unable to dodge, so he was directly assassinated by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thought.

Thousands of Immortal Swords flew toward the forest, and Ye Chen kept them into his sword pouch.

At this moment, Xu Qiuya and the others looked at each other, not daring to believe their eyes.

Such methods, such monstrous sword intent… could it be their Tianqi Peak’s Martial Master Zhao Qiyang?

However, they immediately shook their heads.

Even Zhao Qiyang was only at the early stage of the mahayana realm. They were afraid that he would not be able to create such great power. Then, which senior saved them?

Xu Qiuya naturally knew that it was a senior who had saved them. Then, she bowed toward Ye Chen and said, “Many thanks to senior for saving us. I have no way to repay senior’s great kindness. Senior, can you come out and see us so that we can repay your kindness?”

However, there was not a single sound in the forest.

Ye Chen naturally would not reveal his identity. After saving them, he hid.

After all, this was the territory of the Snow Eagle Sect. Only by secretly escorting his eldest senior sister and the others back to the Immortal Destiny Holy Land would Ye Chen be at ease.

Xu Qiuya brought her disciples and immediately bowed towards the forest. She called out once more, but there was still no response.

At this moment, Little Yue opened her mouth and said, “It seems that this senior is unwilling to show his face.”

Xu Qiuya did not insist. She brought her disciples and bowed toward the forest three times before leaving.

At this moment, Holy Mother Immortal Jade brought her six disciples and rushed over first, followed by some disciples.

Eldest senior sister Xu Qiuya was very excited when she saw her master and junior sisters.


Xu Qiuya immediately came in front of Holy Mother Immortal Jade.

Holy Mother Immortal Jade was naturally very happy when she saw that her disciples were fine.

“Little Ya, why are all the bandits from the Snow Eagle Sect dead?” Holy Mother Immortal Jade asked.

Xu Qiuya told Holy Mother Immortal Jade about what happened just now.

After Holy Mother Immortal Jade heard this, she said, “Senior is an expert? Could he be our Immortal Destiny Holy Land’s junior Martial Master?”

Holy Mother Immortal Jade did not know that the junior Martial Master was Ye Chen. In the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, the only people who knew Ye Chen’s identity were second and third senior sisters.

The second and third senior sisters had promised Ye Chen, so they naturally would not tell anyone.

Moreover, there were too many people here, so they understood the severity of the matter.

Everyone told the eldest senior sister about the matter regarding the unworldly expert’s youngest Martial Master.

After hearing this, Xu Qiuya was extremely shocked.

After being shocked, she asked again, “Oh right, where’s little junior brother? Why didn’t I see him?”

Holy Mother Immortal Jade smiled. “He should be waiting for you at the Immortal Destiny Holy Land!”

Everyone rode their swords and left this place.

Snow Eagle Sect.

A subordinate knelt in front of the Snow Eagle Sect’s Sect Master.

“What did you say? Elder Mo Ying was killed and all the people he sent were wiped out?” The Snow Eagle Sect’s Elder asked in a stern voice.

“Yes!” The subordinate said in a trembling voice.

“How… is that possible?” The Snow Eagle Sect’s Sect Master said.

“Sect Master, those people from the Immortal Destiny Holy Land should not have gone far. Should we chase after them?” The subordinate asked.

The Snow Eagle Sect’s Sect Master said indifferently, “No, they should have already left our territory by now. Let the Immortal Destiny Holy Land live on for a few days. However, I will definitely take revenge for this!”

Ye Chen secretly followed everyone back to the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

Xu Qiuya returned to the Immortal Jade Peak.

Ye Chen was one step ahead of her.

At this time, Xu Qiuya saw her little junior brother and was very happy. She hugged her little junior brother in her arms.

Since he was young, Ye Chen had grown up with his eldest senior sister. Therefore, the relationship between Ye Chen and his eldest senior sister Xu Qiuya did not need to be said.

“Senior sister, you are finally back!” Ye Chen hugged his eldest senior sister, Xu Qiuya.

“Little junior brother, I heard on the way that you can cultivate. Is that true?” Eldest senior sister looked at Ye Chen and asked.

Ye Chen nodded.

“Oh, you are quite capable. Tell senior sister, what realm are you in now?” The red-clothed senior sister let go of Ye Chen and asked.

Ye Chen did not say anything.

He only released a little of his true Qi and controlled his cultivation to the soul formation final stage.

At this moment, the senior sister was shocked beyond words. She looked at Ye Chen and said, “Little junior brother, you are already at the soul formation final stage?”

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